Best Golf Bags for (men’s ,women’s,travel and stand) Review 2023 -Compare, Buy & Save

Do you remember your first day at school? I still do. The only companion I had with me was my school bag. I took all my personal belongings in it, and that was a great relief for me. In that new place, among so many new faces, my bag was the only thing I could rely on.It will not be the same in the Green. However, think when you will found everything you need for your best per how you will feel. I know the word. It is confidence. Yes, the golf bags will provide you confidence in the middle of the course. Let us look at some of the great kits that we picked for you.

Best golf bage reviews

1. Callaway Hyper Lite Zero 2018

If you prefer a lightweight stand bag, this will be your best this will be your best choice. This Ultra-Light Golf Bag comes with 5-specially designed accessories pouches. Therefore, you do not have to slide in every pocket to get the pin or the balls. From your phone to valuables, everything is organized in Hyper Lite Zero

The weight justifies the name With only 2.5-lbs, this bag is a perfect match for the golfers who have mobility issues. Besides, if you do not prefer an overloaded bag, get one of this.Callaway Hyper Lite Zero is best lightweight golf bag in market.

However, do not think the bag is light in functionality. It comes with a sturdy nylon shell and strong fiber legs made of industrial grade carbon. Additionally, you can easily pick any club according to your game from the four-way club organizer. The padded straps will add extra comfort on your shoulders while you are on the move.The price tag is worthy for such a high-quality multi functional bag. Thus, you do not have to give a second thought.

2.Cobra Ultra light Cart Bag 

Yes, this ultra-light bag will work as your cart in the Green. You can access up to 14-clubs during the tense moments of the game. This 14-way top accommodates full-length clubs. The dividers provide you the access easily and quickly.

You can securely strap this great bag with one of the favorite Golf Cart. The Top Grab handles and Cart Straps provide this security.  Do I say that you can access all the 13-pockets while the bag is on the cart?

No wonder people call it a Cart. It comes with 13-pockets for different purposes. The apparel pocket has key clips so that you do not lose your keys.  You can safely keep your valuables and  Rangefinders in the Fleece Lined pockets.

This bag not only keeps you organized but also hydrated. The large sized insulated cooler pouch can hold up to 10 twelve-oz. Cans. This 100% nylon made bag has a single shoulder strap to carry.

Are you worried about the single strap? Please do not, the bag weighs only 5.3-lbs. Both the bag and its price tag are super light.

3. PING Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag

This is one of the fantastic golf bag that fits with any size. No matter you are tall or short, the customizable strap will make it fit for you. Despite its little extra weight, the sturdy construction makes it a golfer’s golf cart bags.

Comfort is the most remarkable feature of this Ping Hoofer bag. The strap system makes it like a hiking backpack. Therefore, you will not feel any extra weight while walking across the Green with it.

The padded shoulder straps will provide extra comfort. I am sure you will love it when you do not feel any irritating friction on your shoulder. All the credit goes to Sensor Cool Technology.

You can keep all your personal and Golf Accessories in the 7-pockets. Moreover, the 4-way top provides quick access to the four of your Golf Clubs. This compact carrier comes with string stand and an affordable price range.

4.Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14

Have you ever noticed how the setting sun shines on the mountains and change colors? If not, then look at the Sun Mountain Golf Bag. It comes with at least 9-colors. I know you will be in a sweet dilemma to pick your favorite color. However, you will get the same great features in all of them.

The bag comes with 14-full-length dividers. They will keep your favorite Golf Clubs safe and accessible during any game. Moreover, you can use this bag both on your shoulder and on the cart. The three layers of comfort technology on the E-Z fit straps, lumbar support, and airflow hip pad provide ultimate carrying comfort golf bag.

You can safely keep all your personal and golfing accessories in the specially designed 9-pockets. Do you need frequent hydration during the game? No problem, the bag has an insulated Hydration pouch to keep your beverages chilled.

