Best Golf Cart Bags

Best Golf Cart Bags Reviews 2023

Golf bags are available in two types. These are stand bag and cart bag. A stand bag has two legs so that player can put the bag on the ground without any support. On the other hand, a cart bag is very suitable and provides more storage for accessories. The best part about a cart bag is that a cart bag has separate compartments for each club. The cart bag makes it very easy to find and access a club and also players can immediately notice if a club vanishes.

Today we have come with the 10 best golf cart bags. Let’s start with the list without wasting any time.

Best Golf Cart Bags

Our Top Pick Golf Cart Bags

1. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

For those golfers who want to keep every club organize this bag would be a perfect choice. The bag is designed with a 14 way top organizer so that every single club has its own place to sit. This bag will make things easier because golfers will be able to find the exact club they want.

Also, clubs would not produce any irritating noise. The bag has a durable and large base. There are many handles attached to the club. These handles made the lifting process very easy. Without the handles, there is a carry strap. The strap is made of pad. The bag contains many pockets to contain the accessories. It has an insulated cooler pocket to keep the drinks cool. It has two ball pockets. 2 mesh pockets in the front of the bag and many other pockets. Also, the bag comes with a 12 month warranty.

Key Features:

Brand: Founders Club

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 12
  • The bag's weight is 11.75 pounds.
  • Each driver has their individual place so there would not be any sound of clanging.
  • One can contain many accessories to the field.
  • In the insulated cooler pocket one will be able to keep their drinks cool for a long time.
  • Contains many handles to carry the bag easily.
  • It contains two straps. One is used to secure the bag with the cart and another is to carry the bag.
  • There are many holders in the bag including a tee holder, umbrella holder, and many more.

2. Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

It can be said that this is the bag that all golfers need. On the top, there are 14 full length dividers. Each club has its own place to sit. Organizing the clubs is very easy and comfortable. Finding the exact club is easier with this bag. Also, a player will notice immediately if a club vanishes from the bag.

The golf bag contains many pockets to hold other necessary accessories. The bag is very durable and weather protected. The bag contains many handles to lift the bag and also many straps to carry the bag with the player or to secure it with the cart. The base is designed to fit on the cart securely.

Key Features:

Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • All in one bag contains many pockets to hold accessories.
  • Organizing the club is very easy and one will be able to notice a vanished club immediately.
  • Quality materials made bag is very durable and weather protected.
  • Suitable base design to fit in any cart comfortably.
  • Comes with many straps and handles to carry the bag with ease.

3. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight

If the golf bag you have is heavyweight and you want to replace your bag with a lightweight bag then this would be the right choice. This bag is designed with 14 full length dividers and the surface of this bag looks very stylish.

The manufacturer used polyester material to construct this bag. On the top, there are two handles to carry the bag also a strap to attach the bag securely to the cart. The bag contains 13 pockets for storage. In the insulated pocket, one can carry 12 ounces of beverage cans easily.

Key Features:

Brand: Cobra

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 13
  • This lightweight bag is only 9.6 ounces weighted.
  • The bag is made of polyester.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Two grab handles on the top and a strap to carry the bag securely.

4. Sun Mountain C-130

This bag is loaded with all features that a golfer needs. The bag comes with 14 individual full length dividers. The bag contains a total number of 10 pockets where a golfer can store many accessories. The bag is designed with a smart strap system.

It has 2 straps go attach the bag with the golf cart. The Velcro straps of the bag save the bag from getting twisted on the cart. Also, one will be able to access the pockets while the bag is secured to the cart by the straps. This bag is very durable and light in weight. Also, one will be able to store a rangefinder in this bag.

Key Features:

Brand: Sun Mountain

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 10
  • The bag is available in many colors.
  • This bag is only 9 pounds weighed.
  • The bag is made of nylon.
  • Designed with 2 velcro straps to secure the bag with a cart.
  • A matching rain hood comes with the bag.

5. NFL The Bucket II Cooler

Playing golf on a sunny day and wondering if you could bring a cold beverage with you? Think that your wish came true. This bag is made with innovative features. The bag is made by considering about modern golfers.

This bag contains many pockets with zipper closure. The zippers are waterproof. The secure attaching system would not obstruct pocket access. The top of this bag is designed with 14 way organizer so that one can easily assemble the clubs and also can get the exact club at right time. Also, carrying it would be very easy as it is a very lightweight bag.

Key Features:

Brand: Team Effort

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 8
  • The manufacturer used nylon to build this bag.
  • The bag's weight is 5.2 pounds.
  • Pockets are designed with zipper closure.
  • Zippers are waterproof.
  • Bucket cooler pocket can keep the beverage cool through an 18 holes game.

6. TaylorMade Supreme

The TaylorMade Supreme golf bag is very satisfying. The bag is very sleek in design and it is a quality bag. At the top of the bag, there are 15 golf club compartments. So that one can keep all of their clubs in the bag without any problem. 

One will be able to take a lot of accessories as the bag contains a number of 12 pockets. Some of the pockets have 2 way zipper tab and some have one way. The color of the bag would not fade easily as the manufacturer used new fade resistant yarn dyed fabric. Also, the manufacture used UV protected materials so that the bag color does not fade away easily.

Key Features:

Brand: TaylorMade

  • Dividers Number: 15
  • Pockets: 12
  • The bag is made of polyester, metal, and plastic.
  • The bag is 0.6 pounds weighted.
  • The dimension of this bag is 16” long by 11” wide by 35.5” high.
  • The manufacturer used fade resistant yarn dyed fabric with UV protective material to hold the color of the bag for a very long time.
  • The bag has a built in putter protection polymer patch to protect the putters.

