Best golf push cart with electric cart reviews-Top brands and great prices

It is spring in nature and the best time for golfing. You are probably taking out your favorite golf kit. However, does your golf cart look a bit rusty and out of date? Are you having trouble to bend it? If the answers are yes, you need a new golf cart. We have made a list of the best golf push cart 2020. These carts are durable, compact, highly moveable, and comes with ample storage. If you have any one of these, we can ensure you a great time in the Green with some eye-catching shots.

You can pick the most appropriate one for you after finishing the golf push cart review. Therefore, get ready to push your performance up in the course with a great golf cart.

Best golf push cart

Best 3 wheel push cart-Bag Boy Tri Swivel II

Best 4 wheel push cart-Bag Boy Quad XL

Best cheap push cart(under 100$) -Jef World Steel Golf Cart

Best electric push cart-Bag Boy Navigator

Best Golf Push Cart 

 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy Triswivel 2

Clicgear Model 3.5+

Clicgear Rovic RV1S

Bag Boy Compact 3

360 rotted from wheel, Three step fold,super compact, handle break,aluminium frame.

Break handle with cable anchor pivot, super compact, light weight,aluminium body

Highly robust parts,front wheel swival + lock, light weight.

simple 3 step fold, super compact, super light weight.

Fold size: 23.5"-13"-24"

Fold size: 13"-14"-24"

Fold size: 13"-15"-25"

Fold size: 21.5"-13"-18"

weight:16 pounds

weight: 10 pounds

weight: 17 pounds

weight: 13.7 pounds

wheels: 3

wheels: 3

wheels: 3

wheels: 3

cup holder: yes

cup holder: yes

cup holder: yes

cup holder: yes

1. Bag Boy Triswivel 2

bag boy golf push cart is for the Great Golfers in the Green. The Top-Lok technology makes this Push Cart one of the most popular among the golf enthusiast. The Swivel Tech features a 360-degree rotation of the front wheel.

Moreover, the bag is super compact and uses a small space for storing. The three-step fold does all the magic. It comes with some extra attractive features. Do you want to know about those?

The Bag Boy is a highly maneuverable Push Cart. You can swivel the front wheel 360-degrees. Thus, it will give you the freedom to move in any direction within the course. This mobility comes from the Swivel-Tech feature.

Now you can carry all your accessories in your  golf bag with ease. How? This super-mobile cart has a Bag-to-Cart attachment for Golf Bags. The Top-Lok technology enables to attach any bag with the cart. The Extra Deep console for scorecard allows you to store extra balls for the Eagles.This bag boy triswivel 2 push cart is not only maneuverable but also compact. You can fold the cart into a small transportable size. The size is similar to your carry on. How convenient is that? The Three-Step fold gives you this luxury to carry your cart as your carry-on luggage.


2. Clicgear Model 3.5+

The Plus sign in this model says boldly that the cart has something extra for you. Yes, it is Compact, Lightweight, Durable, and comes with additional spaces. Your winning joy may not have any bound, but the cart has its own break to control. Thus, when you have a Clicgear 3.5+, it will bring unbound opportunities with more control.

Just like a high-quality umbrella, you can open and close this cart without any extra effort. It will save you from burning extra energy before heading for the Green. You can thank the Slide-to-Close technology for this comfort. The cart comes with an Umbrella mount too!

Sometimes we forgot to pull the car hand break in a slope. The result you can see in almost every car insurance commercials. The cart comes with a handle break to prevent rolling away.
This 3.5+ model can accommodate any Golf Bag. The Easy Clip Straps are fully adjustable. Therefore, you can securely attach any size of the bag in it. You can store balls, pens, tees and even beverage cups in the console. 

3. Clicgear Rovic RV1S

The most astonishing feature of this clicgear rovic rv1s push cart is the color combination. Green, White, and Black give it a sporty and stylish look. This super maneuverable mover can cruise anywhere in the course. Furthermore, it comes with a compact size that is convenient for travel. Finally, yet importantly, this durable cart has ample space to accommodate your accessories.