This highly stable bag has high-tensile triangular aluminum legs with non-slipping pads at the bottom. Additionally, the Rain Hood will keep this multitasking bag ready to use in any condition. Did I say that the price tag is super affordable?

5.Taylor Made Flextech Crossover

You can transform this Golf Bag from backpack style to cart within a few seconds. Thus, if you want to carry on your back, the dual density strap will support you. On the contrary, the smooth release technology will provide you all the ease to put it on any cart.

This 5.5-lbs bag comes with the 14-way divided top. Those full-sized chambers can accommodate all your favorite golf clubs. Now, you can easily pick the appropriate clubs according to your game.

The bag also comes with 10-pockets for all your personal and sports accessories. From Pen to Rangefinder, you can organize them in those waterproof pockets.

Taylor Made Crossover has the Flextech signature Stand System. It gives you the quickest stand for your Golf Bag. Moreover, you do not have to worry for yourself and the Flextech. It has the Umbrella pouch as well as Rain Hood. so with that in mind, it makes sense Taylor Made Flextech Crossover is good golf stand bag in market.

6.Callaway Golf Bag

The bag comes with a built-in organizing facility. The 14-way top will organize all your favorite Golf Clubs. Now you just have to pick the right one for you. The full-length dividers will keep them safe and handy.

Sometimes you may have to play under the sun. Therefore, it is essential to stay hydrated.  This awesome Callaway bag has two insulated beverage pockets. You can keep all your chosen cans in it.

Do you feel uncomfortable with your expensive smartphone and jewelry? If you do so, this organized Golf Bag has the solution. It comes with 2-magnetic pockets for your electronic devices and valuables. Each time you close the pocket, you will hear a clack. It ensures the pouch is sealed correctly.

This awesome bag comes with 10-years warranty. Moreover, you can get all these great features at an affordable price. How great is this?


This remarkable golf bag has both weight and features. You can put 14-golf club in it. The top will give you easy access during tense game situations. Despite its 5.3-lbs weight, you can carry it on your shoulder.

The bag comes with multiple zippered pockets. You can arrange all your golf accessories on them. There will be a deep pocket for the balls whereas one small pocket will be for accessories. Moreover, you will get a fur-lined pocket for your valuables. Additionally, you can keep your clothing and waterproofs in the full-length pockets.

During hot summer days, this bag will be your best companion in the green. The insulated drinks pocket will carry your favorites drinks chilled. You will get an external tube for putters. Even the putters with large heads will fit there.

Umbrella straps, glove holder with Velcro, and built-in Rain Hood make it one of the most desirable Golf Bag. Do not forget the reasonable price tag

8. Titleist Players 14

My first bag was a Titleist. Therefore, I always feel an attachment to this brand. Veteran golfers like this Players 14 bag for its thoughtful organization. The 14-way top of this bag will provide you easy access to those clubs.

The full-length dividers will safely keep all three types of clubs inside it. You can even keep your putters easily in the dividers. The bag will stand straight on its Flex Base design. Moreover, the Performance Stand system will aid the bag to stay straight.

You can easily carry this lightweight bag on the shoulder. Thanks to the convertible strap system that comes with high quality cushioning foams for your comfort.

The accessories pockets are waterproof. All your necessary accessories and valuables will fit on those pockets. Finally, yet importantly, you will get all of these features in an affordable price tag.

9. Cleveland Golf- CG Stand Bag

Cleveland Golf engineers their golfing accessories according to the diverse range of golfers.  The CG Stand Bag is not different from it. The bag has all the features to fulfill the needs of a golf lover. It can accommodate 14-clubs in its 14-way divider.

The bag is full of different sized pockets for various purposes. You will get a storage pocket for a rangefinder. Moreover, fleece lined pockets are ideal for your valuables. These pockets are not only waterproof but also has a zipper for extra safety.

You can easily carry the bag with wide dual strap. It will provide extra comfort and durability.  The bag has a large-sized insulated pocket for drinks. They will keep you hydrated during the long games in the heat. Additionally, you can keep your sweat towel handy with the help of Carabiner clip.

