Best Titleist Golf- Driver,Irons,Ball,Putter,Wedges,Glove,Bag Reviews 2020

If you are an abecedarian, then procrastinating in the time of choosing the appropriate golfing accessories can be tough for you. In that case, you may follow the expert’s suggestions or the products having more praise.

In case you are finding it troublesome to follow the whole article, then you can skip by following the two best products from Titleist.

Titleist TS2 Driver 10.5 (Tensei AV Series Blue 55 Stiff) Golf Club) and Titleist T100 Iron are the two best drivers and iron that you may choose.

Both the driver and iron have gained consumer satisfaction by producing lower CG and longer distance capability.

If you are interested, then you can follow the other best products from Titleist down below-


Titleist 917 D3 Driver 460cc 2017 Right 9.5 Fujikura Speeder PRO TS 74...
Brand : Titleist . Model : 917 D3 . Club Type : Driver . Gender : Men .; Shaft Material : Graphite . Dexterity : Right - Handed . Flex : Stiff . Loft : 9.5 .
Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Newport 3 - Right Hand 34-inch
Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 2018
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White, Standard Play Numbers (1-4), One Dozen
Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight; Very Low Long Game Spin and Penetrating Trajectory
Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag Black/Black/Red
14-Way full length dividers with integrated putter well; 10 forward facing cart-accessible zippered pockets
Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag White / White / Black
High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability; Self-balancing, convertible strap system

Best Titleist golf driver

1. Titleist TS2 Driver 

This extraordinary driver from Titleist comes with three different loft variations (8.5,9.5,10.5).

The 460cc shape installed with this driver can be useful for getting a perfect launch.

The thinnest titanium crown of the driver can be used for customizing the weight from lower to the deeper.

The thick face design of the driver will help to get maximum ball speed.

The lowest CG production of the driver will make sure you get the perfect launch and lower spin.

Key Feature

  1. 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 degrees of loft angle.
  2. 460cc shape
  3. Thinnest titanium crown for weight shifting
  4. Thick face design
  5. Lowest CG production.

2. Titleist TS3 Driver

As like the TS2 driver, this one will also provide 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degrees of loft variations.

This TS3 driver is highly-designed for providing speed-tuned performance.

The mid-launch capability and low spin production of the driver have made it popular among the players.

This particular driver will have a 460cc shape producing more speed.

The lower CG production capability of the driver has ensured that you get the lower spin possible.

Key Feature

  1. 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees
  2. Speed tuned performance
  3. Mid launch and low spin
  4. 460cc shape
  5. Lower CG production

3. Titleist 917 D3 Driver 460cc

This particular driver comes with 9.5 degrees of loft variation.

The graphite shaft material of the driver will be helpful for producing maximum speed.

Original factory plastic on club head will provide further protection.

The 460cc shape production can be helpful for producing further distance capability.

This D3 driver is highly-designed for producing lower spin so that you can get the best out of it.

Key Feature

  1. 9.5 degrees’ loft variation
  2. Graphite shaft material
  3. Factory plastic on club head.
  4. 460cc shape
  5. Lower spin

4. Titleist TS4 Driver

As like all other TS driver, this TS4 driver will also have loft variations of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees.

This driver will produce a 430cc head shape, which made it a little smaller than the TS3 driver.

This TS4 driver is designed for producing lower spin but as a result, the forgiveness of the driver will be a little lower than other TS drivers.

The length of the driver is 45.5 inches and it is highly-designed for maximum shot shaping.

Key Feature

  1. 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees’ loft variation.
  2. 430 cc shape.
  3. Lower spin production
  4. 45.5 inches’ long
  5. Maximum shot shaping.

Best Titleist irons

1. Titleist T100 Iron Set 

The Project X LZ shaft material implemented with this iron set will be helpful for producing more speed.

The mid-launch capability and lower spin production will make sure that with stroke the ball reaches the furthest distance possible.

The thin clubface is designed particularly for the professional level player.

The tungsten weighting process will let you to customize weight so that you can feel comfortable while carrying the iron.

Lower CG production of this iron set will give you a comfortable feel.