The front wheel of this sporty cart can swivel to give you maximum mobility. No matter how twisty or bumpy the way is towards the target, you can go over it smoothly. This extra mobility provides peace of mind during the intense moments in the course. clicgear rovic swivel rv1s easily folds to 13”W x 15”H x 24”D and weight 17 pound.

You can fold and turn the cart into a carry-on size object. Now it will be your companion in any far from home Gold Courses. You can carry this cart to all the pre-stored courses in your  Golf Watch and GPS.

This golf push cart clicgear is not only durable but also has a foot brake system in it. Thus, in any course, you are in complete control of all your accessories. The three accessory tab will accommodate all the necessary stuff for your best per. 

4. Bag Boy Compact 3 

Bag boy compact 3 push cart  is the best compact golf push carts for the golfers. It comes with several features that will make you order it immediately. You can fold it quickly into a portable size.

A handle mounted break keeps it steady while you focus on your aim. Moreover, you can carry extra golfing stuff in the Scorecard Console.

When you are on the go, every second is vital. This cart will save you those precious seconds. You can fold it in few seconds into a compact size. Now you can carry it in any vehicle or luggage. The Three Step Fold technology is responsible for this comfort.

The Scorecard Console is like your big-hearted friend! It can carry everything you need during a game. The beverage holder will take your most favorite and healthy beverages. The console also comes with separate mobile and ball sections. An Umbrella holder also comes with it. What else you need?
No matter what Golf Bag you use, Bag Boy Compact 3 can accommodate all. The Top-Lok technology can hold any bags with the Bag-to-Cart attachment. Additionally, the Upper Bag Bracket will prevent any twist of the bag while you are switching places. 

5. CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3

caddytek ez fold 3 makes moving a relaxed affair in the golf course. Now you can carry your bag round after round as well as season after season without any issues. This highly durable Golf Cart has both features and facilities to give you a hassle free golfing.

The caddytek ez fold 3 wheel golf push cart compact size (13.2"W x 12.4"L x 32.8"H) and weight 18.5 pound.

The comportable feature of this cart is the Ergonomically designed Adjustable push handle. You can push the cart over any terrain. Caddytek ez fold 3 wheel golf push cart Multiple pushing positions give you the comfort to push according to your convenience.

You do not have to worry about the size and design of your bag. The Bag Holder Design can keep the bag steady to keep your gears safe. The cart also comes with ample space to store beverages, balls, and even umbrella.

Simple breaking system allows you to stop anywhere. The cart will not slip away when you are concentrating on the next target. If things go really scorching, get a chilled can from the cooler.
Click one button and fold in two steps. The cart is folded into a trunk-friendly size. Now take it with you in any golf courses. Weight is not an issue for this ultralight piece of bag mover. 

6. Sun Mountain Golf GT

The Sun Mountain push Carts moved through many improvements. This Speed Cart GT has all these improvements to keep your game running in every corner of the course.

 IT can hold bags better. Moreover, the console tray and drink holder ensure you have everything handy during the game. The ergonomic design gives you the ultimate comfort while pushing the cart.

I have some friends who complain their carts are not adjustable with heights. However, you will not face such issue with Golf GT. The EZ Latch system not only ensures easy folding but also adjusts the cart with your height.

sun mountain speed cart gt push cart folded dimensions: W 37” X H 16” X D 13 and weight 17.25 pounds.

The Console tray will surprise you. It has a dedicated cell phone holder and a separate valuable holder. Furthermore, your scorecards will be safe in that console. Do not get worried during the sunshine or rain shower. An umbrella will fit inside the mount inside the console.
You can stop and keep the cart anywhere you want. The handle mouthed break will keep your cart steady. Moreover, you can fold the cart in few seconds and fit it in your trunk. 

4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy Quad XL

Big Max  Blade Quattro

Clicgear Model 8

CaddyTek One-Click Folding

Easy to maneuver, parking brake, compact with 2 step folding, four wheel boot stability, Top-Lok technology.

Quick fold technology,extremely lightweight,high tech organizer panel, easy to transport. 

Dual front wheel adjustment, quickly and effortless fold,ultra lightweight, handbrake and ultra stable.