This 6.4-lbs bag comes with a very inexpensive price tag.

10. Mizuno BR-D4

Mizuno is an excellent example of a minimalistic golfing approach. If you think carrying all the clubs and accessories is not necessary to enjoy the game, it is the best option for you. The 4-way cuff will accommodate the four essential clubs for you. The 9.5-inches dividers may cause trouble while you are picking the clubs.

It comes with a full-length pocket for apparels. You can store many accessories on it. Moreover, the bag has an insulated cooler pouch. This is a great option to keep your drinks handy and chilled.

The bag is a little bit heavy with 8.4-lbs weight. You can get it in three different colors; however; the price is steady and affordable.

Best Women’s Golf Bags

best women's golf bag

best women's golf bag

Can you imagine once there was a time when women were not allowed to play golf? Well, gone are the days. Now, women participate in the rounds alongside the men. They take part in different national and international golf tournaments. During their play, they need to carry a golf bag. The bag contains all the necessary materials for competitions and practices. So, this is highly important to have the women’s golf bags for those ladies.

Without the best-rated women's golf bags, this is not possible to keep all the elements like driver, clubs and other utilities together.

So, a large number of golf bag manufacturers have produced bags with styles and features. According to the needs, the women golfers are to get the right women's golf bag with stand for them to meet the requirements. So, a review of eight such golf bags is here. They will guide the potential female golfers to decide which one suits them most. Here the reviews are.

1. PING Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag 2018

Have you ever wondered what makes golfing easier? Why are more and more women tending to golf? The stunning form of sport attracting women mostly for convenience. They now can easily transport their golfing accessories using women's lightweight golf bag.

The PING Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag is one of them, which makes the process simpler. The bag comes with several attractive features and flexibilities. When you are on the ground, with this bag, you will see the difference. The OGIO 2018 Majestic Cart Bag vs PING Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag 2018 will show you the exact differences. The second one has a lightweight. So, as a female, you can easily carry the bag anywhere you want.

Further, this bag comes with shoulder adjustment, which is a unique feature. When you are in a rush in the golf course, you might need to adjust the bag strap. And it is more relaxed here. The increased number of pockets also help to keep your accessories during the tournaments.

PING Women's Hoofer Bag Key Features
  • Spacious pockets to organize accessories
  • Shoulder pad for greater carrying comfort
  • Four-way top pockets with seven other pockets
  • Less weight (4 lbs only)
  • Ample space inside for holding golf accessories
  • Front shoulder pads, adjustable always
  • Strap connector for dismounting the bag

2. OGIO 2018 Majestic Cart Bag

At times, this is important to combine the beauty and the brain. So, the cheap women's golf bags vs OGIO 2018 Majestic Cart Bag will result in the victory of the latter one. The bag comes with a complete suspension system. Carrying has never been so more effortless as with this women's golf bag with stand. At the same time, the product comes with several pockets.

The female golfers can use the pockets to place different types of golf accessories. Generally, the zip pockets ensure the security of the items placed there. So, there are no worries for the users at all.

On the flip part, if you need to drink water during the rounds, you can get that from the integrated water bottle holder. This is another impressive addition to this bag.

OGIO 2018 Majestic Cart Bag Key Features
  • The dimension is smart, and it comes with a size of 35" x 11" x 10."
  • Less weight (5 lbs) which make carrying easier
  • Suspension system absorbs shocks
  • Foot base makes standing easier
  • Zippered pockets for easy access to utilities
  • Integrated handle to take anywhere
  • Made with luxurious fabric/ leatherFront
  • ball pockets for using balls quickly
  • 15-way dividers for smooth operation

3. Srixon Golf Z-Four Stand Bag

Do you know why women's golf bags designer always prefer to design lightweight bags? The critical factor is carrying the bag. The women golfers need to carry the bag here and there during their rounds. Unless the bags are light, it becomes tough to carry. Considering the ground, the manufacturers produce such bags.

