Blue Tees Rangefinder Review

Blue Tees Rangefinder is a rangefinder of the brand of the blue tee. Since the birth of this brand, they have been proudly selling their product. Among all the manufacturers, this is one of the brightest ones. Recently, in social media, one can find their popularity. They have made a significant change in the industry.

With their rangefinder, the golfer can effectively measure maximum distance with the highest accuracy. The HD display of the device will also help the golfer pick the right club for themselves. It will effectively help the golfer have the best day shot every time.

What is Rangefinder?

A Rangefinder is a particular instrument used in golf to measure distance. This device can measure the exact distance between the golfer and the targeted area. Because of the high-quality camera and lens, the outcome is very accurate. In addition, the error rate is zero when the device belongs to a good brand or company.

Knowing the exact yardages before the shot is a key factor of an accurate shot. To understand the precise yardages, there is nothing better than a Rangefinder-lumen. However, the professional-level player can't use this device in their game, but for the beginner, this works like a wind to improve the game. Though every player, professional and amateur, can use this device while practising.

What is Blue Tees Rangefinder?

Blue tee is a brand or a manufacturing company that manufacture rangefinder. For example, the rangefinder that the blue Tess manufacturer made is the blue tees rangefinder. Those are randomly used in golf to measure the distance accurately. One of the popular choices of the golfer is this rangefinder.

What is the Accuracy of the Blue Tees Rangefinder?

The blue tees rangefinder is one of the most accurate devices. They can accurately measure the distance to 800 yards. Their accuracy to that distance is +/-1 for every yard. In addition, one can accurately measure the space in between the range, which is quite interesting.

Is the Blue Tees Brand Trustworthy?

According to the user as for social media advertising and people comments, this brand is one of the best brands. This one is trending online because of its popularity. They gained this popularity through their best value and high-quality product. Therefore, one can trust this brand for sure.

What is the Average Accuracy Level of a Rangefinder?

To measure distance, people used to use the traditional method. Now, most golfers use golf rangefinders. Having 6x magnification and some high-quality features, a good budget golf range finder can measure over 600 yardage distance accurately. Some of the high-quality golf rangefinders even can measure over 1000 yards accurately in less than a second if the weather is clear.

What are the Things to consider while buying a Blue Tees Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is an essential device for the golfer. As everyone knows, a golf course is a big field, and one has to hit the ball knowing the distance they need to cover. Because the amount of distance will decide the style and the amount of force one needs to put on the ball. One cannot just run to know the length or measure it with a measuring tape. That will take a long time and insanely strength of the golfer.

Here a range finder will do the magic. One can accurately measure the distance with a rangefinder. However, picking one is quite complicated. But as one already choose the brand of the blue tee, then they must consider,


The wise golfer will choose a rangefinder of a minimum of 5x magnification. Also, this is the most effective one too. With higher magnification, one can target the object accurately and hit the shot quickly. Distant object detection is not a problem for a rangefinder with pin-seeking technology. This technology allows the rangefinder to ignore things close to the person and detect foreign objects.


The purpose of a rangefinder is to measure the distance accurately. So, if the device is not accurate, there is no use for it. The blue tees can count at least 800 yards accurately. If one wants more than this, then it’s not for them.

Distance range

The distance range of the rangefinder is connected with the accuracy. One must know how much distance it can cover accurately. As we said already, it can cover a distance of between 800 yards. More than this may not be accurate.

Battery Life

Since the power source of the rangefinder is the battery, it is an important part to notice. Because not all the batteries will give an exact amount of service, the quality of the battery will affect the accuracy of the device. If the battery is not in good condition, the device may give inaccurate measurements even in its accurate range.


Everyone knows that golf is an outdoor game. While in the game, if it starts raining one cannot leave the course. They need to complete their shoot. So, if the device is not waterproof, the golfer cannot use it in the rain. Then there is no value it will provide, and it becomes worthless. That's why one has to choose the waterproof one. The blue tees have this quality, luckily.


It does not mean what the product is. If one is spending money on it, they usually expect a durable product. The same goes for the rangefinder. Buyers must read the review of the product about its durability because the manufacturer's promise is not always true. Here, the blue tees did great. They are manufacturing rangefinders of extreme durability.

Blue Tees Rangefinder Review

In golf, the rangefinder is one of the essential devices a golfer needs to have. It will save so much time and energy for the golfer. Some golfers even do not need to use a golf cart if they have a rangefinder. The purpose of the rangefinder is to measure the distance of the shoot accurately.

One will find three different types of rangefinder in the market. They can choose any type. Almost every renowned manufacturer made all the types, so it's not an issue to worry about. As for the best brand, the blue tees are the best ones they can buy their device from. Here we will discuss Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder. As we mentioned, the rangefinder has three types. The laser is one of those.

A laser rangefinder is the most accessible and most effective rangefinder for measuring around 800 yards to 1000 yards. One can accurately measure the distance in this range. Moreover, it becomes more accessible with the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder. This device is well known for its advanced feature to measure distance in golf. The high precision feature with 6x magnifications will measure the distance and show it on an HD display.

 Selection of club has never been so easy before this rangefinder. But now, with the advanced feature and HD display, one can easily measure the range and select their club. Because of the continuous arc technology will get the accurate distance between the player and the target. It's not an issue with this device.

Moreover, the rangefinder is extremely accurate and heavy-duty, also a waterproof device that can stand heavy rain. The strong magnet will give the best service for an extended period. Overall, this is one of the best rangefinders one can pick from them in look and performance. 





Blue Tees Golf


Blue Tees Golf




S2 Pro Hero

Style Name

S2 Pro Hero

Lens coating

Fully multi-coated

Measuring time

0.5-3 sec

Angle measure range



CR2-3V Battery



Measurements distance yards

800 yards

Pros and Cons



This rangefinder is cost-effective.

Providing different measuring functionality, this device measures the distance with maximum accuracy.

The 6x magnification also helps to measure the distance accurately.

The flagpole locking function can measure more than 800 yards of distance.

 Because of the fully multi-coated optics lens, it is not harmful to the eye.

The tournament legal feature allows the golfer to turn off the slope function to make the tournament legal.

Too good to have disadvantages.


Blue Tees Rangefinder is everything a golfer will need as a rangefinder form. It will give an accurate distance between 800 yards to pick the right club to get the shot. Using this rangefinder, a golfer can save time and energy. Also, it will help get the best shoot.

However, it may not be suitable for all players in all of the weather conditions. One must know what one is looking for before making the purchase. Hopefully, they will find the answer after reading the whole article.

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