One click button folding, quick braking system, patented bag holder, maintenance free wheels.

Fold size: 10"-13"-36"

Fold size: 26"-8"-32"

Fold size: 15"-17"-27"

Fold size: 17"-13.8"-25.8"

Weight: 16 pounds

Weight: 20 pounds

Weight: 10 pounds

Weight: 17 pounds

Wheel: 4

wheel: 4

wheel: 4

Wheel: 4

1. Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

Bag boy quad xl four-wheeled Push Cart is your perfect companion in the course. I am sure you will immediately order when you will know about its great features. You can fold it quickly into a portable size. A handle mounted break keeps it steady while you focus on your aim. Moreover, you can carry extra golfing stuff in the Scorecard Console.

The four wheels provide you ultimate stability. You can carry any size bag on it with ease. Durable and oversized aluminum tube frames will support any load on the cart. Moreover, the oversized front wheel will keep this cart going over any terrain. 

Bag boy quad xl push cart comes with the extra speed in folding. You can fold it in few seconds into a compact size. Now you can carry it in the trunk. The Two Step Fold technology is responsible for this quick comfort.

The Scorecard Console will carry everything you need during a game. You can store your favorite drink in the insulated beverage holder. Thus, the drinks will always be chilled. The console has a separate mobile holder and ball pocket. Keep your umbrella handy inside the mount.

No matter what size of your Golf Bag, bag boy quad xl can accommodate all. The Top-Lok technology will keep any bags safe with the Bag-to-Cart attachment. Additionally, the Upper Bag Bracket will provide extra security while you are switching places.

2. Big Max Golf Blade Quattro

This award-winning trolley ranked one popular golf push carts since 2017. It comes with simplicity with robustness. Autofold technology provides compactness, mobility, and ease of use. Additionally, the four-wheel design comes with stability.

Big max blade can house all your golf accessories in the Organizer Panel. The High Tech panel has separate compartments for different uses. You can securely store your valuables, cell phone, and scorecards inside the panel.

Big Max comes with big housing. Its adjustable bag brackets will securely grip your bag. Whether you prefer a big or a medium sized bag, this bag brackets can accommodate all. Hence, all your favorite golf kits will be handy with the Big Max Blade Quattro.

Four wheels provide extra stability. Moreover, it comes with better maneuverability. Moving a full bag in the course will be a breeze with this model of Big Max. Furthermore, you can turn this durable metal trolley into a compact sized fold with the aid of Quick-Fold feature.

When you have Blade Quattro with you, nothing can stop your winning lap. However, you can stop and steady this flexible pushcart with the foot brake.

3. Clicgear Model 8

According to Clicgear, it is the most advanced four-wheel cart. Model Clicgear 8 is Compact, Lightweight, Durable, and comes with oversized console for extra spaces. Moreover, the carriage has an updates breaking system. When you have a Clicgear model 8, you can have many opportunities with control over your game.

Like your favorite umbrella, you can smoothly open and close this cart. Thus, you can save some extra energy before heading for the game. All the credit goes to Slide-to-Close technology for this comfort. Did I tell you about the Umbrella mount to carry your umbrella? 

Sometimes we forgot to use the car hand break in a slope. You know very well what can happen if you do that, aren’t you? However, you do not have to worry about such a situation while hitting the ball with your golf driver. This high tech cart comes with a handle break to prevent any runaway situation!

This clicgear model 8, 4 wheel push cart can accommodate any cart style Golf Bag. The Easy Clip Straps are fully adjustable. Therefore, you can securely attach any size of the bag in it. You can store balls, pens, tees and even beverage cups in the console.

4. CaddyTek One-Click Folding

caddytek one click folding 4 wheel golf push cart makes moving in the golf course a breeze. Now you can move over the ground for prolonged rounds as well as seasons. You can have a hassle-free golfing with this highly durable Golf Cart. It comes with both features and facilities to provide a stress-free golfing.

The excellent feature of this cart is the Ergonomically designed Adjustable push handle. You can push the cart over any terrain. Moreover, you can push it according to your ease because of the multiple pushing positions.

