Best Ram Golf Clubs Reviews 2022

Despite being an old and renowned golf equipment manufacturer, it is true that the competitive aspect of Ram is not that high in recent days. This particular manufacturer is producing golfing equipment for recreational and high-handicapped golfers. Although its golfing clubs are not PGA tour certified, then again,  the quality of Ram’s golf clubs and equipment is beyond doubt.

If you are a high-handicapped golfer and looking for a decent quality golf club to improve your handicap score, choosing a golf club from RAM can bring forth excellent outcomes.

If you are thinking like use, here are the top 10 items from RAM to consider-

Best ram golf clubs

Best Ram Golf Clubs

1. RAM Golf Accubar Plus Golf Right Hand Clubs Set

If you are looking for a complete golf club set as a high-handicapped or recreational golfer, consider choosing this Accubar Plus golf club set from Ram. Teeing off the golf ball will be more than easier with the 460cc driver. The larger head of the driver will be handy to make clean contact with the ball. 

If you are comfortable with the hybrids rather than the longer irons, this set with the 24-degree and 27-degree hybrids should provide a better experience. You will also get 6-9 irons for having better control in the fairway. A putter with perfect alignment produces the exact stability to make a perfect putting. This complete set includes a mallet-shaped putter with exact alignment and stability to provide you with a better putting experience. All the clubs come with a graphite shaft and a stiffer shaft flex design, allowing the clubs to be more distance enabled. On top of that, the exclusively designed multi-compartment bag will create enough scope to keep all the clubs in place.

Key Features

  1. The 460cc driver with the larger head will make clean contact and ensure extreme distance.
  2. All the hybrids will provide better control in the Fairways.
  3. Pitching, chipping, and getting out of the hazards will be much easier with the 6-9 irons.
  4. The mallet-shaped putter will show better alignment and stability for a perfect putting experience.
  5. Graphite shaft with the stiffer shaft flex will ensure a longer distance.
  6. Carrying or keeping the clubs will be easier with the uniquely designed multi-compartment stand bag.

2. Ram Golf Laser Anti-Slice Offset 460cc Oversize 10.5° Driver

If the teeing off is perfect, you always get a better boost in getting a lower score. This Laser driver from Ram comes with a 460cc extended head shape, allowing every beginner or high-handicapped golfer to make a clean swing. The stiffer the shaft flex, the better distance it should reach. 

This driver with the stiffer shaft flex will enable every amateur or old-aged golfer to hit like a pro. If you want explosive distance while teeing off the golf ball, you had better choose a driver with a graphite shaft. If it is a graphite shaft that you are looking for, this one should remain on top of your list. On top of that, the larger sweet spot of the club will ensure lower CG production, enabling you to have better control. Finally, you will get a Ram headcover to ensure the protection of the clubhead.

Key Features

  1. The 460cc larger head makes this laser driver suitable for every beginner or high-handicapped golfer.
  2. The graphite shaft with the regular stiffer shaft flex will ensure distance and stability.
  3. The larger sweet spot of the driver will ensure clean contact, even if you are a beginner.
  4. This driver will ensure a lower Center of Gravity rate, allowing you to have maximum control over the club.
  5. Your clubhead will remain protected with the Ram headcover.

3. Ram Golf Pro Spin 3 Wedge Set - 52° Gap, 56° Sand, 60° Lob Wedges

When it is about getting you out from hazards or hitting within the range of 100 yards, having a convenient wedge can bring out excellent results. If so, you can think about choosing this complete wedge club set from Ram that includes sand, lob, and gap wedges.

 When it is about the accuracy, steel shafts work the best. And it is the accuracy that you need most when you are around the green. That is why all the wedges included in this set will have a steel shaft that is also with a regular shaft flex, allowing you to be more precise and accurate. Besides, the steelhead will be handy to get you out from any kinds of hazards in the fairway. The stainless steel construction will not gather any rust and corrosion, ensuring better protection.

Key Features

  1. This complete wedge set will have sand, lob, and gap wedge in it.
  2. The steel shaft will ensure more accuracy while getting out of the hazards or doing good around the green.
  3. You will get extreme control over the cub with the regular shaft flex.
  4. The stainless steel clubhead will not gather any rust or corrosion.
  5. All the wedges will have 52-degree, 56-degree, and 60-degree loft angles respectively.

4. Ram Golf Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Molded Organizer Divider

Ram has been producing almost all kinds of golf equipment since the 1950s. One of the most significant items that remind us about its quality is the golf club stand bag or cart bag. This premium cart bag is such an example to try out. This premium cart bag has a 14-way divider, 

allowing you to keep all of your golf clubs in the right place and direction. On top of that, the revolutionary USA flag color pattern should provide you with patriotic zeal. Besides, this cart bag includes multiple pockets, allowing you to carry all types of small things to enhance your productivity on the course. Carrying this bag in the golf cart should not create any problem with the excellently designed strap slot.