Srixon Golf Z-Four Stand Bag vs OGIO 2018 Majestic Cart Bag will undoubtedly result in something better. The bag is completely designed for the female golfers who want comfort and pleasure simultaneously. Carrying the bag is not a big deal as it comes with a suspension strap.

Besides, the rooms are sufficient to place all the necessary items in this women's lightweight golf bag. The technology used to manufacture the bag is improved. So, the carriers will have no stress on the shoulders or neck.

Srixon Golf Z Golf Bag Key Features
  • 11” top with sufficient space inside for golf accessories
  • Three grab handles make lifting smoother
  • Eight-pocket layout to hold all the items and accessories, and access instantly
  • Less weight (2 kg) brings joy in carrying
  • Umbrella sleeve with towel ring for easy loading
  • Front ball pocket for quick access to balls
  • Comfortable straps with suspension

4. Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Sync Women Cart Bag

Why people use pushcarts on the golf ground? Well, the answer is simple. It helps to carry all the necessary utilities of the round at the same place. So, what is the difference between Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Cart Bag vs Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Sync Women Cart Bag? The experts prefer the second one for different reasons.

The Sun Mountain Sync Cart golf bag comes with a specific design so that the users can push it using a cart. Side to side movement with the bag is smarter. As a result, when the female golfers move with the bag, they feel less pressure on their shoulder and neck.

On the other part, the bag has enough space for the golf-playing gear like the clubs, tees, driver, etc. The users will get an organized feel while using the bag for the spacious rooms inside. The compartments also can hold oversized items simultaneously. In the end, it becomes a great one for women golfers.

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Sync key Features
  • The top diameter comes with a width of 9.5.”
  • There are 15-way top dividers which make the access easier
  • Nine pockets for carrying accessories
  • The official warranty comes for one year
  • Moderate weight (6 lbs)
  • Well-padded for extra protection
  • Secure stance for plastic base

5. Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5 Cart Bag

Generally, the manufacturers of the women's golf bags consider particular aspect before the production. They consider the application of the bags and the moments of use. Accordingly, the focus on the materials. This Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5 Cart Bag comes with the nylon materials which ensures the durability of the bag. Besides, when you are on the golf ground, you need to bring out the accessories. So, the spacious pockets are able to help you do that smoothly. The zippered pockets allow the users to open and close them spending less time and efforts.

Due to the lightweight feature, the users can carry the bag anywhere they want and at any time. The manufacturers are also careful about security and protection. So, they have added rain hoods for the bag.

Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5 Cart Bag Key Features
  • Made with durable nylon materials for longer lasting
  • The separator top comes with 14-way
  • There are five zippered pockets
  • Pen sleeve for extra comfort of the users
  • Rain hood cover protects from water
  • Lightweight raw materials make carrying smoother
  • The 9” top helps to open and close the bag easily
  • The dividers come with full length
  • Comes with a diameter of 36" x 12" x 11"
  • Weight around 10 lbs(4.5 kg) – less to carry always

6. Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Cart Bag

How this is possible for a woman to carry all the utilities for her golf tournament? The answer is simple. If you have the Callaway women's golf bags with you, the entire carrying process becomes more comfortable. If you compare the women's lightweight golf bag with the cheap women's golf bags, you will see a big difference.

This particular golf bag comes with an elegant design and classy look. Considering the contemporary styles, the manufacturer has added some beauty in it. The floral design is the key that attracts every woman. Besides, the other features like the headcovers or the zippered tote – everything is up to the mark. In a nutshell, the bag contains all the necessary rooms to hold all the elements. If you compare the opening and closing process, the bag also takes less time than the other contemporary bags.