You do not have to worry about the size and design of your bag. The Bag Holder Design will keep the bag stable and will keep all your golfing gears safe. The cart also comes with sufficient space to store beverages, balls, and even umbrella.

The braking system is so simple that you can stop it anywhere. The cart will not slip away when you are concentrating on the target. If things are hot, get a chilled drink from the insulated cooler.

Click one button and fold in two steps. The cart is folded into a trunk-friendly size. Now take it with you in any golf courses. Weight is not an issue for this ultralight piece of bag mover. 

golf trolly

Best Electric Golf Push Carts

electric golf push cart reviews

Golfing is possible without caddies if you have the electric golf push carts. A large number of reasons favor this view. Without an electric golf push cart, the golfers need to carry their golfing elements to the ground using a caddy or by them.

But now, it always feels good when a golf push cart is following you on the golfing ground. Besides, the electric golf push cart that follows you adds some other benefits during the tournaments too. So, undeniably, the roles of electric push golf carts are vital. They help the golfers to carry the belongings on the golf ground without the help of a caddie. The carts are always with the golfers to meet their needs. Besides, the carts also bring relief to the golfers from pushing the cart manually.

But often the golfers are in trouble to get their smallest folding electric golf trolley. Amid numerous brands and varieties, it is tough indeed to find the best one for their everyday use. Getting some knowledge in prior to having the right one sounds wise. Accordingly, a comprehensive discussion is here to guide them. In the end, they will get the smart-looking top-rated electric golf push carts.

1. Bag boy navigator quad

Amid several hundred brands, Bag Boy is one of the prominent ones for its outstanding features. The cart is more comfortable to carry while the remote control feature adds some more value in it. The most important issue is that you can control the cart remotely, which is time-saving.

The features of Bag Boy Vs. Clicgear Model 3.5 will show some evidence. The latter one comes with a brake handle and light in weight. But there are no 360 rotating wheels. Besides, the bag boy has a three-step folding feature that makes it compact. The assembly of the parts takes less time too.

The front wheel of the cart comes with suspension. So, it absorbs shocks. The motor of the cart is stronger than average. Thus, it provides the right power during the operation. Besides, the storage facility offers ample space for the golfers to keep their items safe. Controlling is more accessible to with this trolley. The golfers can move every direction using the remote control. To attach the beverage holder or umbrella holder, follow the user manual. The retail price of the product on Amazon is $1995.95- a reasonable one for every golfer.

Key Features

  • Complete remote controlling feature
  • 360-degree rotating front wheel140-watt motor power speeds up the cart
  • 140-watt motor power speeds up the cart
  • Weighs 55 pounds only,140-watt motor power speeds up the cart
  • golf push cart with seat and easy folding
  • Rear-wheel stabilizer ensures smooth movement
  • Folding dimension is 27.6 x 22 x 13
  • One year warranty

2. Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

Golfing is all about styles. When you are on the ground, you need a stylish electric golf push cart. This particular product from Stewart provides some of the perfect features and flexibilities. The electric trolley golf push cart offers a 50-meter range of remote control. So, the golfers can easily keep the cart with them without pushing it. Besides, the application of Bluetooth communication has made it more responsive.

Using the remote control, you can make the cart to follow your moves. If you stop, the cart will stop too with an emergency brake. The Bluetooth handset comes with a rechargeable feature which cuts your trouble to change the battery at a regular interval.

The integrated stabilizer makes the movement in different terrains smoother. The golfers need not take care or hold the cart in uneven terrains. Crafted with the finest materials, the cart has moderate speed and three-mode operation system. The cruise control will help you to keep pace with you while you are on a walk.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth technology for non-stop communication
  • Follow mode to follow the golfer everywhere
  • Standard V3 wheelset for great running
  • Accessories holder like golf ball holder, tee holder, scoreboard holder
  • Golfer’s position detection
  • Longer power durability
  • Product Dimension is 32.3 x 26 x 12.6 (inches)

3. MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddie

Many of the golfers lose control over the game. It happens as they are to look after the golfing equipment. But with this MGI Zip Navigator, you are free of hassles. The push cart comes with a complete remote control which ensures a smooth operation

When you are on the golf ground, the cart will come beside you all the time. Using the full directional remote controlled golf cart, you can gain your control on the cart. It will move all the way round.

