Bushnell Wingman Review

Bushnell wingman review will tell the user why they should use it and the features and benefits. Whatever the people are doing, farming, or playing golf, having a good quality wingman will be better. Not only for listening to music but also for other necessary things like GPS connector, hearing the weather broadcast, etc.

This device will help a golfer so much while playing on the course. First, it will help the golfer stay relaxed by podcasting soothing music and measuring the GPS. Also, it will tell the GPS measurement loud, so the golfer does not need to stop playing to check the GPS. Let’s know more details from below.

What is Wingman in golf?

A wingman is a Bluetooth speaker the golfer uses on the golf course. It allows the golfer to listen to music while playing the game. Sometimes, when no one is around, practising the game becomes tiresome. So, the golfer listens to music using a wingman, which is louder than the mobile speakers.

Besides, it helps track the yards. It acts as a GPS by telling the distance to the front and back of the speakers using the GPS tracker.

Who should use the Bushnell Wingman?

Generally, Bushnell wingman is a high-quality Bluetooth wingman. Anyone can use this Wingman. It does not necessarily require to be part of golf only. One can also use this while farming, fishing, cooking, etc.

Since it can act as a GPS server, most of its use is in the golf course because the golfer needs to keep track of the distance around the system to have their shots.

Does the Bushnell Wingman have the feature of saving score?

Well, the Bushnell wingman, which is a Bluetooth speaker, does not save scores. It just speaks. However, the brand provides an app to store the data and record every movement in golf, which will help the golfer improve their game.

Frankly, it is the same as the regular Wingman in the market—nothing special in the manufacturing and feature. But, the price of the Wingman makes it unique according to the feature it provides.

Can the Bushnell Wingman stand the rain?

Unfortunately, the Bushnell wingman cannot stand the rain because the device is not waterproof. Like almost every electric device in the market, a little drop of water will damage the device. While playing golf with this device, you have to remember that it is not waterproof. If one is in the course with it and somehow starts raining, the device will be damaged afterwards.

What are the things to consider while buying a wingman for golf?

Wingman is not a complicated device. The role of a wingman in golf is clear. It will play music and act as a GPS to track the distance. For those tasks, the mechanism of the device is also simple. To buy the best one, one does not have to look into deep and complex features. So, the things they need to check is,


The sound quality of the Wingman is the priority of the device. The primary purpose of the Wingman is proper. If it fails to produce a comfortable sound and is not high, it is not a good product to buy. Some of the devices on the market produce such a sound that people get a headache after sometime. So, one must check the sound quality before buying the appliance.


Another purpose of the Wingman is tracking the GPS around the course. Unfortunately, not all the devices out there can track the GPS accurately. Some of the devices even perform the worst as a GPS. So, one must check the device's level of accuracy before buying.

Bushnell Wingman Review

At an affordable price, Bushnell wingman is one of the best wingmen one can buy from the market. Of course, one may get deceived by the high-quality brand and their eye-catchy ads. But putting an extra amount of money in the Wingman is nothing but a waste. Instead of wasting money on it, they should buy something good at an affordable price, and this one can beat any wingman in that case.

As for the performance of the Wingman, it is good in every way. If one is concerned about the sound quality of the product, then they must not because it is loud that it can cover a quiet distance. One can hear the music from a distance, loud and clear. Also, the quality of the sound is pretty much perfect. Also, the Bluetooth of the device is quite strong. It can cover at least 10 feet distance which is excellent.

Moreover, the GPS of the Wingman is good but not perfect. Sometimes the device is not accurately measuring the distance on every side and in the space. Moreover, it became problematic in the bad weather condition.

However, the mounting capability of the device is quite surprising. The magnet of the device will attach to any metallic surface properly. One can even mountain it in the golf club inside the golf bag. Overall, it's an excellent device to get for the next golf experience.

Figure: Overall performance of Bushnell Wingman


The device is simple and valuable for any environment. One can use the speaker while playing, cooking, or doing other sorts of work. However, the focus of the manufacturer while producing the product is golf. The golfer wanting simple green in average distance will love this device.

Hopefully, from the Bushnell Wingman Review, people get an idea about the functionalities and features of the device. This Bluetooth speaker will provide everything a golfer will need from a wingman at an affordable price.

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