Key Features

  1. The premium material will ensure that the bag lasts for a long time.
  2. The 14-way divider will allow you to keep all of your clubs in the right place and direction without facing any trouble.
  3. This one comes with patented USA flag color patterns, enhancing your patriotic zeal to another extent.
  4. The multiple pockets will enable you to keep smaller things like golf balls, tees, and so on.
  5. Carrying the bag in the cart will be no problem with the strap slot.

5. Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron Men's Right Hand

Performing like a beast in the fairway requires a decent quality Longer iron or hybrid. If you prefer hybrid over iron, consider grabbing this FX hybrid from Ram. Probably the shaft and clubhead are the most essential parts of a golf club. This hybrid with the stainless steel clubhead will provide you with a longer iron experience but with higher forgiveness.

 As the flex type, this one has both regular and stiffer options to choose from. The black finishing of the clubhead gives this one a vigilant look that anyone would love unconditionally. This hybrid club should be an excellent replacement for your long iron with lower CG production. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a longer and straighter ball flight, enabling the ball to get a longer distance.

Key Features

  1. You will get an iron-like feeling with the stainless steel clubhead.
  2. The black finishing of the clubhead makes this one more astonishing to look at.
  3. The regular shaft flex will ensure perfect control and consistency.
  4. You will get to choose both graphite and steel shaft for this item.
  5. Lower Center of Gravity ranking will ensure longer and straighter ball flight.

6. Ram Golf SGS Fairway Wood

Thinking about replacing your driver with a fairway wood. Consider choosing this 3-wood from Ram. The larger and extended clubhead with the alloyed steel material should be enough to get an explosive distance while teeing off the ball. For the shaft material, this one uses stainless steel, allowing you to get distance and control at the same time.

This one comes with the regular shaft flex, causing no hindrance to your swing. Believe it or not, the grip of any club plays an important role in determining the swing. This one with a convenient grip will not deteriorate your swing in any weather condition. On top of that, as a bonus, you will get a Ram headcover to ensure better protection of the clubhead.

Key Features

  1. Teeing off the ball will be comfortable with the larger clubhead.
  2. The alloyed steel material will produce excellent speed and distance.
  3. If you are lackings control over the club, this one with the stainless steel shaft should solve the problem.
  4. You will enjoy a moderate swing with the regular shaft flex.
  5. The grip attached to the club will produce a moderate grip in any weather.
  6. The clubhead will remain protected with the RAM headcover.

7. Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys

If you are looking for complete golf set for your kid, consider buying this Golf Junior G-Force from Ram. This set is not just a golf club set. It is a complete set of golf. This set is equipped with 4 to 6 golf clubs and a golf bag for junior boy golfers.  With this set, a junior golfer just needs to gather the necessary accessories like the balls, tees, gloves, and healthy drinks before heading towards the course.

This Ram golf set is available for 3 age groups with different numbers of golf clubs. The set comes for age groups 4 - 6 contains 1 driver, 2 irons, and a putter. For age groups 7 - 9 and 10 – 12, the set comes with a total number of 6 clubs. These are 1 driver, 2 irons, 1 hybrid, 1 wedge, and 1 putter.

The drivers of all the sets come with a higher loft angle design of 14 degrees. Those junior golfers who want to achieve farther distance and want to reduce the backspin of the ball will have higher advantages with this driver. Also, the putter is designed with a built-in alignment line that will help a junior golfer to put the ball into the hole by straight-lining up. The manufacturer used a rubber grip for all of the club handles so that holding the clubs feels cushy. All the clubs are designed with lightweight shafts to make the swing process easier for the kids.

The bag is well-engineered and comes with lots of pockets and dividers. All the clubs and accessories can be easily oriented in this bag. It has a Velcro glove holding hook. This stand bag features easy carrying with its backpack style dual strap design and lift handle. Also, it has a sturdy base and auto pop-out legs.







10 pounds

Available Colors

Blue with Black

Number of clubs

1 Driver, A Hybrid (Not included in 4 – 6 years group), A 7 iron, A  9 iron, 1 Wedge (Not included in 4 – 6 years group), and 1 Putter

Clubs Material

Alloy steel

Shaft flex

Junior Flex

Clubs Grip Material



Headcovers for driver and hybrid

8. Ram Golf Laser Hybrid Irons Set 4-SW (8 Clubs)

Iron golf clubs are an excellent companion in and out of the fairway. To provide you with the best experience of irons as a high-handicapped golfer, we have brought this complete iron set from Ram. If iron clubs with a hybrid shape seem interesting, this set is what you should have.

