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What are the essential golf accessories you think? Rangefinder, GPS watch, Golf Bag. In my opinion, it is the Golf Driver. Just like a part of your body, this essential piece may draw the line between a winning shot and a miscued attempt. Therefore, it is crucial to pick from the best golf drivers before going to the course. I have tailored a list of top golf drivers for you. Let us go over it, and you will be able to choose the perfect one at the end of this review. 


                                         Callaway Epic Flash - Most wanted driver

                                         Taylor Made Golf M5 - Best for distance

                                         Callaway Rogue Driver - Overall best driver

                                         Ping G400 diver - Best for fixing a slice

                                         Cobra King F9 Driver - Best swing forgivenes 

                                         Callaway  Women's Rogue Driver - Best For women

                                TaylorMade Men's R15  - Best for beginners

golf drivers reviews

1. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

This Golf Driver is a real epic. New technology enhances its efficiency. Flash Face technology is a unique trait for the golfers to get more ball speed and distance. This technology is developed by Artificial Intelligence. Callaway Epic is the first ever Golf Driver that uses AI.

You will get more stability and stiffness while hitting the ball. Jail Break Technology comes with two internal bars that provide stability. This strengthens stability to keep the Crown and Sole steady for greater impact load. With this impact, you can hit the ball with more speed.

The Crown is made with Triaxial Carbon. This lightweight material evenly redistributes the weight within the crown. Behind your every hit, you will get the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) for off-center hits.

This Ace Driver will give you exceptional Draws, Straighter Flight or Fades. The adjustable Perimeter Weighting gives you this power. You will get three shaft choices with the driver. Project X shaft transfer the energy to maximize the energy release. Tensei AV Blue comes with more stability with lower torque. The Project X HZRDUS shaft is for the aggressive swinger who prefers enhanced playability

2. Taylor Made Golf M5

The perfect thing I love about this driver is its innovative technologies. No wonder Tiger Wood endorses this driver as his favorite. Every driver's head is injected with Speed! No, I am not kidding. The individual head is infused with special tuning resin for maximum legal COR.

Twist brought straightness in this fantastic piece of Golf engineering. The head has specially designed curvature face with corrective face angel. This signature Twist Face ensures reduced sidespin and straighter shots during off-centered hits.

You can control the MOI or Forgiveness by yourself. This fantastic golf driver has an Inverse T-Track to control the MOI. You can maneuver two 10-grams weight to get your desired forgiveness. It will give you the optimal trajectory and speed to cover the winning distance.

Taylor Made M5 has a more prominent sweet spot on the head. All the credit goes to Hammerhead 2.0 technology. The hammerhead slot is highly flexible. It complies with the Twisted Face on the Speed Injected head. The result is a relatively larger sweet spot and controlled speed for off-centered shots.
This lightweight Driver with all the state-of-the-art technologies is a great companion of your winning per. 

3. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Drive

The Cobra F9 comes with efficiency and high tech features. It is the fastest and longest among the Cobra drivers. The Speedback technology makes it a unique piece of engineering among the leading Golf Drivers. The technology uses Aerodynamic optimization and low center of gravity (CG) to achieve maximum output.

Cobra F9’s head comes with Sppedback Aero design. The design uses the latest aerodynamic innovation to give the head not only the unique shape but also outstanding performances. Speedback Aero Design comes with an aerodynamic design of the clubhead.

The design includes a rounded crown and a raised skirt. Additionally, the leading edge has a rounded shape for better airflow. It ensures maximum stability and speed. You will found titanium sole and polymer crown trips around the clubhead. Those features are positioned along the airflow direction for low drag and fast speed.

Low center of gravity is essential for lower backspin as well as high launch conditions. These two conditions are vital for extreme distance. Cobra F9 has a low and multi-material CG structure. The structure ensures deep and low CG. In combination with state-of-the-art aerodynamics, this low CG makes Cobra F9 an unbeatable driver in the course.

This fantastic driver is fully customizable. You are in control of the launch, spin, and trajectory with 8-loft settings. Moreover, you can adjust the CG with a moveable weight.

4. Titleist TS3 Driver

TS3 model of Titleist is specialized for speed. It comes with dynamic MOI or forgiveness along with a speed-tuned distance. You will get an adjustable swing weight. Moreover, this super speed driver will give you a stable CG due to SureFit technology. You will get low spin and medium launch conditions.