Using the top rated electric golf push carts chances of good scores turn higher. Moreover, the speed control helps the golfers to control the speed in up or downhills. The twin motors inside the chassis provide the necessary energy. Further, the lithium battery lasts longer than the other batteries. The swivel wheels add the feature of easy movement.

Key Features

  • Remote control operation with battery indicator
  • Gyroscope Straight Tracker tracks all the terrain on the golf ground
  • Speed control for a comfortable movement
  • Powerful 230 Twin Watt Motors for stronger movement and quiet ride
  • Distance settling for different drives and total use
  • Product weight is 29 pounds

4. Powakaddy Fw5 Electric Golf Caddy Trolley

When you are for a sturdy and compact golf trolley, this is the perfect match for you. Many of the people may ask, can you push an electric golf cart? Obviously, you have the chances here to push this electric cart too. The cart comes with some technological advancement, which makes it different than others.

Carrying the cart is straightforward while you can fold in within a second. At the same time, the digital power gauge will show the real-time power consumption condition.
Besides, you can send this golf trolley to a distance of around 45 yards.

The automatic distance function is appreciable. The assembly of the cart is simple too. A golfer can fit the wheels using the wheel release button while the plug’n play is the other smart feature.

Key Features

  • Automatic distance function for better efficiency
  • Plug’n Play battery system reduces time
  • Weights 21 pounds only
  • Easy charging feature, Digital power gauge 
  • Aluminum frame for ultra durability

5. Spin It Golf Products GC1R

Usually, an electric golf push cart comes with several features, and this one is not an exception. The cart comes with variable speed control, which makes it a favorite one. When there is a remote control, the convenience turns more.

The golfers can control the cart when they are playing. Interestingly, the cart is controllable from far. While you are on a shot, you can allow the cart to move around freely and in several directions. The reverse mode is also praiseworthy. Another impressive aspect is the airless tires. The tires come with solid rubber to help you save time in inflating them.

The assembly of the cart is simple too. Following the user manual, anyone can assemble the cart with a short period. Being the smallest folding electric golf trolley, this one comes with dual 200W motors. The motors bring pace in the movement process. The comparatively lower price also brings a sense of relief among the golfers.

Key Features

  • Remote control device
  • Airless solid rubber tires ensure durability
  • Dual motors for smooth movement
  • Free-wheeling adds more value

6. Bad caddy x4r

Most of the golfers prefer electric golf push cart that follows you. Besides, they also need something cost-effective and will last longer. Considering the grounds, this bad caddy x4r is the perfect match. It has a wide range of remote control that covers up to 120 yards.

This is a lightweight cart that comes with standard features and accessories. When you are seeking a world-class golf trolley, the cart will meet all your needs. The umbrella holder, rain cover, sand dispenser – all are amazing. Being competitive in price, the cart has won hearts of golfers globally.

The presence of metal in body construction makes it more durable than the other golf electric push carts. Many of the golfers are worried about battery issues. But this one is special, and the battery lasts longer than average. With plenty of power, it can ride through up hills effortlessly. Based on the other features, this is easier to use during a golf round. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight brings comfort during movement
  • Easy folding (folds into one piece) and compactness
  • The dimension is 33 x 21 x 10 inches
  • 200 W 12 V DC motors
  • Independent transmission
  • Moves around 6 miles/ hour Weights 63 pounds

7. MotoCaddy S1

When you are on the run for the next round, you need this smallest folding electric golf trolley. It comes with the ergonomic handle while you can operate using a remote too. The battery of the trolley is improved. So, it lasts until 18 holes.

The operating system is simple, and anyone can quickly push it too using the handles. Setting up the speed is the other vital features. To keep pace with your walk, you can adjust the speed accordingly.

Made with aerospace-grade aluminum, it ensures durability, which is a plus for the golfers. The cart will start operation right after pressing the start button. Besides, it does not need any speed adjustment to stop it during the rounds. The transportation process has never been so more natural. You can place all your belongings on the cart and have a sense of relief.

