Best golf cart speedometer reviews 2020

If you are looking for a device that can provide you information about the speed of your vehicle or cart, a speedometer will be a worthy device to buy. While you are riding on your golf cart it will be greater if you can keep the idea about the speed and that’s where you need a speedometer.

This article comes with a review of the best golf cart speedometers that you might love to look at. I have kept Parts Direct Golf Cart Alltrax Ex-Ray Digital Dashboard Speedometer on the top of this list. You need to know a few things about the speedometer before purchasing and you will find a section in this article where you will find it. So, continue to read.

Golf cart speedometer

A golf cart speedometer is a device that keeps you updated about the speed of your cart when you are driving. It will provide a regular update of your cart’s speed. This will certainly help you to ride on your cart at a suitable speed around the golf court.

You can use this speedometer in other vehicles also instead of a golf cart if you want. This will help you keep the track of the speed on the road and will provide you a safe journey. Besides, it also makes the vehicle or your golf cart a unique one. But you need to choose a quality speedometer for your golf cart, of course. You won’t guarantee to have a better performance from a low-quality golf cart.

1. Parts Direct Golf Cart Alltrax Ex-Ray Digital Dashboard Speedometer


  • Brand: Parts Direct
  • Weight: 11 ounces

This speedometer from Parts Direct comes with current, average and maximum speed. It provides battery readout for 12, 24, 36, and 48 Volts electric cars or alternator battery health on gas cars.

It comes with LED warning lights. The speedometer counts ride time and total accumulated ride time accurately. It has also got programmable maintenance reminders. It comes with a magnetic tooth sensor mounted to the wheel hub and a remote temperature sensor located on the DC motor.

Key Features

  1. Speedometer with current, average, and max speed
  2. Programmable maintenance reminders
  3. LED warning lights
  4. Ride time and total accumulated time.

2. AndyTach 3-3/8'' ATACH Digital GPS Speedometer


  • Brand: AndyTach
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

This speedometer from AndyTach comes with high speed recalled a memory that provides you the recall of the maximum speed with a single press. This speedometer will show you the calculation of instant speed, compass, resettable odometer, and trip meter.

The digital display of the speedometer will be well protected with the attachment of flat glass, and the visibility of the display is quite aesthetic that you won’t have to suffer. Low-speed processing from 0 to 10 mph in tenth is ideal for farming and spreading applications.

Key Features

  1. Calculates speed from 0 to 300
  2. Digital display protected by an improved flat glass
  3. High-speed recall memory
  4. GPS enabled device.

3. VJOYCAR C60 Hud Car GPS


  • Brand: VJOYCAR
  • Weight: 2.9 ounces

This GPS enabled speedometer fromVJOYCAR is going to give you the exact parameter of the distance without making any sort of miscalculation.

The attachment of two display modes, just simply, makes it aesthetic to look at. This is going to show you the calculation of your cart's instant speed on the windshield or directly on its display. It will show you the distance parameter both in km/h and mph mode.

Key Features

  1. Attachment of two display modes- projector, and on-screen mode
  2. Distance parameter both in mph and km/h scale
  3. Universal fit for any vehicle
  4. Reliable when it is about accuracy.

4. TIMPROVE Universal Digital Speedometer


  • Brand: TIMPROVE
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

This universal speedometer from TIMPROVE comes with GPS enabled features. The adaptation of green light display and big number display will provide comfort to the eye. No wire is required and thus quite portable to carry.

The installation of this device does not require any special professionalism. Any armature person can do the task without any hesitation. The alarm facility attached to this device will notify while driving over speed or fatigued for avoiding further damage.

Key Features

  1. Adaptation of green light display and big word
  2. No wire is required to attach to your vehicle
  3. Easy installation
  4. Over speed and fatigue driving alarm.

4. OZ-USA GPS Speedometer Digital Backlit LCD Display


  • Brand: OZ-USA
  • Weight: 13.1 ounces

This speedometer from OZ-USA can measure current speed, average speed, max speed, trip meter(resettable), total mileage, air temperature, engine temp, battery voltage, clock (trip time/stopwatch), and maintenance intervals.

The installation process of this speedometer is quite easy because this is a GPS device, and, as a result, you don’t need to attach any wire or cable through. It comes with a universal fit design, and, as a result, it will fit in any car or vehicle.

Key Features

  1. Every slight but significant information provider with accuracy
  2. Easy installation
  3. Built for extreme condition
  4. Universal fit design.

5. TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer 


  • Brand: TIMPROVE
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces

This speedometer from TIMPROVE comes with a 2.2’’ large display that is going to show you clear and bright information about the instant speed of your vehicle. The multi-color switching mode of the display is going to provide you options that you can choose for having a clear and bright reading.

The device is also going to provide you information about driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, altitude, freely switch between kilometers and miles.