If you want to reconstruct, you need to deconstruct first. Yes, you need to know what is inside to reform. Titleist took two years to deconstruct the current head and come up with Speed Chassis.

The weight of the driver lies deeper and lower into it. All the credit goes to the ultra-thin Titanium made crown. This lightweight structure ensures a perfect balance in the head. You will be surprised to see the newly designed streamlined shape of the head. The design provides more speed of the clubhead for a greater distance.

The sweet spot is not that wide like the other drivers. However, the thin and variable-shaped face gives you more ball speed and high forgiveness. This higher forgiveness will stabilize your shots with lower backspin.

Newly constructed crown and variable face thickness provide the lowest CG. Now you can achieve higher launch conditions and minimal spin behind your every shot

5. Ping G400

Low Spin is the signature of Ping G400. The Tungsten made structure moves the weight towards the face to reduce the spin. This little spin is responsible for stability and forgiveness. You will get increased speed and distance from this specially engineered driver.
Multi-material structure gives reduced drag whereas thinner and stronger face comes with enhanced distance and speed. Did I mention deep CG and improved accuracy?

Ping is famous for its Dragonfly Technology. This design technology produces an improvised skirt and super thin crown to save weight. This weight saving design provides a deep CG that results in enhanced forgiveness and accuracy.

The Face forged fast with T9S+ tungsten. The super flexible face produces a higher ball speed, and you can feel it with the powerful impact sound. High forgiveness improved accuracy, and deep CG gives compact dispersion of energy.

The streamlined shape reduces the 15% overall drag. The form combined with Vortec Technology complies with the high turbulence. As a result, you get an increased speed of the clubhead and higher ball velocity.
An excellent impact sound ensures you hit with the sweetest spot! Improved acoustics on the flexible face generates the sweet sound. Moreover, the drivers get an appealing look for its bolder crown. 

6. Callaway Rogue Driver

The name justifies the ability of the driver. This robust driver will give you a monstrous ball speed. Combination of Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT provides very high forgiveness and resultant ball speed. Are you starving for speed in the course? Go and get Callaway Rouge from this list of top golf drivers!

The Jailbreak technology sets you free in reference with speed. It breaks the speed barrier and gives the balls a new edge of speed. Additionally, the signature X-Face on the head provides extra punch for a longer distance. 

Size does matter for this bold driver. The Triaxial Carbon material weighs only a pound despite its large volume. This volume ensures a large surface area with very high forgiveness. As a result, you get more stability along with speed.

Do you know airplane maker Boeing has a connection with this driver? How? Well, Boeings aircraft's’ and Callaway Rouge both use the same aerodynamics. The geometry of the head has a leading edge. It guarantees an increase in the efficiency of the Speed Step. Moreover, the edge provides improved airflow for high head speed.

You are in control of the overall weight of the driver. Choose any shafts from the weight range of 40-70-grams according to your shot. Now you can control both weight and energy behind every winning shot.

7. Mizuno ST 180 Driver

Mizuno ST 180 is famous for its very low spin rate and fastest strike on the ball. The driver designed in a way that all the weight acts towards the face. Furthermore, the face of ST 180 expands on every impact giving enormous energy on the ball. The titanium forged SP700 face is the secret behind every powerful punch.

You can quickly switch the adaptor to get your desired loft and lie. This easy to change options makes this high-tech driver adjustable with every skill level. You can adjust the loft from 10.5 to 14.5-degrees.

Like a wave, the face area compresses and rebound after every hit. This wave geometry engineering provides a larger center of rotation (COR) area for higher ball speed. Thus, no matter how hard you hit, your driver will not feel the impact.

The SP700 face has specially forged titanium in it. This fine grain metal comes with highly responsive power for more top speed and greater distance. The thickness of the titanium face is the key behind this power. The optimized face thickness distributes the strength for maximum COR area.
The crown has a waffle pattern in it. This pattern ensures ultralight weight with optimized launch conditions. 

8. TaylorMade M4 Driver

Taylor Made M4 has a more prominent sweet spot on the head. Hammerhead technology provides this larger spot for a safe hit. The hammerhead slot is highly flexible. It complies with the Twisted Face on the head. The result is a relatively larger sweet spot and controlled speed for off-centered shots.