Key Features

  • The remote control makes operation easier
  • Lightweight feature for smooth mobility
  • Range covers from tee to green
  • Slow downhill and speedy uphill movement
  • Easy folding and takes less space

8. Cart Tek Gri-1500Li

Being one of the top sellers for a couple of years, this Cart Tek Gri-1500Li comes with specific features. Alongside the remote control, the users also will get innovative applications. The wheels come with a bumper, which provides extra protection to the wheel. Besides, the broader stainless scorecard is the other feature that makes it an excellent cart for golfers.

The new wheel design comes with several unique functions for more effortless golf course movement.
A comparison of Clicgear Rovic RV1S Vs. Cart Tek Gri-1500Li will sort out the difference. The earlier one comes with robust parts, while the later electric golf push cart has durability.

The battery performance of the cart is also better. It can keep running till 20 rounds. Movement across the golf course is more relaxed while the price is reasonable too. Carrying the cart is effortless, and the golfers can fold it in no time. The essential portion designs.

Key Features

  • Easy to control using a remote
  • The lightweight frame (only 22.5 pounds)
  • Aviation grade aluminum ensures durability
  • Can move up to 36 holes
  • Folding dimension is 25.5x31x11 inches
  • Wider wheel rim for better traction and support

9. MotoCaddy S7

If you are looking for a smart and easy operating golf trolley, this MotoCaddy S7 is the perfect match for you. Most of the golfers are in trouble with the directions of navigating the push cart. But being remote-controlled, this cart follows you to your rounds.

The speed of the cart is controllable. There are two motors with each of the back wheels. Strong and durable engines ensure power and stability. Besides, the sophisticated guidance system helps you focus on the shots.

There is an extra wheel on the back to control the movement on an uphill situation.
Folding the cart is also easier while the easy lock system holds the golf bag secured. When a golfer is not using the remote, s/ he can manually operate the cart to any directions too. The swiveling front wheel helps this movement. 

Key Features

  • Remote control feature
  • Pause and resume function
  • Comfortable downhill control
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • Dimension is 61X101X 33.5cm
  • Weighs 16.2kg

10. FTR Caddytrek R2

The use of electric golf push cart revolutionized golfing. With the use of electric golf push cart that follows, golfers can move anywhere in the ground. This particular product from FTR is robotic and comes with a complete remote control feature. It carries the bag smoothly that helps you get ample time to relax during the competitions.

The tracking technology follows the golfers everywhere they go. Using the hands-free mode tracks the golfer from behind. Based on a calculation, the cart takes position automatically near to the golfer.

Besides, the hill-climbing feature is the other benefit that is amazing indeed. Due to the durable battery, the golfers can move till the 27 holes. On the other part, navigation becomes smooth too even on the uneven grounds. The entire frame comes with durable waterproof materials. So, the golfers can use the cart at any time of the year.

Key Features

  • Remote control operation with follow mode with a safe distance
  • 4mph top speed
  • The battery lasts up to 27 holes
  • The complete charge is done in six hours
  • 250W dual motorized golf push cart
    for smooth running makes less noise
  • Aluminum frame with a dimension of 23″ x 18″ x 12″
  • One-year warranty

What questions wonder in your mind about Push Cart?

What is the perfect golf push cart for you?

Well, it depends on your preferences. If you want stability over mobility, go for four-wheel pushcarts. On the contrary, three-wheel versions will save your energy while providing ultimate move ability.

Four-wheel carts are a bit expensive than its three-wheel colleagues. Thus, the best cart (golfwrx) will depend both on your preference and on budget.

What is the popular golf bag for a pushcart?

Golf bag designs vary with its use. Some bags have dedicated features of cart attachments. Those bags will easily fit on the cart of your choice.

However, some Tour Bags will not be the right choice for carts. Moreover, you will found some standard bags fit excellent on the cart. Before you buy a bag, check its compatibility with the cart.

Can you put a stand bag on a golf cart?

Yes, you can. Some high-end pushcarts come with adjustable straps for the bag. They can secure both Cart and Stand bag. If you can adjust the belt, you can put any cart or stand bag on the cart. All you have to do is to secure the strap properly.

