Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

Callaway's epic flash driver review will tell how artificial intelligence is going to take over golf too. In this modern era, AI is the revolution that humans will have. In every aspect of life, this thing will affect golf because golf is nothing different from a part of science.

Specifically, Callaway has spent around $5m on the supercomputer to design the face of this Epic Flash Driver, which is a considerable investment and colossal revolution the human had to have in the record. This is the face of the future of golf. The face design by AI is so different from human design. Let’s know more.

Why is Callaway Epic Flash Driver special?

Callaway Epic Flash Driver is different from every club out there in the market. The main reason it is so special and unique is the use of AI.

The brand Callaway spend a fortune on Super Computer to design the face of the club for better performance. Also, the shape and design of the Epic flash face are so different from the manufactured driver face.

What is the difference between X- face and Epic Flash driver clubface?

X-face Club

Epic Flash Face

-The x-face of the driver is made and designed by a human.

-Swing speed is less than the epic flash.

-Ball speed is lower than the epic flash.

-Compared to the epic flash driver, it covers less distance.

- It is made with titanium

- Callaway brand used a supercomputer and AI to design the epic flash face of their driver.

- Swing speed is higher.

-Ball speed is higher.

-It covers more distance.

- Manufacturer used 595C super-aged forged titanium in the construction.

Is the Callaway Epic Flash Driver the right choice for beginners?

The Callaway Epic Flash driver is an expensive option. The expert always recommends that beginners go for an inexpensive option first. However, this driver will put not much but a negligible impact on improving.

Because the driver has so much modern and valuable technology in it, mainly the feature of adjusting the weight will be helpful for the golfer. Moreover, it will help in the corner shoot too. But the expert highly recommends the beginner should go for a less forgiving club at first to improve the techniques.

Is Callaway Epic Flash Driver worth it?

No doubt that Callaway Epic Flash Driver is one of the best drivers in the market. If the budget is not an issue, this one is the best fit for beginners to experts. The technology used in this club will provide better performance for the expert and help the beginner improve their skill in some phases.

In case people have a tight budget, then they should go for other drivers who have almost the same features. Those will provide better performance at an affordable price.

What are the things to consider while buying Callaway Epic Flash Driver?

One can say that the golf industry and its playing equipment are recently getting the touch of technology. The proof of that statement is the epic flash driver of Callaway. The brand Callaway used AI to manufacture their driver.

Modern technology makes the drive more efficient, reliable, and the best performer. Now, the golfer can enjoy theirs came at peak level with this driver. First, however, buying this driver, one must look at its features.


Callaway gives more than one option in the material of the driver. The golfer can choose according to their preference. Primarily, the materials impact the weight, and the importance of the driver will vary so much on the golfer.

Specifically, one will get steel, graphite, and titanium material in the shaft. For lightweight, graphite will be a good choice. However, considering a heavyweight driver, then the steel is good to go.

As for the clubhead, the manufacturer is using 595C super-aged forged titanium. That is the most unique and most robust material.


The overall weight of the club is a significant part of the golfer's performance. Some of the golfers do well with the lightweight club. However, the professional golfer always prefers heavyweight because the heavyweight club head tends to make the ball fly at a long distance.

As for the epic flash driver, the weight will depend on the choice of the material. The golfer can customize the weight according to their need.


Forgiveness of the club means the club will fly the ball in the right direction to a long-distance, even in a corner shot. Amazingly, this driver of Callaway manufactured using high technology is highly forgiving.

The golfer will know the forgiving capability as soon as they hold the club for a shoot.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

Callaway is always to stay some steps ahead with their product. The Epic Flash Driver is nothing different. The use of modern technology in the manufacturing process of this club is proving of it. Firstly, the look of the club is impressive. They always put the best headcover to grip aesthetics for an epic look. This driver also has the same feature that means no one can beat the driver in the face.

The eye of the golfer will always travel up to down to the club because of the green, gold, and black combination of color. The perfect combination of color and bold design is the best part of the look. As for the face, the sound and feel of the club are also excellent. The smooth sound will not alter the earplugs but give a relaxing feeling while the clubhead the ball.

One already knows that Callaway used AI in the manufacturing process of the driver. Besides this, they have used jailbreak technology to improve the overall performance. The internal system of the two small bars is stabilized and stiffens the center of the clubface utilizing this technology. As a result, it gives more power to directly strike the ball in its sweet spots.

One of the more astonishing technology in that driver is in the clubface of it. They have created the face with artificial intelligence and machine learning to get the best design for the best performance. It is way too better than the clubface designed by the human. The driver is way too fast and more effective to achieve higher flight and longer distance, resulting from the epic revolution.

Moreover, the driver is equipped with a mechanism it allows one can have total control over the adjustable weighting system of the club. It will give just the flight they want from it, which is impressive. The club is designed for ultimate speed, but in the process, they have forgotten about the forgiving of the club.

The ball may not get the flight as other forgiving clubs with a corner shot. But the design of the clubhead makes it impossible to have a corner shot with it. So though it is a perfect driver in all aspects, the beginner may not benefit from this driver because of the speed. But for the advanced golfer, it will become their magic wand.

However, the driver's price is pretty high that not every golfer can afford it. The price is reasonable with all the features and technology the manufacturer used in this driver. One cannot just tag their product, mainly a brand like Callaway. So, one can be sure that the driver's price is worth it.

Figure: Illustrated features of Callaway’s epic flash driver


From the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review, one already knows all the details about this driver. Overall, this driver is worth buying for golfers with advanced skills. The driver is completely worth the money and time of the skilled golfer. They will feel another level of experience with this AI-designed driver of the Callaway brand.

Moreover, the club is manufactured for ultimate speed and distance. The main focus was to increase the overall rate of the club, which is cons to forgiving. However, the perfect design of the club makes it get over every cons. One should defiantly try this club.

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