This signature Twist Face design maximizes the loft in the high-toe regions whereas it minimizes the loft in the high-heel areas.
The head has a unique shape that creates explosive sounds during every hit. Moreover, the head shape cuts down the sole volume for a large face with higher forgiveness. You can control the loft and launch conditions with the 4-adjustable hosel. 

9. Cobra King F8+ Driver

Cobra King F8+ comes with the first ever fully machined driver. Because of the CNC milling, the driver's face is the thinnest and hottest among all the market-leading drivers. Moreover, the machined face ensures the highest precision for your next shots.

The clubhead produces minimal drag and maximum speed. The head has a covering of 360 Aero-Innovative Polymer trips around the perimeter. This synthetic coating reduces the air drag during the downswing and enhances the head speed.

Ultralight Carbon materials place the CG into the deeper portion of the head. Moreover, this lightweight structure reduces the CG. As a result, the driver's head produces higher trajectories and forgiveness.

The adjustable CG positioning enables you to choose your desired ball flight. Your choice will help you to fine-tune your distance and trajectory in different game condition. Furthermore, you can also control the loft and launch conditions with My Fly 8 technology

10. Wilson Staff C300 Driver

Wilson Staff C300 is a powerful driver for all kind of gaming conditions. It is the first of its kind that comes with Power Hole technology. This technology expands the sweet spot according to your shot and strength.
The club head has 2-power holes on the crown and two on the sole. These power holes create an expanded sweet spot. Moreover, the expansion ensures maximum flex of the driver.

You can shape your shot profile when you have the C300. It comes with 3-interchangeable head weights to adjust the club weight according to your preferences. This adjustment will give you more stability and precision.

What To Look For While Buying A Golf Driver?


The driver length depends on the shaft’s length. The drivers vary from 43.5” to 48” in length. As there is no standard length for individual drivers, it is up to you to choose. The longer shaft comes with fast head travel. Moreover, the longer shaft makes it difficult to control the driver for a square shot.

In the case of off-center hits, longer shaft decreases the distances. Additionally, shaft length has a direct relation to forgiveness. Therefore, you should choose the maximum length that you can easily control with accuracy. Longer drivers are good to look at but not to score.


The materials of drivers are diverse. They include stainless steel, forged or an alloy of titanium. The materials determine the price of the driver. Hence, you should choose the one that perfect fits your budget and skills.

If you are a beginner or just started your golfing adventures, a good alloy driver will work for you. You can continue your learning and polish your skills with that. Multi-material or titanium driver will be an excellent choice for mid-level golfers. They are a little bit expensive. However, they will fit with your skill set.

Stainless steel drivers are mostly for pro golfers. Their weight requires more control and skill to hit square shots.  


It is the angular amount, at which the club faces slope back. Typical loft angles range from 8.5 to 15-degrees. The angle needs to match with your swing speed. If you have a slower swing speed, you will need a higher loft.

For the benchmark, keep this combination in mind. If your swing speed is between 80 to 90 mph, the best loft range will be between 10.5 to 12-degrees. Now you can alter your loft according to your swing speed.


The shaft is the graphite-based rods of different materials that come with the driver. These rods have different flexes or bending capacity. Beginners can have a great golfing experience with the built-in shafts of the drives. On the contrary, mid or pro-level golfers switch poles based on their preferences.

 Light shafts are more comfortable to control than heavier ones. Moreover, yardage depends on flex. If you need to cover more distance, you have to get stiffer flex. On the other hand, senior or ladies flex will give you less yardage.

Some FAQ About The Golf Driver

Do I need an adjustable driver?

Newly designed drivers are adjustable. Thus, you can adjust the loft, face angle, and lie-angel with a simple wrench. You do not have to consult any club fitter. The user’s manual or a YouTube video will provide you all the instructions.

Golfers with any level of skills can adjust the driver settings according to their shit selections. If you want to pick up a few extra yards or increase the ball flight, you can do it. According to the leading driver’s manufacturers, an adjustable driver will not only save your fortune but also let you play with your skill levels.