If you love lower trajectory and more penetrating ball flight, then choosing this one can be a better choice.

Key Feature

  1. Project X LZ shaft 
  2. Mid launch, lower spin
  3. Velvet 360
  4. Tungsten weighting
  5. Lower trajectory, penetrating shot.

2. Titleist 718 AP1 Iron Set- for beginner

This particular iron set is designed especially for the beginner. As a result, this one will ensure maximum forgiveness possible.

This AP1 iron set is designed for hit straight and as long as possible.

The hard and thin face of the iron club will make sure you get the perfect experience of your golfing.

The heel and toe technology implemented with this driver will make sure you can customize the weighting process.

The high-density tungsten weighting will make it easier by customizing the weighting.

This AP1 iron set is 4 degrees stronger than any other forged iron.

Key Feature

  1. Maximum forgiveness
  2. Hard and thin face
  3. Heel and toe technology
  4. Tungsten weighting
  5. 4 degrees stronger than forged iron.

best titleist putter

1. Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Newport 3 - Right Hand 34-inch

This putter from Titleist comes with a multi-material technology.

The mid-milled 303 stainless steel construction material will ensure superior balance, weight distribution, sound, and feel.

Sole-to-topline inlays will ensure misted finish, refined colors, and graphics.

Balanced forgiveness of the putter will make sure you get a perfect experience of putting.

Heel-and-toe technology can be useful for customizing weight.

Key Feature

  1. Multi-material technology
  2. Mid-milled 303 stainless steel
  3. Sole-to-topline inlays
  4. Balanced forgiveness
  5. Heel-and-toe technology.

2. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 Titleist Putters 2.5 Right 33.0

This particular Titleist putter comes with a precision milled head, which is essential for producing stability and balance.

The criss-cross slight line design of the product will ensure perfect alignment.

This putter is famous for producing a tour-proven solid feel and soft sound.

The heel and toe technology implemented with this driver will provide customizable weight and shaft length.

The silver-mist finish of the putter has given it a stylish look.

Key Feature

  1. Precision milled head
  2. Criss-cross slight line
  3. Solid feel and soft sound
  4. Heel-and-toe technology
  5. Silver-mist-finish

best titleist balls

1. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls 

This pro-V1 ball set from Titleist is highly-designed for producing maximum distance.

The lower spin production of the ball will make sure that you get the perfect speed according to your stroke.

The drop-and-stop technology implemented with this set will ensure you get the perfect control over the ball.

The urethane cover material of the ball has given it a soft feeling.

The penetrating trajectory of the ball can be beneficial for producing a perfect flight.

Key Feature

  1. Maximum distance
  2. Lower spin production
  3. Drop-and-stop technology
  4. Urethane cover material
  5. Penetrating trajectory

2. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

This particular golf ball set comes with three different individual colors.

This ball is entrusted for producing long-distance capability.

The extreme air drag capability of the ball will provide the lowest amount of spin possible so that the ball can reach its maximum speed.

The high flight design of the ball will ensure you get the control over the ball.

This set is highly-designed for men and is famous for producing short game experience.

Key Feature

  1. Three different color
  2. Long-distance capability
  3. Extreme air drag and low spin
  4. High flight
  5. Short game feeling.

3.Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

This set of golf balls is available with two different colors (yellow and white).

The largest Titleist core cover of the ball is highly-designed for producing maximum speed and soft feeling.

The ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover of the ball will give it a smooth attire that you will love for sure.

The 342 cuboctahedron dimple design of the ball will reduce air drag dramatically so that the spin production can be minimized.

This ball set is worthy of having an advanced short game control.

Key Feature

  1. Yellow and white
  2. Maximum speed as well as soft feeling
  3. Ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover
  4. 342 cuboctahedron dimple design
  5. Advanced short game control.

best titleist wedges

1.Titleist Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome Wedge

This Titleist Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome wedge club is designed for giving you a precise distance quality and trajectory control.

The spin milled groove technology with this wedge will help you to have perfect spin, control and consistent performance.

100 percent inspected TX4 grooves will produce more spin, which is necessary for any quality wedge.

You can personalize different customizable options with this wedge.