What carts will be ideal for a young golfer?

There is no specific cart for young golfers. As a large number of young people getting interested in golf, some of the cart manufacturers use an innovative approach.

They made the handle in a way that it can be adjusted with heights. Thus, both a tall and short person can use the same cart. They just have to change the push handle according to their height. Now you can have a cart, and the whole family can use it.

Make sure you change the settings before going for the game. Or else you may have to either bend or struggle to grab the handle for a forceful push!

How to convert golf push cart to electric?

This is a simple task. Many of the golfers are still using their push carts which need manual efforts. But with a minor change and adjustment, they can convert the cart into an electric cart. To do this, they have to change the lower wheels. Many of the electric golf cart manufacturers sell wheels that come with a battery and remote control. So, you can get one that fits your budget and add the wheels with battery to your manual push cart. Replacing the wheels will bring power and efficiency in the cart.

How do electric golf trolleys work ?

The process is simple. A usual golf trolley needs a manual push to move to places. But an electric golf push cart relies on batteries. It does not require manual force to move in directions. There are a couple of rechargeable batteries with each of the cart. The battery provides the necessary power to the motors attached with the wheel compartment. When someone pushes the remote control button, it makes the wheels to run.

The working process is similar to a toy car with remote control. Using a remote control, a child can control the car and select the navigation. A golfer can do the same with the electric push cart. Some of the carts with advanced technology. They follow the golfer wherever they go.

Do I need to change the remote batteries?

Of course, you will need to change the batteries of the remote. They are standard AAA batteries, and you can get they anywhere around you. The prices vary based on battery quality. If you want longer-lasting batteries, you have to increase your budget.

Are the lithium batteries longer lasting?

Well, generally the lithium batteries of the electric push carts last longer. They come with the rechargeable feature. Whenever the charge of the battery ends, you need to recharge it. But remember, the batteries come with a life-cycle.

A single battery may last up to one or half years more. But after that period, you are to change the battery to have a better performance.
Many of the golfers allege that their carts do not last long in the grounds. It happens as they do not replace the batteries.

How much does an electric golf push cart?

Electric push cart is a little more expensive than the others type of push cart. You can buy an electric push cart with a minimum price of 400 dollars to a maximum price of 2500 dollars. For some instances the price can be a little lower and higher than the average price.

What Things Must You Know Before Buying A Push Cart?

Commonly, many of the golfers fail to get their right  electric push carts. It happens as they lack the necessary information to get the perfect products. Amid hundreds of brands, this is tough to pick the suitable one. So, the guidelines below will help the golfers in this regard.


Gone those days when Push Carts were two-wheeled. They used to trip in the middle of the course, dumping the kits in the ground. It not only irritates a golfer but also causes damage to the equipment.

Now with the introduction of three and four wheel cart, you get stability. All your clubs, balls, and other items are safe and secure inside the bag. Moreover, you do not have to check frequently and can concentrate on your game.

Obviously, four-wheel carts come with more stability than its three-wheel counterparts do. Which one you are going to choose depends on your bag size and of course budget. For a bigger bag, four wheels will be appropriate. On the contrary, the three-wheel bag will work for lightweight bags.

Dimension When Folded

Most of us have limited space in the trunk unless you own an SUV or Truck. Therefore, while packing for the game, you have to accommodate clubs, beverages, and luggage and so on. Now how much space you think remains in the trunk? Clearly, not that much.

If the dimension of the cart is significant after folding, you will be in trouble to accommodate it. You better go for carts which have a reasonable size after folding. It will save space in your trunk and keep you free from any extra stress.

Newly designed pushcarts have small size after folding. You can even fit some of the carts inside carry-on luggage! How amazing is that? Make sure you check the folded size of the cart before getting one.

Easiness In Folding And Unfolding

We use push umbrella because of its ease of opening and closing. It saves us from rain and sun by opening quickly. If you have to fight with those umbrellas, why would you even look at one? The same idea works for golf carts (wikj).

