Callaway Hex Soft VS Supersoft

Callaway Hex Soft VS Supersoft With Comparison Chart

Callaway golf balls are considered the best golf balls for their best quality orbs. They used Paraloid material to make the balls softer. Having a more resilient cover for these balls is the best choice. They even use incredible cover, core, and flight materials that make it even better.

Callaway Hex Soft VS Supersoft

Golfers who once played with this ball will never use something else. One may find Callaway golf balls in the bag of popular golf players.

There are so many options one can find buying Callaway golf balls. All of them have good quality. In this article, we will try to discuss details of Callaway golf balls. Mainly, we will discuss Callaway hex soft VS Supersoft ball in detail.

Callaway Hex Soft VS Supersoft in terms of Features

In this section, we have separated the two best balls in quality and price. We will discuss in detail these two golf balls of the Callaway brand and will try to create an overview of the difference.

Construction: The construction of Callaway’s Hex Soft and Supersoft ball is pretty similar. Both of the golf balls are two-layered. Hex Soft golf balls feel softer but tactile but Supersoft golf balls only feel softer. Supersoft balls are the long ball on the market, unlike Hex Soft golf balls.

Launce: Callaway’s Supersoft golf balls promote high ball flight, unlike Hex Soft golf balls. The Supersoft golf balls are a better choice over Hex soft golf balls for slower swings. The Supersoft golf balls produce moderate swing speed, if one wants to go for it.

Spin For Long Game

Both golf balls have a super low spin speed that gives better performance. Using Callaway’s hex softball golfer can control the spin on the air. However, Callaway’s Supersoft also offers a low spin rate. The golfer who is prone to hook this one is the best option. Hex golf balls have low compression but Supersoft has ultra low compression that makes Supersoft golf balls the best choice for a lower spin but covering long distance

Spin For Short Game

Both Callaway hex soft and Supersoft are good in a short greenside game. The golfer will not feel much difference.

Feel and Look

Both balls have a soft feel but Supersoft golf balls have a softer feel. Normally, golf balls are white. When so many people are playing on the same field having the same color ball it will create a mess. The Supersoft Golf balls solved this problem. They have so many color options. They come in different mate colors. The golfer can choose any color. But Hex softballs only have one White color.

Distance: When someone buys golf balls their main concern is probably the distance. Both the balls cover enough distance. Both Callaway’s Hex soft and Supersoft golf have low spin which covers a long distance. However, having ultra-low compression Callaway’s Supersoft golf balls are a good choice over Callaway’s Supersoft Golf balls.

Cost: Both Callaway’s Hex Soft and Supersoft ball are inexpensive compared to other golf balls of Callaway’s brand having so many features. The Callaway’s Hex soft golf ball will cost a golfer around 21$ to 25$. On the other hand, the Supersoft golf ball of the Callaway brand will cost a golfer 40$ to 42$. The price may be a bit high or low according to stores. However, for beginners, Callaway Supersoft is a good choice.

Some of the best Callaway golf balls

Mainly, 12 Callaway golf balls are popular. They have all the requirements of golfers. Callaway is the brand that never disappointed golfer’s requirements. Those are:

1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

2. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

3. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

4. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

5. Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls

6. Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

7. Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour

8. Callaway Diablo Lady Golf Balls

9. Callaway HEX Diablo Golf Balls

10. Callaway 2017 Superhot 70 Golf Balls

11. Callaway Reload Recycled Golf Balls

12. Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Balls

Let’s have a detailed look at Callaway’s best golf balls before going any further.

1. Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

Hex soft is the common name in Callaway’s golf balls. It is best if someone is looking for low-compression golf balls to increase distance. The low compression maximizes the distance by minimizing the spin. Moreover, the softer feeling of the ball is hard to find.

Key Feature:

  • Two-layer construction
  • Low compression
  • Low spin
  • Soft feel

It is like this model golf ball has all the solutions to golfing ball problems. This ball will ensure a more precious shot just like other Callaway golf balls. To gain maximum accuracy this hex ball uses a different feature.

The core feels softer but tactile. This ensures more workability for the golfers. Another good thing is the Ionomer Cover. This feature generates a great amount of spin for the greenside shots. This model has such dimple patterns that increase the workability and resist the wind smoothly.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The name of this golf ball says it all. Callaway’s Supersoft ball has been a popular golf ball for many years. One doesn’t need to be very good at golf to know that the same color ball in golf can make a mess. It’s a relief that Callaway’s Supersoft balls come with many matte colors. Among them, golfers like the green one most. Having the optimized low-drag HEX Aerodynamics feature minimizes drag and maximizes lift to generate a longer distance.

Key Feature:

  •  Two-layer construction
  •  Ultra-low compression
  • ·HEX Aerodynamics
  •  Soft feel

Usually, softness in golf balls has the disadvantage of not covering enough distance. But, somehow Callaway figured it out and discovered a way to build a super softball having 2 layer construction covering an excellent amount of distance. These Supersoft feelings come from a special ultra-low compression core. Because the compression is super low the core can achieve high initial ball speeds that allow it to fly longer compared to other softballs.

