Best Golf Cart ramps review 2023

Transporting the golf cart becomes a lot easier when you have a strong and robust pair of ramps. There are ramps with different weight-holding capacities included in the Best Golf Cart ramps reviews. However, you may be confused about choosing the right one and here I’m to help you.

Foldable ramps like Titan Ramps 10’ Long Folding Aluminum Arch offer you compact storage after every use. The serrated crossbar design provides you better traction with extended safety. There are also ramps with an S-curve design, but for this, you have to continue reading until you find the best choice.

You need to know some interesting facts before making the final choice and all these you will get in this article.

Best Golf Cart ramps

Why one need golf cart ramps?

Golf cart ramps are made of transporting golf carts and one should look for buying this to have convenient transporting.

  • Easy transporting: A golf cart ramp allows one to haul the cart on the trailer truck or back of any transporting van easily. This offers hassle-free transportation of the cart.
  • Safety: The surfaces of the ramps provide good traction, and there are also safety straps in most ramps. Both these are excellent addition to ensure safety.
  • Carrying heavy loads: Other than golf carts, you can also carry heavyweight 4-wheeler vehicles through hauling by such ramps.

Best Golf Cart ramps

1. Titan Ramps 10' Long Folding Aluminum Arch


Brand: Titan Ramps

Weight: 51 pounds

Now you can conveniently haul your golf cart or other 4-wheeler vehicles onto the truck bed or trailer with this pair of ramps from Titan Ramps. In a combined way, the pair of the ramp can carry a load up to 1,200 pounds. They come with a foldable design. And when it is unfolded, each of them measures 120 inches long and 11.25 inches wide.

The ramp is made of strong and durable aluminum. This durable construction makes the ramps long-lasting. With the foldable design, you can easily store it in the garage or other safe space after every use. Unlike most other loading ramps, you will find a bit more clearance in this pair of ramps as it comes with an arched design.

Moreover, it allows you to use the ramps in wet weather conditions as well. There are serrated crossbars designed in the ramps, which provide better traction while hauling the vehicle. You can also strap down the vehicle with the loading truck because there are safety straps included with the ramps.

Key Features

  1. It can carry loads up to 1,200 pounds
  2. Each ramp measures 120 inches long and 11.25 inches wide
  3. Made of strong and durable aluminum
  4. It has an arched design.

2. Clevr 7.5' Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps


Brand: Clevr

Weight: 32 pounds

Lift your 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler vehicle smoothly every time with this pair of truck ramps from Clevr. If you want to lift a vehicle like a dirt bike, you can use the ramps and you will need to set both the ramps in case of lifting 4-wheelers like golf carts. The pair of ramps come with the ability to carry up to 1,500 pounds of weight.

The ramps come with a foldable design, which makes them easier for carriage on the truck bed and also stored in the garage. When it is unfolded, each ramp measures 90 inches long and 11 inches wide. The manufacturer used aluminum to construct the ramps, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

They come with an arched design, which provides the user an optimal clearance whenever he tries to haul his vehicle on the truck bed. There are heavy-duty load straps to keep the ramp firmly attached to the tailgate. Moreover, the rubber-tipped finger points provide extra security to the vehicle and prevent damage to the tailgate.

Key Features

  1. The ramps can carry load up to 1,500 pounds
  2. 90 inches long ramps when unfolded
  3. Constructed with durable aluminum
  4. It has rubber-tipped finger points.

3. CARGOSMART 3092, Hybrid S-Curve Centerfold Ramp



Weight: 34.2 pounds

This pair of ramps from CARGOSMART comes with a nice S-curve design. Unlike most other hauling ramps in the market, you will find more ease in downward transition through this pair of ramps. In a combined way, both ramps can haul up to 1,500 pounds of load. Each of the ramps measures 90 inches in length and 12 inches in width.

They come with a foldable design, which offers them to easily carry and store in a compact space. The pair of ramps are made with a proprietary construction of aluminum and composite materials. This construction makes it durable and super strong.