You need a cart that will open or close quickly and smoothly. You will not prefer any cart that requires a lot of energy and time to fold and unfold. Every cart from our list opens and closes by the press of a button. It takes only a few seconds to do so.


An efficient break is essential for the cart. It prevents any unwanted slipping of the cart while your focus is on the game. All of the pushcarts from our lists come with signature breaking mechanism. Either you can use a hand or a foot mounted break.

Foot mounted break will be an excellent option for those who like to use hands for golfing only. I have few friends who do not feel comfortable to use hand to push the break. If you are like them, go for a foot mounted brake.

However, if you have no particular preference, you can go for the hand break option. It actually keeps all the actions more organized. First, you stop at your desired place, lock the break and get the club. I personally love this sequence.


Golfing is a daylong affair. Therefore, you will need a bunch of stuff to get going. Along with your bag, you will need some drinks to keep you hydrated. Moreover, you will not prefer to burn in the sun or soak in the drizzle. Thus, you need an Umbrella.

To accommodate all these necessary items, you need some extra space in the cart. You will be glad to see all the carriages in our top list has an adequate and organized console to carry everything necessary for your game. From your cellphone to favorite balls, you can store anything in it.

You can also store your scorecards in a separate pocket in the console. Thus, we would recommend you to get a cart with flexible space for all your item.  I am sure you will not love to search for your pen or GPS watch in the middle of a game.


Getting a golf cart is a handsome investment. Hence, you will expect it to give you company for a longer time. A heavy metal cart may be sturdy, but you have to use a lot of energy to move it. Our recommendation will be to get a lightweight but durable one.
Recent golf carts have lightweight aluminum tube structure. These hollow tubes are ultra-light in weight but super-tough in durability. If you want long-term service from a cart, get the sleek but strong one.

Raw materials

Before getting an electric golf pushcart, a golfer should check the raw materials. If the manufacturing materials are up to the mark, they can rely on that. And the product will support for a long time. But if the materials are below standard, they should skip that one, and move ahead to get something better.

Easy control features

Electric push carts come with remote control – it does not point that the operation would be smooth. Thereby, the golfers need to check the controlling features. Make sure you use the remote control to know the primary control and movement of the cart.

Besides, check if there are manual controlling features as well to control once you run out of batteries. The following mode is a plus, but you need to test that too. An electric golf cart will follow the golfer with a moderate distance like two to three yards.

Golf bag placement

Golfers have less time to focus on their golf bags when they are attending tournaments. The golf bag should be placed on the cart easily. Getting the golf clubs or other elements should be more relaxed while the bag should be secured too.

Wheels matters

Make sure you check the wheels of your electric golf push cart that follows you. Generally, the electric push pull golf carts come with durable wheels as the terrains are dissimilar. Having the airless tires may help you save time and money. Go for them.


Besides, assembly of the folding electric golf trolley is another issue. They should come with features like easy assembly, folding, or disassembly for your needs. When you are on a round, you have less time to focus on such minor issues. If you are to pay attention to those issues, you may lose focus and may lose the match as well.

Easy maintenance

On the other part, an electric powered golf push cart should come with easy maintenance. You might need to clean the wheels, replace the battery, adjust the wheels and others. The cart should have the smart features of maintenance, and those should be easy to apply. 

Clicgear 4.0 vs. Bagboy golf cart:

While buying a new pushcart, Clickgear and Bagboy get the upper hand. Both of these two items are going to be suitable when it is about ensuring quality. But, in case of security, Clickgear can be slightly ahead than Bagboy. But, the compatibility of an Extra-large accessory bag under the scorecard console of Bagboy should not make you disappointed at all.

Get The Cart That Will Push You To The Ace

Putting some extra weight on the Gym is an excellent way of getting fit. However, the scenario is entirely opposite in the golf course. The more weight you want to carry the more damage you will do to your back.

Thus, to save your back, you need an excellent pushcart. It will not protect you from extra strain but will also give you move ability. Now, you can concentrate on your shots rather than your back pain. Moreover, taking your clubs to your desired spot will be a breeze with a cart.

We have tailored this list of the golf push cart so that you can narrow down your search on the top ones. Now pick your proper fit and get ready to hit the per.

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