The progressive CG location of the wedge will give you an enhanced feeling.

Key Feature

  1. Precise distance and trajectory control
  2. Spin milled groove technology
  3. 100% inspected TX4
  4. Customizable options
  5. Progressive CG location.

best titleist golf glove

1. Titleist Men's Players Golf Glove

The Cabretta leather of this glove will give you a comfortable and soft feeling.

The perforation along with the fingers will help to get better airflow.

This glove is highly-designed for having a consistent fit in your hand.

The black Titleist tab closure with the Titleist logo has given it a stylish look.

This glove is available with all the regular sizes.

Key Feature

  1. Cabretta leather
  2. Perforation for better airflow
  3. Consistent fit
  4. Black Titleist tab closure
  5. All regular sizes are available

2.Titleist Men's Perma Soft Golf Glove

The Cabretta leather of this glove will ensure a soft and comfortable feel.

The soft dry quality of this glove will help to avoid perspiration and rain.

The cool max mesh panel will ensure an enhanced fit. Besides, it can be useful in comfort and breathability.

Velcro closure with the Titleist 1 logo just made it real and authentic.

The Velcro tab can be both white and black.

This glove is entrusted for producing maximum durability and performance.

Key Feature

  1. Cabretta leather.
  2. Dry soft quality.
  3. Cool max mesh panel.
  4. Velcro closure tab with Titleist logo.
  5. Maximum durability and performance

best Titleist golf bag

best titleist golf bag


1. Titleist Lightweight Cart Golf Bag

This particular golf bag is available in five different colors.

The fourteen-way dividers and an integrated putter well will give you enough opportunity to keep all of your clubs in place.

This golf bag is suitable for those who would love to carry their golf bag in a cart.

This golf bag comes with 35x12.5x16 inches dimensions.

Umbrella holder, towel ring and matching rain hood will give you enough protection.

This bag is available with 1 year manufactured warranty.

Key Feature

  1. Five different colors
  2. Fourteen-way dividers
  3. Suitable for carrying in a cart
  4. 35x12.5x16 inches dimension
  5. 1 year manufactured warranty

2. Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag

This golf bag is available with five different colors.

The aluminum legs implemented with this golf bag has given it more flexibility and stability.

The convertible strap system of the bag can make it more balanced.

The dual-density foam of the bag added more comfort in this bag.

The full-length apparel pocket has made it easier to keep clubs inside the bag.

The construction material of nylon has given it more flexibility than ever.

Key Feature

  1. Five different colors.
  2. Aluminum legs
  3. Convertible straps
  4. Dual-density foam
  5. Full-length apparel pocket
  6. Nylon made

3. Titleist Club 7 Golf Cart Bag

This stylish Titleist golf bag is available with five different colors and shapes.

The unisex easy pocket access technology will make it easier for you to put things inside the bag.

Full-length dividers with 7-way proprietary cuff can be beneficial for keeping all of your clubs inside one bag.

The abrasion-resistant material has given it more durability than ever.

You can trust about the flexibility of the bag for its nylon construction material.

Key Feature

  1. Five different colors
  2. Unisex easy pocket access.
  3. Full-length dividers
  4. 7-way proprietary cuff
  5. Abrasion-resistant material
  6. Nylon made.

4. Titleist Adaptive Club Case Caddie Stand Bag, AJSSB71, Black

This golf bag is available with black color and a white Titleist logo on it.

This polyester bag is lightweight so that you will be able to carry it. Besides, the compact legs of the bag have given it more stability.

Single strap with side pockets enabled with the bag made it safer to keep your clubs.

Matching rain hood with the bag can be useful for more protection.

You can keep around three to four clubs in this golf bag.

Even you can keep a 47 inches’ golf club into this bag.

Key Feature

  1. Black in color
  2. Polyester made and lightweight
  3. Single straps with side p[pockets
  4. Rain hood for protection
  5. Three/four club’s capacity.
  6. Can keep a 47 inches' club

Buying Guide

As we have mentioned, these products do not mean that you just have to go for them. Instead, the truth is that you can choose your own product if you know the basics of choosing them.

That is why we thought about suggesting to you those things that you should know before you buy any golf products from any brands.

