How Many Holes In Golf- Info You Must Know


This is not an issue to wonder about how many holes in golf. The answer is known to almost all golfers. There are 18 holes in a standard golf course. The holes make the golfing process enjoyable.But earlier, the number was less or more than 18. It differed based on the length of the golf […]

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How To Measure Golf Club Length

How to measure golf club length

How to measure golf club length – it’s not a million-dollar question now. You know what – there is no precise standard for a golf club length. The length stands between 36 to 39 inches. And may not cross 48 inches. That is the truth. So, if you want how to measure golf club length […]

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Best Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews 2019

Best Electric Golf Push Cart

Golfing is possible without caddies if you have the best electric golf push cart. A large number of reasons favor this view. Without an electric golf push cart, the golfers need to carry their golfing elements to the ground using a caddy or by them. But now, it always feels good when a golf push […]

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