Key Features

  1. GPS enabled
  2. 2.2.’’ large bright display
  3. Multi-color switching mode for clear reading
  4. Universal fit.

Buying Guides

Before buying a speedometer for your golf cart you need to consider a few things. This will help you to choose the right product and that’s why I’m going to discuss these things below.

  • Accuracy of the speed: The first thing you need to watch out before buying a speedometer is whether it will provide you accurate information on the speed or not. Without accuracy, this device is not worthy of use. For accuracy, you can go with a digital speedometer rather than an analog one.
  • Display of the device: A medium size of the display, where you can watch the speed of your vehicle without any problem is highly recommended. A bright color display will certainly enhance the driving experience.
  • Ease of installation: You might not love to waste most of your time in installing the device. For this, you should buy one that comes with an installation process manual guide.
  • GPS enabled or not: GPS enabled speedometer has become very popular nowadays because of their accuracy. They provide you the information on the vehicle’s speed by connecting to the satellite.
  • Universal fit: This feature will help you to use the speedometer in more than one vehicle. It will also reduce your expenses for buying an extra speedometer. So those guys having more than one vehicle should look for this feature.

How to install speedometer on a golf cart

Well, you can install a speedometer in your golf cart in two ways. You can use a mobile app or buy an individual speedometer and install it in the cart.

  • Installing speedometer through mobile app: Well this is quite a simple process of using a speedometer in your golf cart. There are numerous mobile apps in the play store or app store. You just need to download on form them and install it. After installing the app you need to set your mobile phone just in front of your eyes near the steering.
  • Though installing these mobile phone digital speedometers on your golf cart is very easy, but there’s less possibility of getting 100% accurate information. You can save your money and there are no complexities in installing it on your cart. But still, I wouldn’t prefer using this speedometer when you are driving a different vehicle or you want an accurate track of your speed.
  • Installing external speedometer: There are two types of external speedometer you can use in your golf cart. One is an analog speedometer and the other one is a digital or GPS speedometer. The installation process for these two types of speedometers is a bit different. The main difference between these speedometers is the use of wire.
  • To install an analog speedometer you need to connect the wires in the port as mentioned in the installation process guide. But you don’t need any wire to install GPS speedometers. Before installing your external speedometer in your cart, always read the instruction manual first. This will make the installation process easier. If you can do these installations on your own then do it on your won. However, you can take the help of an experienced person in this regard, if you want.

Analog vs. Digital speedometer

Nowadays, people prefer using digital devices than using analog ones. But in the case of some devices like speedometer, you can’t ignore the efficiency of it. Although it’s quite easy to keep track and watch out the speed of your cart through a digital speedometer, analog speedometers also provide you with some special features that you won’t get in digital ones. In this segment, I will discuss the difference between analog and digital speedometer. Those who are thinking I’m going to suggest to them which type of speedometer is better to use in the cart, well sorry for them.

  • If you ask me which type of speedometer is going to provide you more accuracy? I will simply answer, digital speedometer. Why? Let’s make it clear with an example. Suppose you are driving a cart which has both digital and analog speedometer set up. If you look at the speed in the analog one, you will find the meter is showing an integer number like 51 or 52. But if you look at the digital meter at the same time, you will find a fractional number like 51.25. So in case of accuracy, the digital speedometer is better than the analog speedometer.
  • Installing a digital speedometer is a lot easier than an analog one because you need wire to install analog. However, no wire is needed for installing the digital speedometer in your golf cart.
  • Well, now let’s talk a side which makes the analog one better than the digital one. In an analog speedometer, you can easily find whether you are below the speed level or how much speed you need to reduce just by having a look at the device. But in digital speedometer, it will only show your current speed and not the speed limit. So you first have to watch your current sped and then count the difference between the limit and the current speed. It will surely take time bro!
  • Another good side of the analog speedometer is that it informs you about the voltage and temperature of your cart. This will help you to control the speed and keep the idea about the temperature of the cart or vehicle, which you will not find in a digital speedometer.

Now it’s all up to you, whether you need a digital speedometer with enhanced accuracy or you want an analog speedometer which shows the speed limit and the temperature of your golf cart.

GPS speedometer

If you want extra accuracy in your golf cart, then there is no alternative than using a GPS speedometer (wikipedia). GPS speedometer provides the track of your cart’s speed with enhanced accuracy by connecting to the satellite. It will also provide you the direction on your way. So using a GPS speedometer can be a great choice for getting accurate information about the speed of the golf cart.


Want to track the speed of your golf cart? Then buy a speedometer from the above-mentioned products. The products I have discussed above are well in quality and they will serve you in the best possible way. The buying guide section will help you most in the buying process as it contains the factors you need to know before selecting a golf cart speedometer. I have also discussed analog and digital speedometers. And you can easily install your speedometer in your golf cart by following the steps given above.

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