For buying any clubs (driver, iron, putter, wedges), you may look for-


As we use driver and iron for hitting long-distance shot so it is necessary to choose a driver or iron which will produce less spin.

In the case of the putter, the spin should be a little higher. Because in time of putting you will need to be more accurate.

The less the spin of a driver or iron the more it is expected to reach distance.

In the case of the putter, it is the opposite. But not choose too much high.


Never forgot to look for the forgiveness. The more forgiving your golf clubs are, the perfect swing and launch you are supposed to get.

Head Shape

Now, head shape is important. The bigger the shape of the head the better forgiving your clubs become. You will get different variations of head shape when you go for buying your clubs.

Make sure you choose the appropriate one for you.

CG production

CG or Center of Gravity is important in the time of choosing your golf clubs.

As we know that, the gravitational force is necessary for having a perfect is also true for golf clubs.

The lower the CG production of your club is the better comfortable you will feel while striking with your club.

Construction material

You must have to look at the construction material of your golf club. If your club does not have rich construction material, you will not feel comfortable while playing with it.

The greater the construction material of your club the better forgiving it becomes.

For buying golf ball you may look for

Air drag

when the ball moves in the air, the air reduces its speed which is known as air drag. If your golf ball does not have enough air resistance or air drag capability, the ball will not be able to reach the maximum distance.

That is why choose golf balls with maximum air drag capability.


Dimples play an important part in reducing air drag and for taking the ball to a maximum distance.

That is why when you will go for choosing your golf ball look for the dimples. Choose softball soft balls tend to reach more distance. That is why choose the softest ball possible.

Cover material

The last thing you may look for while buying your golf ball is the cover material. Cover material is responsible for making a ball soft and for enhancing distance quality.

That is why look at the cover material. The most used cover material in a ball is urethane and ionomer.

And for gloves, you may look for


For buying a new glove, looking at the leather quality is the most important task. Best leather ensures you get a comfortable feeling while wearing a new glove.

That is why look if the quality of your leather is rich or not?

Air flow

Better airflow determines whether your glove will remain dry or not. If the airflow system is not perfect then, day with using rain or perspiration may damage the quality of your glove. 

Better fit-the last thing you should look for is- if the glove fits your hand or not. If it does not, I hope I need not mention that it's just a waste.


1. how many dimples are on a Titleist Pro V1?

Titleist Pro-V1 and V1x are the two most popular golf balls. They are famous for their popular dimple and core design.

Pro v1 will have 352 dimple pattern with a three-piece solid core. Pro v1x will have 328 dimple patterns with a four-piece solid core.

2. How to adjust Titleist 917 d2 driver

The Titleist 917 d2 driver has 16 different settings. You can change the loft variations from there. This driver comes with 12-gram removable surfeit CG weight. Each driver comes with two carbon tubes. Use only one at a time.

3. How to put straps on Titleist bag?

The important part you need to consider for putting straps on any Titleist bag is the adjustment.
At first, adjust the strap in a way so that the total weight distributes among all the shoulders equally.
Now try to feel if you are comfortable or not. Always try to walk tall and straight.

4. How much are Titleist AP1 irons?

Titleist AP1 iron is an old model set of iron. In case you are thinking about buying this product from any third-party sellers, then you may find this set available under 500 dollars.
And if you are thinking about buying this product brand new then it will cost you around 700 dollars.

5. How Titleist golf balls are made?

Titleist is famous for producing the number one golf ball for so long. There is no doubt that the research a lot for producing the best golfing balls. On the core of the golf ball, Titleist add the cover material which is most of the time urethane or ionomer. For the final touch, it's time to produce the dimples of the golf ball.
After the completion of making they need to pass the trial for being able to be sold.

Final words

whether you are going to buy a particular golf club or other accessories like gloves and golf balls, Titleist can be your better choice.

The products that we have mentioned here are listed from the view of customer satisfaction. So, if you are thinking about buying any product from Titleist then you may go for them.

And if you are thinking about buying any product from other brands then following the buying guide can be beneficial for you.

Whatever you choose, you choose the best and appropriate materials for you is our only intention and motto.

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