7. Team Golf NCAA Victory

The Team Golf NCAA Victory is a very durable and lightweight bag. The bag is made of 1800 denier nylon and buffalo vinyl. The bag has 10 compartments for clubs. Also, the bag contains padded straps to carry, an umbrella holder, and a towel ring. 

The bag is designed with 5 pockets with zipper closures. This bag is designed with a comfortable size to hold all the clubs and other compulsory accessories. It is designed with multiple vibrant colors. This bag is a great value for money.

Key Features:

Brand: Team Golf

  • Dividers Number: 10
  • Pockets: 5
  • Made of 1800 denier nylon with buffalo vinyl.
  • 7 pounds weighted bag.
  • The dimension of this bag is 36” long by 15” wide by 13” high.
  • Designed with umbrella holder, padded straps, towel ring, and a removable rain hood.
  • Available in different colors.

8. Hot-Z Golf Ladies Lace

The Hot-Z Golf Ladies Lace is loaded with tones of features. This bag is designed perfectly for ladies. The upper of this bag is constructed with 14 separate compartments. The bag is designed with 3 handles on the top sides. The bag has 6 pockets with a zipper closure system.

In these pockets, women can take all the necessary accessories including cold beverages. There is a padded rear position single carry strap. The manufacturer made this bag lightweight so that women can carry the bag easily. The bag also contains an umbrella holder, rain hood cover, towel ring, and many more.

Key Features:

Brand: Hot-Z

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 6
  • The manufacturer used lightweight dobby nylon materials to make this bag lightweight.
  • The bag dimension is 36 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches.
  • There is a padded rear position carry strap.
  • The bag has an umbrella holder, rain hood cover, towel ring, etc.

9. TaylorMade Cart 8.0

The TaylorMade Cart 8.0 is made of polyester. This bag is designed in multiple colors. The bag contains many handles in different positions so that it can be very easy to carry. The top is designed with 14 way golf club so that the upper looks nice and finding a golf club can be very easy.

This bag contains 7 pockets in total. In these pockets, one can carry many accessories including rangefinders, balls, mobile, tee, and many more. Also, the bag is very light in weight for its construction and for materials.

Key Features:

Brand: TaylorMade

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 7
  • The manufacturer used polyester to construct this bag.
  • This lightweight bag is only 0.6 pounds in weight.
  • The dimension of this bag is 13.5” by 10” by 30” in length, width, and height accordingly.
  • The large base is suitable to sit on the cart or to stand alone in any place without any support.

10. Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight

The Titleist Cart 14 golf bag is available in many vibrant colors. The top of this bag is constructed with 14 dividers to keep all of the golfer clubs separately. The bag contains 11 pockets which is a lot to carry all the necessary accessories to the course.

All the pockets are designed with zipper closure. It contains handles in the front, top, and rear sides to carry the bag easily. There is a secure strap system to attach the bag with a cart or a trolley to carry the bag safely.

Key Features:

Brand: Titleist

  • Dividers Number: 14
  • Pockets: 11
  • Nylon made bag is durable and lightweight.
  • The weight of this bag is 9 pounds.
  • The dimension of this bag is 11.42” long x 13.78” wide x 37.4” in height.
  • Construct with umbrella holder, matching rain hood, towel ring.
Golf Cart Bags

Golf Cart Bags

Buying Guide for Cart Golf Bags

One can find many golf bags in the market. But the problem is what one should think of before buying golf bags. It seems that beginners and also advanced level players get confused while buying a golf bag.

Here are some compulsory features that one should follow before buying a golf bag.

Construction- The construction of the bag must be durable. Also, the bottom construction has to be suitable so that the bag can easily sit over a cart or on the ground. It would be wise to choose a UV protected bag with a waterproofing ability.

Number of dividers- One of the main things a golfer has to consider before buying a golf bag is the number of dividers. The more the dividers number are the more clubs a golfer will be able to carry. Also, one will be able to carry more clubs in fewer dividers number bags but the problem is the clubs will create irritating noise.

Number of pockets- More pockets means one will be able to carry more accessories with them. But one also has to remember that the more pockets the heavier the bag will be.

Straps and holder- The bag must contain two straps. One for carrying the bag on the back and another is for carrying the bag securely on the cart. Make sure that the carry strap is padded and adjustable. Also, a bag must contain holders so that it can be very easy to lift the bag. If you want to know Best Hybrid Golf Bags

What should I look for in a golf cart bag?

The first thing one must look for in a golf bag is the number of dividers and the number of pockets. Then they should think about the construction of the bag. Another important thing to look at is the strap. A golf bag should contain 2 straps. After that one can look for other features like an umbrella holder, rain hood, towel ring, etc.

Should I get a cart bag or a stand bag?

Those persons who want more storage pockets for accessories in their bag and always travel in the course with a cart then they should choose a cart bag. Also, cart bags provide easy access facilities.

On the other hand, those persons who do not have a golf cart or trolley should choose a stand bag. The stand bag is light in weight and for two legs it is very easy to put the bag on the ground. A stand bag is also known as a carry bag for its lightweight design.

What is the best golf bag for walking?

The best golf bag for walking is definitely the stand bag or the carry bag. The stand bag is very light in weight and very comfortable to carry in the back. A stand golf bag would not make a player exhausted while walking with the bag. Also, the stand bags enable a player to have the clubs and other accessories besides the player.

Here are some bags one can purchase for walking in the course with the bag:

  • Callaway Golf Hyper Lite
  • Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag
  • TaylorMade Flextech Lite


A cart golf bag is very suitable for the clubs. It provides a huge amount of storage including accessories also. In this article, we have discussed about 10 of the best cart golf bag for golfers.

Meta- Searching for the best quality cart golf bag? Want to have a durable and lightweight golf bag with more storage facilities? Then check the list of our 10 best golf cart bags.

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