Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 – Buyers Guide & Reviews.

best golf rangefinder under 100

For the golf and hunting enthusiasts, high-quality rangefinders are extremely important. Nowadays many new features are seen in the different companies’ rangefinders. People use these rangefinders even in the racing to get the distance of the moving cars. Some are way more expensive, and some are within the nominal range price. If you are looking for the best golf rangefinder under $100 also use this rangefinder golf and hunting. then check out the list and the necessary description below:

5 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 -Comparison Chart

Eyoyo Golf Range Finder

Halo XL450-7​​​​

Eyoyo 5

Target Golf

Wosports Golf


450 yard

700 yard(hunting)


700 yard

650 yard

6x magnification

6x magnification

6x magnification

6x magnification

6x magnification

ragefinder with hunting,light weight.

golf with hunting, scan mode,water proof.

pinsensor tech,golf with hunting

fog and speed mode,lightweight.

vibration and pin sensor, waterproof.

Halo XL450-7 Rangefinder :  Golf Rangefinder ​ ​

Halo XL450-7 Rangefinder Features

1. It has a 450-yard reflective range.

2. This rangefinder has six times magnification power.

3. It includes class IIIA laser with 5mW or less.

4. It is suitable for bow hunting as it has AI technology.

5. It includes CR2 batteries

6. Its eyepiece is twistable for better focus.


Halo XL450-7 Rangefinder gives fast, accurate readings. So it is convenient for the rifle hunter to use it for an accurate read of the 200-yard shot. It will also be a perfect choice for the bow hunters who are bothered about the angle compensation. Its included CR2 battery lasts for a year. This rangefinder will allow you to have a reflective range of around 450 yards. It can provide range readouts both in yards and meters. It is water resistant and has a 1-year warranty. The scan mode of this rangefinder will allow you to range continually and the AI technology incapacitate the slope. It is a good cheap rangefinder which you can use this golf rangefinder for hunting.


Though it is supposed to be a good rangefinder, a customer complained that he found the rangefinder is only 4-6 yards off when measured with a tape. It sometimes gives different results for multiple ranging attempts. Another drawback is that, when looking at two things at the same distance, it gives the different shapes of the objects. The eye relief of this rangefinder is not up to the mark.

Eyoyo 5-700 Yard Waterproof 6x Multifunction Golf Hunting RangeFinder .

Eyoyo 5 golf rangefinder Features

1. This rangefinder is highly precise for both golf-lovers and the hunters. Its object magnification capacity is six times 25 mm, speed measure accuracy is 5km/h, and range measurement accuracy is one yard.

2. It has a flagpole, scan and range mode. The golfers do not have any problem to identify the flagstick when it is obscured.

3. It measures only 110x75x45 mm and weighs just 180gm.

4. For hunting, it measures up to 700 yards.

5. It has fog and speed modes.

6. It comes with an eighteen-month warranty.

7. The full package includes a 3V CR2 battery, carrying case, cleaning cloth, strap and quick start guide

Eyoyo Golf Range Finder


It is one of the cheap golf rangefinders. People may wonder will this golf rangefinder work for hunting? Let me assure you; it is both golf and hunting rangefinder which is portable, lightweight, dust and water resistant. It is perfectly durable for long time usage. Eyoyo has the latest technology to errorless and the most accurate measurement. It helps to get the distance from the hazards or trees or flags. If you are a racing lover then certainly you can use it on the racing object or car as it provides the speed measurement of the moving target around 300km/h. It will give you a good hunting experience because it has multi-coated HD optics which has six times magnification within a yard from a range of 5-700 hundred yards.


Sometimes the read button does not work instantly after hitting for picking up a flag. It also takes around 3 to 5 minutes to obtain a target reading After a few months of use; the rubber button cover comes off

Target Golf Rangefinder : Hunting Range Finder with Pin Sensor

Target Golf Rangefinder Features

1. This golf rangefinder has the measurement capacity for 5-440 yards.

2. Its design is such that you can toggle it between golf rangefinder mode and common range mode.

3. It has an adjustable eyepiece or dioptre for fixing the focus.

4. The focusing dioptre is specially designed for the people having far or near sight vision.

5. It has the pin sensor technology that gives the accurate distance to the flag and the woods in the background.

6. Its premium optics with an easy-read lens shows the battery status and distance.

7. Its construction is six times monocular with multilayer coating to provide the clear and bright image.


People with far or near sight vision problem can use this cheap laser golf rangefinder without glasses as you can adjust the focusing diopter within -5 to +5 range. By turning on the diopter left or right you can set the focus with clarity. Its design is friendly enough to shuffle its mode from golf ranging and common ranging. The package also covers a high-quality carrying case with belt loop, microfiber lens cloth, and strap. The CR2 3V battery gives a continuous measurement for 8 seconds. Its construction is durable rainproof, and the design is compact ergonomic. It is convenient to read the screen display with battery status as the rangefinder is uncluttered. This golf rangefinder will work for hunting too.


The distance it gives might not be correct every time. So you need to check twice or thrice the distance. It does not give the numbers on the screen. Some customer complained that it could not hold the distance correctly after four months of use, and it stopped working entirely. It is also difficult to focus on a target. Sometimes it lasts only for six months.

Wosports Golf Rangefinder : Laser Range Finder with Slope, Golf Trajectory Mode.

Wosports Golf Rangefinder features

1.  This golf and hunting rangefinder has six times magnification, and it measures up to 600 yards.

2. It has fog and speed modes.

3. For switching the mode from a meter to the yard or vice versa, you need to long press the button of mode for more than 3 seconds.

4. Its flagpole lock and the range modes help the golfer identify the flagstick quickly.

5. It has a warranty of 1 year.

6. The full package includes a carrying case, cleaning cloth, 3V CR2 battery and quick start guide.


It is a very cheap golf rangefinder in comparison with another rangefinder. Even you can use this golf rangefinder for hunting. It is a high-quality laser rangefinder which helps protect your eyes. For precaution, you must not stare into the beam directly with the optical instruments. The object lens size is 22mm, and the exit pupil diameter is 3.7 mm. Its angle measurement accuracy is 1 degree, and the field angle is 7.5 degree. It is easy to read the display, and you will get quick yardage from this rangefinder.


Occasionally it gives lousy yardage within 100 yards. It is a little bit shaky. It often takes 3 to 4 tries to get the accurate range.

RPG TE600 Golf Laser Rangefinder

RPG TE600 features

1. It has six times magnification capacity.

2. It has pin sensing technology.

3. Its target display is perfectly large.

4. It can capture targets up to 650 yards.

5. Its scan mode allows you to scan multiple targets at the same time.

6. It is powered by a 3V CR2 battery.

7. It has one year warranty


It is a reliable, good cheap rangefinder. It vibrates when you catch the flag with the lens. It is tournament legal as it can measure the straight line distance accurately. Its target circle is large enough to recognize the flag readily, and this rangefinder is water resistant. Its pin sensing technology allows targeting the flag separating the background. This golf rangefinder will work for hunting with all these advantages.


It takes multiple attempts to get the yardage. sometimes It works well within only 150 yards. Targeting and focusing are a little confusing with it.


You may find many options for buying the best golf rangefinder under $100. However, we tried our best to get you the most convenient and pocket-friendly golf rangefinder which you will be able to use for both golf and hunting. All the golf rangefinder described above are customer’s top choices regarding the cost.

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