Callaway EZ vs Callaway Tour S vs Callaway Hybrid rangefinder reviews – how to choose

Callaway ez laser rangefinderBefore buying a golf rangefinder everyone worried about how to use it. with these words in mind, Callaway decided to make the easiest to use a range finder. From new users to expert users, everyone to useable it. Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder top popular rangefinder in 2019.​​​​This rangefinder main features […]

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Golf Retirement Gifts 2020 – Smart Strategies to Follow

What is the age of retirement in golf? Well, there is no solid answer. And it may vary. Indeed, the golf retirement gifts can make the day.The retired golfers will enjoy the funny golf retirement gifts in their remaining days. Besides, the personalized retirement golf gifts will revive their spirit.However, retirement gifts are exclusive. Many […]

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How many public and private golf courses in the US?

How many golf courses in the US? Well, the answer is complicated. There are no specific estimations. The data from 2015 statistics show that there were over 15,500 golf courses across the USA.The data has been gathered from different government bureaus to gauge the overall economic aspects. So, if you want to know how many […]

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