Key features

  • Spacious pockets to organize accessories
  • Shoulder pad for greater carrying comfort
  • Four-way top pockets with seven other pockets
  • Less weight (4 lbs only)
  • Ample space inside for holding golf accessories
  • Front shoulder pads, adjustable always
  • Strap connector for dismounting the bag

7. Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Cart Bag

Usually, the golfers need to carry a wide number of elements. And if it is a She, it needs more things to carry for a perfect round. Generally, women need to have a larger bag for all their accessories. When they are on the ground, they need to have a bag that comes with ample space with easy access. This Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Cart Bag has sufficient space inside. It can accommodate all the necessary golfing equipment for a tournament. And as the spaces are more, the women golfers can also carry some of their necessary items as well.

Remember, managing all the items in a single place is tough. Taking a single golf shot takes lots of instruments. And women are a bit picky in this case. So, this particular bag will help to get all the items under a single shed.

Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag Key Features
  • Manufactured with polyester and foam for sustainability
  • Modern external and internal structure
  • Weight is around 5 lbs, convenient to carry always
  • 14-way divider system helps to store clubs perfectly
  • Insulated cooler pocket to hold beverage cans
  • Sufficient pockets to hold tiny items
  • Attached wheel for easy mobility 

8. TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

The applications of cart bags have some specific benefits. People love to have bags for their mobility. Pulling a bag is more natural than carrying it sometimes. The carrying may cause pain in the shoulder or on the other parts of the body. Besides, the bag comes with adequate space inside. So, a woman golfer can place all her necessary elements in the bag. Since they use the cart, it is not a significant issue to pull. They can carry it anywhere in the ground they want. Being a lightweight bag, this is less heavy and takes less time to prepare for the rounds. It comes with the feature to be used on push carts or trolleys.

TaylorMade Cart Lite Golf Bag Key Features
  • Weights 5 lbs only- convenient to carry
  • Optimized for different types of carts
  • 14 full-length dividers to hold golf clubs and other accessories
  • Ten additional pockets make it great for keeping extra items
  • Separate space for clubs, tees, grips
  • Crush resistant and thus saves your golf gears
  • Suede pockets for storing valuable 

Things You Need To Consider While Buying A Golf Bag


A heavyweight bag will not only put pressure on your shoulder but will also hamper your concentration. Thus, veteran golfers always prefer a lightweight bag. By doing so, they can focus on what they love most, golfing.

Nylon and Polyester materials along with light metal structure make Golf Bags super light. Get one of these state-of-the-art lightweight bags for an ultimate golfing experience.

Divider System

It is the number of clubs you can carry in your bag. The number could range from four to fourteen. It is up to you how many clubs will make you feel comfortable. If you carry all fourteen of your club collection, it can add up to 1.2-lbs on your bag.

Moreover, the more divider, the more expensive the bag will be. Thus, you have to decide how much weight and cost you want to bear on your Golf Bag.


You may not prefer pockets in your Body Structured shirt; however; they are essential in a Golf Bag. The more pockets mean more organization of stuff. It is not rocket science to understand that you need pockets to keep the balls, tees, or even drinks safely and organized.

If you have separate pockets for specific accessories, you will not have to search at the last minute of the game. Moreover, the pockets will keep your valuables safe and secure.


The size depends on the number of clubs you carry. Therefore, the more clubs you want to have with you, the bigger bag you will need. If you know which clubs you need according to your game, you can decide the specific bag size.

Large sized bags will require more fabrics and materials. It will end up at a higher price tag. Thus, the size will set the price and number of dividers.

Umbrella Holder

It may not sound essential; however; Umbrella is a necessity when you have to carry the bag even during a drizzle. The umbrella holder is a specially designed pocket for storing and accessing the umbrella when you need them most.

Rain Covers

You will not realize its importance until the drizzle turns into a heavy shower. Rain Covers are essential for safeguarding your valuable Golf Accessories from water. Hence, you need to consider it seriously while buying a Golf Bag.

A lot of golfing websites does not found it very important to include in the buying guide. However, pro-golfers always consider it as an essential part of a great golf bag.

