What Does Bounce Mean in Golf? Definition of Golf Club Bounce

Bounce is the gap of an angle of the leading edge of the clubface and the bottom point of a golf club sole.  Three categories of bounce angles have seen in the golf club. Generally bounce angles are included with the wedge golf club. Wedge golf clubs are used to overcome the special situation. Bounce angle is also a considering issue in terms of choosing a right bounce angle golf club. A proper bounce angle golf club helps the golfer to give their perfect shot in the sand and deep green pitch of the golf course. Bounce wedge golf clubs are used to play short distance shots. For a long-distance shot, the golfer used wood and iron golf clubs.

Why bounce angles are mostly used in a sand wedge golf club

Wedges golf club has many variations. The sand wedges golf clubs are origin from the iron golf club. Usually, the wedges golf clubs are used to play short distance shots on a golf course. The handle of the wedge golf club is shorter than any normal golf club. Having a proper bounce angle in a sand wedge club helps the player to play their difficult shots with more accuracy. There has less role of bounce in the wood and iron golf club. Sometimes the golfer has to cover a mid-range distance from the sand or wet green field in the golf course. For covering short distance shot wedges golf clubs are more important than any other hybrid golf club. Low and high bounce angles are mostly used in wedge golf clubs.

How many types of bounce in golf

The angle of bounce is range from 4 degrees to 18 degrees. People of golf divide the bounce into three categories;

  • Low angle bounce
  • Mid angle bounce
  • High angle bounce

All range of bounce wedges golf clubs is needed for the golfer.  Low to high level of golfer’s need one or more bounce wedge golf clubs in their golf set. Without having a bounce wedge golf club in their golf set, this will be difficult to play the short distance shot always.

Purposes and necessity of different angles of bounce wedges golf club have shown below with a table:

Category of bounce wedges


Low angle bounce wedge golf club

  • The range of a low angle bounce is four to six degrees.
  • High handicapped players are not get benefited from this degree of a golf club.
  • Mostly used in the summer and rainy season.
  • Master Player can play their shots accurately with the low angle golf club.
  • Golfers can hit the ball with the lowest connection of sand or mud.
  • For taking a clean shot, the golfer can use this low angle balance wedge golf club.
  • New players are not able to hit their shot accurately with the low angle bounce golf club.
  • There is always a risk of a bad shot unless the golf player is a high performer.
  • However, the player can control their shots more with this low angle golf club.

Mid angle bounce wedge golf club

  • The range of a mid-range bounce of a golf club varies from six to ten degrees.
  • All the level golf players can play with this bounce wedge golf club.
  • Golfers can play different kinds of shots with this golf club.
  • Professional players can play their shots calmly with this mid-range bounce golf club.
  • Players can control their shots by changing the power of the stroke.
  • High handicaps and beginner player can play their shot with this mid-range wedge golf club.
  • For playing a short distance short from the sand or mud, this mid angle bounce golf club works well.

High angle bounce wedge golf club

  • In a high angle bounce wedge golf club, the bounce rate exceeds ten degrees.
  • Hit the ball with more spin players need a high angle bounce wedge golf club.
  • By opening the wedge of the golf club, players can hit a ball in a short distance.
  • This high bounce golf club is capable of making more spin of the ball.
  • High angle bounces golf club also offers more control to the player while they are playing their shots.
  • A high bounce golf club can hit the golf ball which is stuck more deeply in the sand or mud.
  • Sand wedges golf clubs are mostly using with the high angle bounce.

All the angles of bounce in the golf clubs are not necessary for the golf players. Especially in the cold season, golfers use a bounce angle golf club hardly. In the warm or rainy season bounce wedges, golf clubs are used. That time the golfer faces some unavoidable situation in the meantime of play. Sometimes, the ball is stuck in the deep green field in a golf course. The golfer needs to play their best shots in every position of the golf ball. 

What bounce angle is fit for the amateur golfer?

Usually, mid angle bounce golf club is more fitted with the beginner player of golf. New players face difficulty playing with the low and high angle bounce golf club. The mid-range bounce golf clubs can give many options to them. They can play their shots more easily with these golf clubs. In a low angle bounce golf club they are not able to hit their shots with the leading edge. However, in the mid angle golf club, this is much possible for the new player to hit the ball perfectly. They can also play their shots with this mid-range golf club with more strokes.

What bounce angle is fit for the professional golfer?

A professional player can get a better outcome from a low angle bounce wedge golf club. Sometimes professional golfer brings two types of bounce golf clubs in their golf set. They can play their shots with more accuracy with a low angle bounce wedge golf club. This golf club can five more lofts of the ball. More lofts from the stroke also help the players to send the golf ball toward the hole. Besides, high angle bounces golf clubs help the professional player to take more control and spin of the ball.  A good performer can get the best result from all the types of bounce angles of a golf club.

How to select a proper bounce angle for playing a perfect shot in sand or rough area

This is a vital part of the game to choose the best-fit golf club for play. Without choosing the best-fit golf club, players will not able to play their best game. Three kinds of variation are available for playing the shots with bounce angle wedge golf clubs.

Here we can see the factors for choosing the best bounce angle golf club for a golfer through a table:

Bounce angle level

Factors for selecting the bounce angle

Low angle bounce golf club

  • In a tight lie, situation golfer can make the best hit for them.
  • In this situation, the low degree of bounce angle helps the golfer to play their shots.
  • In the short green grass, situation golfer can use their low angle bounce golf club.
  • In this situation, the golfer can also expect a higher loft from the golf ball.

Mid angle bounce golf club

  • Golfers can use this in medium sand or rough situation of the golf course.
  • This bounce angle is suitable for playing a shot in that situation.
  • A player from all levels can play their shot in the hard sand situation of a golf course.
  • The player should play their shots in this situation for avoiding a bad shot on the golf course.

High angle bounce golf club

  • A high degree bounces golf club can use in a bad situation of the golf course.
  • A high bounce rate will help the golf ball towards the hole.
  • The player should use this in the heavy rough situation for maintaining the performance of a player.
  • This high bounce golf club is also able to give better control and spin of the ball in the golf course.

How to determine the bounce of a wedge

Nowadays this becomes an easy task for golfers. Manufacturer of golf clubs provides all the necessary information. The information about the type, weight, loft degree, bounce rate are provided while the players are buying a golf club. Usually, a normal sand wedge golf club has an eight to ten-degree bounce rate. Besides, buyers can see the specification of the golf clubs to know more about the product.

Final words

Bounce rate is an essential part of the golf game. The area of a golf course is huge. The whole surface is not appropriate to play with golf clubs without having a proper bounce rate. The bounce rate of the golf clubs helps the player to play their shots perfectly in a rough situation. Usually, sand wedge golf clubs are consist of bounce.

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