Best Rated Golf Cart Heater (Portable, Electric, Propane) Reviews 2020

In chilly weather for being comfortable and warm inside your golf cart, you need to have a heater.

For your query, we have brought the best collections of heater that are available in market.

Among all these products Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater, Silver, and Black is our best pick that you can try without any hesitation.

With 4000 BTU production capacity and all safety measures, this product should meet all of your needs.

Other Best rated golf cart heater (electric, portable) that you can follow in 2020 are being reviewed down below.

Stay tuned for finding the perfect heater from them-

Best golf cart heater

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater,Silver and Black
4,000 BTU's (5.5 Hours runtime); Includes oxygen depletion system and tip over switch; Wind resistant protective screen
$99.99 −$30.02
Coleman GolfCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater
Push button electronic matchless lighting; 3,000 BTU output; Stands on a table, floor, or any flat surface
Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater
Ideal for golf carts; Durable stainless steel burner; Pressure regulator on/off control valve adjusts burners up to 3,000 BTUs
Caframo Limited True North Space heater
Wattage: 1500.0 watts
$89.99 −$11.52

1. Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater,Silver, and Black

This is the first heater which will have an oxygen depletion system so that you can feel comfortable.

This heater comes with wind-resistant capacity so that it can warm the golf cart smoothly when the weather is windy or when you are on the move.

This is a 4000BTU liquid heater which is connected with a 1-pound propane cylinder. As a result, the condition is favorable for warming your cart.

The heavy-duty wire guard will protect the heater from any sort of damage.

The tip-over safety switch will protect it from any hazard, and a cup holder adapter should fit most of the golf cart cup holder.

Key Feature

  1. Oxygen depletion system
  2. Wind resistant capacity
  3. 4000 BTU connects with 1-pound propane cylinder
  4. Heavy-duty wire guard
  5. Safety switch
  6. Cup holder adapter.

2. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

This is large and thus can heat up to 200 square feet.

The low oxygen sensor will make sure that you get a perfect warm place for your comfort zone.

You can customize the BTU and select a perfect ration with this heater.

The easy-carry handle has given the heater portability so that you can take it anywhere you want.

Even you can heat indoor places with this heater, and it is CSA certified.

Key Feature

  1. Large and can heat up to 200 sq. Feet.
  2. Low oxygen sensor
  3. Customizable BTU
  4. Portable with easy carry handle
  5. Indoor heating with CSA certification.

3. Coleman GolfCatPerfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater

The push-button included with this heater will make sure easy and matchless lighting so that you can warm your place or cart quickly.

This heater can give you up to 3000 BTU output for having a perfect warm environment around you.

You can connect this with 16.4 pounds propane cylinder, and this one can provide you a service for more than seven hours at a time.

This heater should fit anywhere and most of the cup holders of a golf cart.

Key Feature

  1. Push button for matchless and quick lighting
  2. Up to 3000 BTU output.
  3. Can connect with 16.4 pounds propane cylinder
  4. Can warm a place for seven hours at a time
  5. Fits most of the cup holder, table, floor, and even on any flat surface.

4. TexsportSportsmate Portable Propane Heater

This heater is highly-designed to use in a golf cart.

You can connect this heater with any 16.4 and 14.1 pounds propane cylinder.

This heater can produce up to 3000 BTU heat, and you can adjust the BTU with pressure regulator control valves.

The auto shut down valve will ensure further protection if the flame goes out.

A molded plastic cup holder is added with this heater so that you can place it anywhere, and with another plastic base, you can hold up to 16.4 oz propane.

Key Feature

  1. Suit most of the golf carts.
  2. Can connect with 16.4 and 14.1 propane cylinder
  3. Customizable BTU with a pressure regulator valve.
  4. It can produce up t 3000 BTU.
  5. Auto shut down valves for maximum protection.
  6. Molded plastic cup holder and a plastic base for holding propane.

5. Comfort Zone CZ707 1500 Watt Compact Utility Heater, Gray

This heater is highly-designed for keeping your home and garage warm and comfortable.

This is an electronic heater but is promised to reduce electric bills with energy efficiency features.