There is no disadvantage to this. All those incredible features come at a low price compared to other golf balls.

3. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Having a redesign Callaway’s Warbird Golf Ball is an older model of the Callaway brand. However, the new design still has the older features that the golfers love. This ball is one of the popular golf balls at a low price. The specific feature of this ball is boosting distance, having two-layered construction. Besides, this ball creates explosive ball speed because of the high energy, large, and soft core.

Key Features:

  • 2-layered Construction
  • Trionomer Cover
  • Powerful compressible Core

These model golf balls are super economical. The high-powered core feature traps and creates as much energy as possible to hit the best distance.

Thanks to the Trionomer cover the greenside shot covers enough distance. The only disadvantage of Callaway Warbird Golf Ball is it is a little hard. Otherwise, this ball is also a good choice.

4. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

This is the new king of the Callaway brand. Having so many good features this golf ball is more affordable than some other golf balls of the Callaway brand. In a greenside shot, this Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls flies straight and covers enough distance. Having the brand new groundbreaking Graphene dual soft fast core it gets the tour-grade distance and best performance even if the shot is missed.

Key Features:

  • Four layered Construction
  • Ultra soft
  • Low spin
  • Fastball speed
  • Accurate greenside shot
  • Easier to hit

One can say Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is the better version of series one Callaway’s golf balls. This series took the best feature from series one and added more new features that make Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls the best option. The First 2 layers of the four-layer construction give the ball super soft feelings but still have incredible distance. Other 2 layers are the cover and the inside layer. The cover is made of Urethane that enhances the soft feel with a graphite material that creates lots of greenside spins. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls come in many matte colors. The only disadvantage of this ball is its high price. The golfer who isn’t concerned about the price but quality can go for this.

Callaway golf ball

Callaway golf ball

5. Callaway’s ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

This model is well known for its super long distance and tour-level softness. Normally, these two features do not go together but this model makes the change. The quality of this ball is also high, it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Key Features:

  • Four layered construction
  • Hybrid cover
  • Triple track technology
  • Soft feelings with long-distance

Having dual-core and dual cover the four-layered construction did the magic. Its construction is similar to the chrome soft series but a feature of storing and releasing energy for more distance makes it more preferable. The soft feelings come from the core material graphene and the interior layer produces spin on short shots.

For the cover Callaway’s ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls used a multi-materials cover that creates softness.

6. Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

The newest top performing golf ball of Callaway’s brand is Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls.

Now we will discuss the difference between Callaway Hex Soft and Supersoft in terms of some key features. This model is the Jewel of Callaway’s brand. Golfer having slow speed swing can choose this ball. Having a fair price this series ensures a soft feel, distance boosting feature. It gives longer iron and tee shots also have a great feel on the greenside shot.

Key Features: 

  • Three-layered construction
  •  Surlyn Cover
  • Spin Separation

Having three-piece construction, this Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls is created for amateur golfers. The large single-core ensures excellent distance and speed. Normally, 2

layered constructed golf balls have a large core but Callaway’s made it possible with three-layered.

The interesting part of the Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls is spin separation. This feature makes it possible to notice a too little spin along with a high spin. This ball is a perfect choice for those who have a problem with a slice.

This ball is super straight, super soft, and durable. However, this ball is expensive.

7. Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls

Having precision control and green-grabbing performance Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls can take the game to the next level. Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls have the perfect mixture of feel, accuracy, and distance. Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls are super straight and super long.

Key Features: 

  • Three-layered construction
  • Powerful core
  • Hex Aerodynamics
  •  High Energy
  • Soft urethane cover
  • Trionomer cover

One of the important parts of golf balls is distance capabilities. Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls have a large core that is mainly designed for distance and control. The tree shot will fly far with less spin that will cover a long distance.

The special Trionomer cover will make the shot perfect in greenside with soft feelings.

8. Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour

Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour is an old model but still a favorite among the golfers. All the senior golf players love this Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour golf ball of the Callaway brand. The most exciting factors of this golf ball are the flight, feel and distance. One can spin the ball easily.

Key Features

  • Three-layered Construction
  • Power core
  • Hex Aerodynamics
  • Soft ionomer cover

The Callaway brand has redesigned the Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour model and made it Hex diablo having better performance.


One can’t find a bad golf ball on the market nowadays. All the golf balls have good quality. However, the Callaway brand is the king of golf balls. They have every possible feature of golf balls that a golfer may want.

In this article, we have discussed some popular golf balls of the Callaway brand in detail. Also, demonstrate Callaway’s Hex Soft VS Supersoft topic for the beginners who want to start golfing.

Both the balls have the best quality at a low price. Both the balls have preferable features. They have a low spin rate, covering enough distance. Both have soft feelings. However, the ultra-low compression of Callaway’s Supersoft played a major part and was a good choice over Callaway’s Hex soft golf balls.

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