Moreover, the bags should come with lids. The covers help to protect your golfing accessories from rain or other external exposure. Besides, the covers should also come with zippers for smooth opening and closing. When you are on a trip, the covers will protect your golf clubs and other items perfectly. If there is a rain hood, you are entirely free of worries. The hood will protect the bag if there is any rain around.

Towel Rings

Even Tiger Wood will not want to have a dirty bag while winning a PGA. Thus, he will prefer to have a towel handy to get rid of the dust and dirt. You are spending a good amount of money on getting a great Golf Bag. Why will you not consider the cleaning options?

Towel ring will keep a towel or rag handy to wipe off any dirt or dust. It will keep both your shot and sack shiny.

Mind the dividers

Besides, you need to pay attention to the dividers of the bag. There should be ample rooms for all your golfing accessories. Usually, a standard golf bag comes with 14 dividers. You can place all your necessary items on the dividers. The number of dividers is more because it helps to prevent crowding of the golf clubs, drivers and others. You can have the right thing at the right time.

Carrying type

This is all about personal preference. Some of the women love to carry the bag on their shoulder while some others prefer to use a cart. No matter what your preferences are, you can always check the carrying styles and gran the one that suits you most. Besides, there are some bags which you can be carried using their straps. But before you get one, remember about the comfort issue. Check if there are pads or other easy carrying modes are there.


Types of Golf Bags

Stand Bag

This type of bag is ideal for the lone golfer who wants to carry his own stuff. Stand bag comes with a highly durable, lightweight support system that will keep the bag stand up. This way, the golfer can easily access the clubs and other accessories.

If you do not want a Caddy to drop your bag on the dirt, get this type of bag. Most of the bags from our list are stand type.

Cart Bag

The cart bag is specially designed to attach with the cart. Thus, you can have as many pockets you need and fill them with clubs, balls, pins, and other stuff. Just like your shopping cart, it will accommodate almost anything.

You can carry extra clothing, umbrella, rain covers and every golf-related thing with you. You can carry these bags, however; it will not be very convenient.

Carry Bag

The carry bags are lightweight and easy to carry. If you want to avoid getting a caddy or cart, you should choose this bag type. Carry Bags comes with comfortable straps, hip support, and friction-free features for a comfortable carry.

Carrying these bags will be a great exercise during the game. Thus, you can get this type for additional exercise without hurting your back.

Tour or Staff Bag

It is highly recommended for professional golfers. You must have a caddy or Cart to carry this bag. However, if you want to be a hero, make sure your health insurance cover back injury!

The bag itself weighs up to 10-lbs. Therefore, you can imagine how much it will pile up when you put all your clubs, balls, and rangefinders.

FAQ About Golf Bags

1.What is the popular golf bag?

It all depends on your skill level and afford ability. If you are a beginner, any lightweight, affordable bag will work for you. Because of your limited skill, you do not need a whole lot of clubs.

However, mid or pro-level golfers need their entire ranges of clubs. Furthermore, they will require a high-quality rangefinder, and golf GPS to locate targets. To carry all of these in one place, the bag needs to be big, sturdy, and heavyweight. No wonder a bag of this kind will be expensive.  

Our list of best bags for golf has all these kinds of items. You have to pick the best one according to your skill and budget requirements.

2.How many Golf Clubs you can carry?

The maximum number is 14. However, it is not about how many you can carry. It is more about how many you are allowed to carry. The USGA makes some crazy stipulation and rules that enable you to take 14-clubs max. Nevertheless, you cannot put any 14 out of your stock.
You must have 8-Irons, 3-Wood Drivers, and 1-Putter. I know it sums up 12. You can pick any 2 of your choice and fill the empty dividers.

3.How can you clean your Golf Bag?

A clean and shiny golf bag will represent your passion for the game.  You will found it difficult to notice any dirt or debris on your bag; however; you have no clue about the surprises if you start cleaning.

The first step to clean the bag will be to clean the clubs. You will found the clubs are losing luster after each game. Therefore, get a microfiber cloth and wipe off the clubs.