The 1500 watt heating capacity will ensure perfect hitting and experience. The adjustable thermostat will also be beneficial for ensuring the perfect experience.

You will get different settings for increasing or lowering the hitting temperature.

The power and caution indicator lights will ensure further safety because safety comes first.

A carry handle provided with the heater will ensure portability.

Key Feature

  1. Designed for home and garage
  2. Electric heater with power efficiency.
  3. 1500 watt, adjustable thermostat
  4. Customizable temperature setting
  5. Power caution indicator lights for safety measure.
  6. Portable with a carry handle.

6. Caframo Limited True North Space heater

This is an electric heater with more power efficiency so that you can keep your house, cottage, or garage warm and comfortable.

This heater is available with five different settings for further customization.

The dual overheat system will ensure further protection.

This heater is available with an anti-freeze setting, and this setting will activate when the temperature is at 38-degree Fahrenheit or 3-degree centigrade.

This heater comes with a 5-year warranty.

Key Feature

  1. Electric heater
  2. Five different setting
  3. Dual overheat protection
  4. Anti-freeze setting
  5. 5-year warranty

7. Stalwart 75-blanket Blue Heated Automotive Blanket

Stalwart 75  blanket is a mastermind design for keeping you warm when you are traveling.

 This 12-volt electric blanket and can be plugged in any adapter, and this one will keep you warm until you unplug it. This one comes with a 96-inch long cord.

This blanket is lightweight, and you can fold the blanket as you want and can keep it anywhere. Blanket is available in four different colors that you would love for sure.

Key Feature

  1. Beautiful design
  2. 12-volt electric blanket
  3. 96 inches long cord
  4. Lightweight and foldable
  5. Four different colors.

Buying guide

If the weather is so much chilly, it becomes so tough for you to concentrate on the game, or if you are an adventure lover who would love to hang out at night or in different places, then cold weather can be hazardous.

That is why for keeping your cart, room, garage, or any particular place, you will need a heater to warm you.

But before you buy your new heater, it is better you know the things that you need to consider for having a perfect heater.

We are here trying to bring out five features that you should look for buying your new heater.

1. oxygen sensor- If your heater has an oxygen depletion system or sensor it will be able to keep you warmer than those heaters which do not have the feature.

So before confirming your purchase, it is better looking at the oxygen sensor.

2. BTU production- The higher the number of BTU that your heater can produce, the better heat it will be able to produce.

Around 3000 BTU should be better. More than 3000 BTU would be best.

3. Portability-If you are an adventure lover, then you would love to take your heater with you.

Or even for keeping your cart warm, you need to take your heater with you. That why choosing a heater that will have portability is always better.

4. Protection- If the protection system of your heater is not well balanced, then it is possible that the flame of your heater can come out, which is obviously not a great part.

That is why make sure to look at the protection system for your own safety.

5. Adaption- your heater should have the adaption capability at most of the carts or places.

That is why looking at the cup holder or other adapting features is important so that you can place your heater as you want.


1. How to heat a golf cart?

Staying inside a golf cart and riding in time of chilly weather is tough.that is why you need to heat your cart.

With the help of a golf cart heater, you can heat your cart and can stay warm and comfortable.

2. How to start Mr heater golf cart heater?

With most of the Mr heater, there should have a switch available, which will allow you to power on the heater.

After connecting it with the propane cylinder, you will be able to power on your Mr heater.

3. How much does a golf cart heater

Golf cart heater can be both cheap and expensive. You can buy a new golf cart heater with a price range of 40-200 dollars.

With quality variation, the price can be a little lower and sometimes even higher than the average price.

4. Golf cart heater voltage

An electric golf cart heater can be of two kinds in general. But different variation is also possible.

A golf cart heater, in general, comes with a 36 volt and 48-volt features in golf cart batteries and 12 volt gas golf cart. 

Final words

Golf cart heater is a must-have item during the winter. It keeps you warm and comfortable and thus allows you to be more effective.

Not only in the golf cart but also for keeping your house, cottage, or garage warm, you will need to have a heater.

That is why, for having a long-lasting experience of using your heater, you need to be wise and rational.

Make sure to choose the appropriate item for your needs.

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