The patent-pending dual arch design of the ramps provides a smooth, continuous, and high traction tread. The ramp also provides an excellent grip to let the user easily load and unload the vehicle conveniently because it comes with an aggressive tread design. For extended security, while loading and unloading, there are adjustable safety straps with the ramps.

Key Features

  1. The ramps come with a hybrid S-curve design
  2. The pair of ramps can take load up to 1,500 pounds
  3. The ramps measure 90 inches in length
  4. Proprietary construction with aluminum and composite materials.

4. Titan 10 ft HD Wide 4 Beam Loading Ramps


Brand: Titan Ramps

Weight: 102 pounds

Titan Ramps constructed these heavy-duty loading ramps to haul more weight and transfer your 4-wheeler vehicle conveniently. The ramps come in a pair and both of them can carry loads up to 2,700 pounds. Each of the ramps measures 120 inches in length and 17.25 inches in width.

The average rung spacing of each ramp is 4.25 inches and the rungs have 5/8 inches in diameter. The ramps are made of durable aluminum, which makes them long-lasting. The construction of the ramps provides resistance to corrosion. They come with a flexible and foldable 4-beam design, which makes them portable and durable at the same time.

Each of the ramps has a wide and slip-resistant surface that makes it suitable for any sort of 4-wheelers along with a golf cart. Moreover, the ramps have serrated crossbars for added traction while hauling any load. You will also get safety straps to securely transport the vehicles.

Key Features

  1. The pair of ramps can haul up to 2,700 pounds of weight
  2. Each ramp is 120 inches long and 17.25 inches wide
  3. Durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
  4. It has serrated crossbars for added traction.

5. GEN-Y Hitch Aluminum Trailer Ramps


Brand: GEN-Y

Weight: 70 pounds

Now you can more conveniently transfer your golf cart on the car hitch or truck trailer with this trailer ramp from GEN-Y. It is a pair of two ramps and each ramp can carry up to 3,000 pounds of weight. This means the user can haul up to 6,000 pounds of load at a time with these pair of trailer ramps.

Each of the ramps is long enough to support the vehicle as it measures 84 inches in length. The ramps are wide enough also with a measurement of 14 inches. It is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum, which is 2.25 inches thicker. This heavy-duty construction makes it long-lasting and durable.

It is a great hauler for low-clearance single vehicles. There are hybrid hook attachments ends, which are attached to the car hauler trailers to let you easily haul up your golf cart. The minimum deck height of the ramps is 15 inches and the maximum height is 36 inches.

Key Features

  1. The pair of ramps can carry up to 6,000 pounds of weight
  2. Each ramp is 84 inches long and 14 inches wide
  3. They are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum
  4. There are hybrid hook attachment ends.

6. 60" Aluminum Car Hauler Trailer Ramps Hybrid


Brand: Discount Ramps

Weight: 41 pounds

Discount Ramps constructed this pair of trailer hauling ramps for cars, mid-size pickup trucks, small tractors, golf carts, and utility ATVs. Each of the ramps can take load up to 3,000 pounds and 6,000 pounds in a combined way. The ramps measure 60 inches in length, which is a bit on the smaller size.

However, it is designed with an average width of 12 inches. The pair of the ramp is suitable for low clearance single-vehicle car hauler hauls up to 16 inches of height. The ramps are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum construction and this heavy-duty construction ensures the durability and longevity of the ramps.

The ramps are made for use in all weather conditions as they as wide plate-style serrated cross rungs. This design creates extra traction on the surface, which makes it suitable for wet conditions as well. There are hybrid hook and plate ramp attachment ends hook available in the ramps.

Key Features

  1. It can carry up to 6,000 pounds of weight
  2. The ramps measure 60 inches in length and 12 inches in width
  3. Provides extra traction with wide plate-style serrated cross rungs
  4. Hybrid hook and plate ramp attachment ends hook.

7. Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold Aluminum


Brand: Yutrax

Weight: 27 pounds

You can easily handle this tri-fold ramp from Yutrax as it comes with a lightweight design. The ramp has an extended carrying capacity of up to 1,750 pounds. The manufacturer has constructed it with a tri-fold design to make it perfect for convenient storage. When it is folded, the width remains 17.5 inches.

After unfolding the ramp, it measures 70 inches long and 50 inches wide. The extruded rectangular side rails resist bending and the taller rectangular cross-section supports to carry more weight on the ramp. There are rubber-coated tab attachment points on the ramp that prevents scratching.

The ramp is constructed with high-strength but lightweight aluminum. The heavy-duty hinges and joints are not riveted on the ramp; rather they are welded for making a strong construction. Moreover, you can easily secure the ramp with your vehicle as it has got adjustable safety straps.

Key Features

  1. The ramp comes with a tri-fold and lightweight design
  2. It can carry up to 1,750 pounds of weight
  3. The unfolded ramp measures 70 inches long and 50 inches wide
  4. The heavy-duty hinges and joints are welded.
 Golf Cart ramps

Things you should consider before choosing one

You can't just go and buy any ramp and think this will go well onto carrying the golf cart you have conveniently. Before buying you need to consider a few crucial factors and you will find all these here.

Weight holding capacity

 You need to check how much weight the pair of ramp you are buying can carry. And it must match the weight of your golf cart. A good pair of ramps should have a weight carrying capacity of around 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. However, a strong, heavy-duty ramp can hold up to 6,000 pounds of weight as well.

Size of the ramp

 The length of the ramp is another important factor to consider before buying. Typically, the length ranges from 60 to 120 inches. Again, the width of golf cart ramps ranges from 11 to 17 inches. When you purchase a foldable ramp, the length will be reduced to half after folding it up. It makes it easier for you to store it anywhere conveniently.

Materials used to construct

 Most of the golf cart ramps are constructed with aluminum. Heavy-duty, strong aluminum construction makes the ramp durable and long-lasting. You should look for a pair of the aluminum ramp, which is corrosion and rust-resistant as well. This will prevent unwanted scratching and usable in wet weather conditions as well.


 Without having enough traction on the ramp, it becomes difficult for the users to take up and bring down the golf cart. Ramps with serrated crossbar design provide extended traction to the hauling of the cart. You should also look for one with an arched design.


 Some ramps include safety straps and some don’t. But it is suggested to buy one that has adjustable safety straps with the ramp. Moreover, finger-tipped points also help to make the ramp safer for hauling your favorite golf cart with minimal risk.

Length of golf cart ramps

The length of a golf cart ramp is an important factor, which provides you the idea of whether you can haul your golf cart smoothly on the truck trailer or not. Most golf cart ramps are constructed 10 feet in length. The longer it is, the easier it will be to haul the cart.

However, there are smaller ramps available as well that come with a length as low as 5 feet. But the longer ones are not difficult to store because they come with a foldable design for convenient storage. It's up to the user and the golf cart's size, which length of the ramp will be perfect for him.

Loading a golf cart using a ramp

You need to know the proper method of loading a golf cart on the truck or van bed using a ramp unless it will turn out to be a tougher process for you.

  • At first, you need to place the carrying truck and keep the truck bed facing the front of the golf cart.
  • Now unfold the ramp and attach it to the tailgate of the truck.
  • Use tie-down straps to secure the installation.
  • You can do another thing before hauling the cart on. Remove the windshield, if your cart has.
  • Then periodically haul the cart on the truck bed using the ramp.

Price of golf cart ramps

Depending on the size, quality, weight-holding capacity, and other features, the price of golf cart ramps range from $80 to $400. The cheaper one that costs under $100 can carry lightweight golf carts. However, the costlier ones provide a greater result in carrying heavier carts as well as ATVs. 

Concluding words

Now the decision is up to you, which type of golf cart ramp you need to haul up your cart on the truck bed. Never compromise the quality of the ramp and check out the buying guide carefully before making any decision.

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