The next phase would be flipping the bag upside down. You will be amazed to see how much memory your bag is holding inside it! Dry leaves from last year, dead grass from spring weekend, and yesterday’s dirt all are securely stored in it. 

Get a damp microfiber cloth, warp in on the handle of a club and slide inside the dividers. This will do the scrubbing of the inside and will ensure a clean interior. Now let us concentrate on outside.

You will need a medium to a soft bristle brush. Rub the outer surface gently. It will remove most of the dust, dirt, and debris from the outer shell. If you found some stubborn items, soak the microfiber, give a slide and rub.

4.Can I make my Golf Bag wet for cleaning?

We will not recommend it. If you wet your bag, you will require either high heat or strong sunlight. Both will make the toned and tidy bag look like a pouch. Believe me; you will not love to see that at all.

The best option is to rub the surface with a wet bristle brush. If you still need some other touch-ups, get a soaked microfiber to clothe.

5. Are golf bags waterproof?

Yes, some of the Golf Bags comes with a Waterproof feature. Callaway, Sun Mountain, Taylormade, and Mizuno brands have waterproof nylon materials on the surface. Thus, you can have all the comfort and convenience during heavy rains.
Waterproof bags are lightweight because of the synthetic materials. It keeps all the pockets safe from getting wet during drizzle or shower. Moreover, waterproof materials are more resistant to fading due to ample sunlight. Therefore, you are getting protection from both sun and shower when you have a waterproof Golf bag.

6. Cart bag vs Stand bag, what is the difference?

Usually, a cart bag is carried by a cart. The manufacturers customize the bag for different types of carts. So, the golfers (regardless of gender) can pull their bags using the carts when they are in their rounds. 
On the other part, a stand bag allows the users to keep it in a standing position. With the bag, the users will keep it in a standing posture. They will carry the bag on their shoulders when they move for their next shots.

However, many of the golfers are on the view that they prefer the cart bags as this is easier to pull the cart. The view is also different from some golfers. They love to carry the bag with them. They say it helps them to check all the things together.

7. Which bag is better, light one or heavier one?

Most of the golfers prefer light bags. There are several reasons. First of all, the golfers are to move around the golf course. During their respective round, they are to carry the golf bag with them which contains all the necessary items.
So, if the bag is heavier, this becomes tough for them to carry the bag all the time. So, most of the manufacturers produce lightweight bags. However, the bags which are carried using carts come with a bit weight. They are a bit heavier, and the size and shape are not the same.

8. Shall I buy a bag without a rain hood?

The answer is a big NO. You do not know when it will rain or how the climatic condition will be on the ground. So, this is a must to get women's golf bags with rain hood. The hood protects the golfing gears and valuables inside the bag.
But make sure the rain hood is convenient to use. Remain careful about the opening and closing of the hood. It should come with a convenient opening and closing feature. The best one is that it comes with a zipper.

9. how much do golf bags cost?

Golf bags are necessary for carrying your golf equipment’s. you can buy a new golf bag with a minimum amount of 30 dollars to a maximum amount of 300 dollars. Buying a quality bag is the main key thing for protecting your golfing clubs, equipment’s and accessories.


Your best day in the Green depends on so many things. It includes your skill, mindset, weather, a good rangefinder, GPS, and the Golf Bag. Yes, it may sound little off the track; however; an awesome Golf Bag will provide all the necessities needed in the golf course.

The bag comes with the organization. Therefore, you do not have to search for the specific club, your favorite ball, or favorite rangefinder. Getting the gloves or wiping the dirt is so easy when you have the right bag with you.

Either under the sun or shower, a great bag will save your valuables golf kit. Additionally, it will have to space for an umbrella to protect you from evening sneeze. Who will not want to have such a great lifesaver?
If you have just started your golfing adventure or already spent a few decades in the Green, you need an excellent Golf Bag as your best companion. Therefore, do not wait for the next sale event. Look at the review on the  Golf Bags and grab the one that fits you best.

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