 Along with pitching wedge and sand wedge, this set includes 4-9 iron, allowing you to have every possible iron when in need. All these clubs come with a graphite shaft and a regular shaft flex, confirming distance and control at the same time. If, as a high-handicapped or old-aged golfer, you are having a tough time honing the skill of hitting with an iron, these clubs should make the task more than easier.

Key Features

  1. Along with pitching wedge and sand wedge, this set includes 4-9 iron.
  2. The graphite shaft of the clubs will provide a hybrid-like distance.
  3. The regular shaft flex will make the swing easier.
  4. The hybrid shape of the clubs makes it easier to develop consistency.
  5. Honing the skill of grabbing an iron club would be much easier with this set.

9. Ram Golf Laser No.3 White Ball Putter

As completing a round of golf is impossible without a putter, we also don’t want to complete this recommendation section without suggesting a quality putter from Ram. It is the alignment factor of the putter that determines whether you are going to have an excellent putting experience or not. 

This mallet-shaped putter with the 2-ball alignment aid will ensure that you are getting the perfect alignment. The perfect weighting implementation will not deteriorate the impact position. The balance between the toe to the arc will ensure consistent putting experience.

Key Features

  1. This laser edition is a mallet-shaped putter, allowing you to enjoy the most convenient putting experience.
  2. The ball will always be aligned with the 2-ball alignment aid feature.
  3. The perfect weighting process will ensure a moderate impact position.
  4. The toe and arc of the putter are highly balanced, allowing you to enjoy a consistent putting experience.

10. Ram Golf Push/Pull 3-Wheel Golf Cart

golf push cart enables you to take the golf bag from one place of the course to another, relieving you from back pain or any hassles. The handle of the pushcart is adjustable so that you face no hassle while transforming your bag from one place to another. This pushcart from Ram includes smaller storage

options so that you can carry smaller substances like golf balls, scorecards, tees, and so on. The three-wheel feature makes the pushing process more convenient and easier. Besides, transferring the push-cart to a longer distance will be easier with the quick-fold design.

Key Features

  1. The adjustable handle of the pushcart will create no problem while transforming.
  2. The smaller storage option will allow you to carry smaller substances like balls, scorecards, tees, and so on.
  3. The pushing process will be more convenient with the three-wheel feature.
  4. Transforming the pushcart to a longer distance will be much easier with the quick-fold design.

11. Ram Golf Ultimate Hard-Sided Travel Cover

Taking your whole golf club set to a longer distance without hampering or deteriorating the condition requires you to have a hard casing cover. In case you are looking for one, consider choosing this one from Ram. The AB shell casing is sturdy enough to withstand any amount of travel force.

The TSA locking mechanism, on the other hand, will ensure perfect protection for both your golf bag and clubs. This hard travel case also includes two handles and four wheels, allowing you to have a convenient carrying experience. If you are the type of person who has to travel a long distance for taking part in different golf events, this hard case cover should be a better companion of yours to protect your golf clubs.

Key Features

  1. This hard travel case is sturdy and durable enough with the AB shell material.
  2. The TSA locking mechanism will ensure better club protection.
  3. The inclusion of two handles and four wheels will be handy for easier transportation.
  4. Traveling a long distance should be hassle-free with this hard travel case.
Ram Golf Clubs

Ram Golf Clubs

History of Ram golf

The manufacturer Ram laid down its foundation after the second world war in western Chicago.

In 1947, the name of the company was Sportsman Golf. After twenty years, it established its name as Ram Golf.

During the 1950s and 1960s, many top-class golfers signed contracts with the golf club of this company, making it popular among beginners and amateur golfers. When Tom Watson became the ambassador of the company, the popularity of Ram Golf takes a huge turn.

Two essential items that enhanced the popularity of Ram Golf to a great extent are Wizard 600, Ram 3d. Since the 1990s, the company split into two-part, making the popularity of Ram golf Vulnerable.

The company is still struggling to find a good position in the vast golf industry.

Short buying guides

Buying a new golf club requires too many considerations. If you are thinking about purchasing a new golf club from Ram, then the thing that you need to keep in mind is that the company, right now, only aims at delivering products for the amateur, high-handicapped, and recreational golfer. These are some of the essential things that you should be looking at while purchasing a new golf club from Ram-

  1. The head of the club.
  2. The shaft of the club.
  3. The shaft material.
  4. The shaft flex type.
  5. Golf club grip.
  6. Alignment.

Final words

Although Ram golf is not that popular among professional golfers, you can have great fun and performance as a high-handicapped or recreational golfer. If you are thinking about trying some new Ram Golf equipment, consider choosing from our list.

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