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Callaway EZ vs Callaway Tour S vs Callaway Hybrid rangefinder reviews – how to choose

Callaway ez laser rangefinder

Before buying a golf rangefinder everyone worried about how to use it. with these words in mind, Callaway decided to make the easiest to use a range finder. From new users to expert users, everyone to useable it. Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder top popular rangefinder in 2023.

This rangefinder main features ex mode once pressed start scanning to flagstick and show the accurate distance. another nice feature despite the minimal jerkiness shows the accurate distance. now i can explain you top Callaway golf rangefinder in the market.

Key features of Callaway ex laser rangefinder

  1. 1
    EZ mode: accurate flagstick distance just one click.
  2. 2
    P.A.T-pin can be locked at a distance of 275 yards
  3. 3
    5X magnification: 5-800 yards with +/-1 yard.
  4. 4
    LCD display: distance shown in the LCD display.
  5. 5
    multiple targets: scan landscape to multiple targets.. 
  6. 6
    Magna-hold: features attach to your golf cart frame.  
  7. 7
    CR2 3v battery

I said before, it was made very easy to use. just press the button you see the ass well as the correct distance on display. the most timely features this rangefinder while walking or minimal shaking it will show the correct flag distance. the 5x magnification provides accurate range 800 yards.

the pin can be locked up to 275 yards away. it's superior accuracy, you will get the most reliable flagstick distance. in course sometimes  rangefinder shows the multiple targets now how to ensure flagstick?. this rangefinder easy to detect your target but this rangefinder shows multiple targets. the accurate flagstick distance gets to show the display.

the unique Magna-Hold gives you an extra facility to attach this rangefinder to golf cars frame. in rainy days it is difficult to carry to your pocket or golf bags.

Callaway ex golf rangefinder water and fog resistance.

includes CR2 3V battery, hand support strap, molded hard carry case.

Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder (Slope Version)

Callaway tour s golf laser rangefinder in the most advanced and supreme rangefinder in Callaway. its 7x magnification and slope technology provides for great useable activities.

Callaway tour s key features

  1. 1
    7x magnification: range 5-1200 yards
  2. 2
    P.A.T-( Pin Aquisition Technology) of up to 400 yards
  3. 3
    Prism Mode and slope mode
  4. 4
    OLED(organic light-emitting diode) red display
  5. 5
    tournament (slope switch off)
  6. 6
    Water and Fog resistant / Measures in yards or meters

Callaway Tour S includes slope mode that is not legal in the tournament. but you can use this rangefinder during competition stop the slop switch. this Callaway tour s range finder every single target get accurate distance.

The p.a.t(pin Acquisition technology) makes to easy quick-lock into flag. you can use this two-mode to find the accurate distance, slope mode and Prism mode to accurate multiple distance measurement. the 7x magnification with 5-1200 yards makes to easy in the flagstick measurement system.

if you compare Callaway Tour S vs Callaway tour s, the Callaway tour s ahead by ez. because by its some includes in modern new features.

the interesting features is an OLED display. you know OLED( organic light-emitting diode) makes the great in display for easy to read, measurement angle of incline and slope distance.

Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder

 Callaway hybrid rangefinder provides laser + GPS combined a super golf GPS. At firstly Callaway brings a hybrid rangefinder. 6x magnification with range 5-950 yards accurate distance measurement. the pin Acquisition technology provides 300 yards pin lock on to help you to exact flagstick distance.

key features of Callaway hybrid laser rangefinder

  1. 1
    6x magnification: range 5-950 yards
  2. 2
    P.A.T-( Pin Aquisition Technology) of up to 300 yards
  3. 3
    hybrid rangefinder-laser+gps rangefinder
  4. 4
    GPS preloaded courses: 38000 whole over the world.

Callaway hybrid rangefinder is pre-loaded with more than 38000 golf courses free not need any subscription or any annual fees. it gives a proper golf courses information whole over the world.

Every accurate distance read your LCD display front and back to the green. its provides accurate distance any for your rangefinder given a good molded case and 3v strong battery.

What is the best Callaway hybrid vs Callaway tours s or Callaway ez?

I think every rangefinder are great user-friendly. It depends on your budget, if you consider these features of rangefinder, callways tour s is perfect for you. Because of this slope technology, 7x magnification range capacity 5-1200 yards with 400 yards flagstick accurate range. P. A. T. technology allows you lock into the flag and easily helps to proper your shot.

If you love to new features and looking stylish EZ Laser Rangefinder is for you. price is the factor of buying a rangefinder. if you consider Callaway vs Bushnell rangefinder, i would say to you both are equal. but nowadays Bushnell is king of rangefinder selling.

you can now obviously compare to Callaway tour s and Bushnell v3. Bushnell v3 is 5x magnification and 5-1000 yards range capable. interesting features of Bushnell tour v3 is pin Secker with jolt technology. only Bushnell rangefinder provides Pin Seeker with technology. nowadays these features are most popular and easy to use.

A common question how to change Callaway rangefinder to yards to meter?

Firstly you need to rangefinder switch off. then hold the power bottom and just wait 5 s and see the option "y" and "m" select you what you want.

Callaway rangefinder is a leading position in the market. not only rangefinder whole of golf equipment products are doing business with reputation.

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