Nevertheless, there are opposing opinions too. Adjustable drivers come with too many complex combinations of settings. Thus, you may have to get busy with them instead of concentrating on the game. It looks like it depends entirely on the skills and efficiency of the golfer, whether he/she wants an adjustable driver or not.  

I prefer adjustable drivers as it gives me more freedom with diverse settings. Moreover, it saves my wallet for other golf accessories.

Which driver is appropriate for you, standard or tour preferred?

Tour Driver may sound appealing. However, unless you have an exceptional striking skills tour driver will not be a good option for you. If you can shape your shots with dead square clubs or can perfectly keep the ball lower, go for the tour. Otherwise, get a standard driver and enjoy your time in the green.

The standard driver will provide you more significant sweet spots with high forgiveness. Moreover, these drivers have a more closed face and shafts that keep the ball airborne for a longer time. If you are a beginner golfer, standard drivers will help you to learn the complex skills so that you can switch to a tour one lately.

Do I need a custom fit driver?

Yes, getting a custom fit driver will help you to develop golfing skill quickly. Professional club fitters say if your driver is not fit according to your body and swing, you will hurt your golfing career in the end. Furthermore, a custom-built driver will override the flaws in their golfing posture to some extent.

A custom-fit driver will have the shaft flex, length, lie angle, weight, and grip size customized according to the user. Then you do not have to make any unnatural compensation to prevent you from developing a proper mechanic.

It may cost you some extra bucks to get a custom-built driver; however; you will get all the benefits for your golfing career. That driver will develop a proper mechanic for every shot, and you can quickly excel your golfing skill with it.

How much do golf drivers cost?

Drivers are bit more expensive than the other kinds of clubs. The average price range for buying your expected driver can be from 150 dollars 650 dollars. Drivers are usually expensive for their rich construction material and great shaft. A quality driver will ensure quality stroke.

What Is Perfect Golf Drivers For You?

If You Are A Beginner

A average level golfer driver is still searching for his/her perfect mechanics and posture. Moreover, that person is not spending regular time in the green like a pro. Therefore, a lightweight and straightforward driver will be the perfect choice for a Beginner.
You can pick among Wilson Staff C300, Cobra King F8+, or TaylorMade M4 driver if you just started venturing in the world of golf. These drivers have a straightforward design. Additionally, fine-tuning them for your desired loft and launch condition is not complicated. 

With ease and simplicity, these three drivers will be the proper options for a Beginner level golfer. Furthermore, the price tags are affordable for newbies too.

If You Are At The Mid-Level

You are a rising star. Despite some setbacks, some of your shots become “Green’s Great.” It is the high time to switch from entry to mid-level drivers. According to my extensive research, anyone from Mizuno ST180, Callaway Rouge, Ping G400, or Titleist TS3 will be an excellent pick for you. 

These drivers have enough complexities for mid-level golfers. Nevertheless, those complexities are not that overwhelming to distract someone from the game. Besides, these drivers have fine tuning features for maximum customization. You can make a combination of these features, and your skill sets to hit the perfect score.

The perfect thing about these mid-level drivers is that they can be customized will almost all skill levels. Therefore, you can upgrade or downgrade your skills to comply with these flexible drivers.

If You Are A Pro

Any driver will become a magic wand in your hand. However, a great driver with amazing features will boost the charm of your golfing skills. As a pro-level golfer, you need the perfect drivers to score your amazing shot in the game.

In the perfect driver list, you can pick from Cobra F9, TaylorMade M5 or Callaway Epic to display some of your best per. High-end technological advancements give these drivers some unique features. A pro-level golfer knows how and when to use those features to outrun the opponents.

Pricewise these high-end drivers may be a little expensive. Nevertheless, that price will be worth when you raise the toast to celebrate your win.

Our Final Thoughts

Drivers are like a part of golfer’s body. A genuine golfer uses his/her driver in a way that no one can differentiate between the hand and driver. Hence, you need to be very meticulous and careful while choosing these essential golf accessories.

I have personally used the drivers from the list and come up with suggestions for you. I have also talked with many veteran golfers to check what they think about the drivers. You will be surprised how similar their opinion with mine was. Based on the research and expert opinion, I can say that you will get success in the Green if you go with the perfect golf drivers list.Do not hesitate or give any second thoughts. Pick the most appropriate one for you and your winning score is just a shot away.

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