how to clean golf cart seats

How to clean a golf cart (seats, batteries and windshield)

Whether you own a gas golf cart or an electric golf cart, it is necessary to wash it when it gets dirty.

But, most of the time, people fear cleaning their golf cart because of the sensitive parts inside a golf cart that may damage. If you use any methods which are not appropriate, the risk factor is obviously higher.

That is why it is necessary, you learn the exact and appropriate ways that you should use while cleaning your golf cart.

In this article, we will be showing you the exact and appropriate ways that you should take for cleaning your beloved golf cart.

Golf cart Cleaning process

There are three steps that you need to think about while cleaning your golf cart.

The first part is the exterior section, the second part is the interior section, and, in the third part, you will clean your batteries.

Now before you get started with your cleaning process, you need to remove all the extra golf cart accessories that can be damaged by the water including floor mats, GPS, golf scorecards, etc.

Removing all the parts is important otherwise water may damage the important sensitive parts of your cart, or it can be the reason for some dysfunction inside the technical parts.

A clean golf cart gives you satisfaction while riding, and a dirty golf cart can make you sick. That is why it is essential you clean your golf cart regularly.

I mean, who would like to create a bad impression?

Nobody, right?

This is true for you too.

If you own a golf cart, you need to care about the balance of the cart's health.

Now without making any further delays, let’s move on to the exterior section.

Exterior section

  1. The exterior section of your golf cart will cover cleaning the outer part of the cart.
  2. For cleaning the outer part of the cart you need to have a hosepipe, a bucket full with soapy water.
  3. At first, make some random spray with the hose pipe over the cart where there will have dirt.
  4. Now it’s time to give the exterior a soppy bath.
  5. Use a gentle cloth to rub the exterior part of the cart.
  6. Remember, don’t be too hard while you are cleaning your cart.
  7. Becoming too hard while rubbing your golf cart may produce scratch that you never would like to face.
  8. After cleaning all the dirt, now it’s time to pour clean water all over the cart.
  9. After a proper clean up, you need to dry the whole cart.
  10. Remember you should not dry the cart in the sunshine. It may damage the brightness of your cart.
  11. You may use a soft microfiber towel for cleaning drying the cart.
  12. We recommend you to use window cleaner for cleaning your carts window.

Interior section

  1. This is the most important and sensitive task that you need to complete carefully.
  2. As we have mentioned earlier, you need to remove all the sensitive parts of the cart that can be damaged by the water.
  3. We recommend you use a hand vacuum for cleaning the floors, seat, and glove compartments.
  4. While you are cleaning all these things, make sure you are not messing up with dirt.
  5. You may use soapy water if the floorboard is too much dirty.
  6. If your golf cart has removable seats, look the manufacturer's instruction for cleaning it up. If your cart has vinyl seats, you may use damp clothes and soapy water to clean them.
  7. You may use soapy water for cleaning any plastic parts inside the interior including steering wheel and dashboard.
  8. Cleaning the windshield can be tiresome because there is a high chance of damaging the part if not done with proper care.
  9. Windshields are very much prone to create scratches. That is why you should not use any glass cleaner for cleaning your windshield.
  10. Use mild soapy water and microfiber cloths for cleaning the windshield.

How to clean golf golf cart batteries?

  1. Do you know that cleaning the batteries at regular intervals can increase productivity and battery health?
  2. Batteries of your cart are related to the power section, that is why you need to be careful when you are cleaning your batteries.
  3. Using a bristle brush would be a better choice when you are cleaning batteries.
  4. Use mild soapy water for cleaning the outer part of the battery.
  5. Use the soapy solution and keep it for about 10 minutes.
  6. Then rinse the dirty place for a perfect clean up.
  7. Avoid all the electric components, it may lead to electric shock.
  8. Use protective goggles and gloves for reducing further risk.


  1. Remove all the parts carefully that can be damaged by water.
  2. Use mild soap water for doing the cleaning process.
  3. Don’t rub too may lead to scratches.
  4. Don’t use suns shine for drying the cart.
  5. Use micro-fiber cloths.
  6. You may use a spray wax for increasing the brightness of your cart.
  7. Be very careful while cleaning your cart batteries.
  8. For cleaning your carts windshield, never use Windex paper.
  9. Do not use harsh detergent or chemicals if you would like to avoid damages.

Final words

The golf cart has become one of the important parts of our daily life. The golf cart is being used in different activities. That is why everyone needs to keep their golf cart clean and beautiful.

Although cleaning a golf cart is not a task that one should fear about but without taking precaution steps some serious damage may happen.

Maintaining discipline in every work brings out greater output.

We have discussed all the important things and procedures that you should take for cleaning up a golf cart.

From the very first step to the last step, you should maintain all the steps carefully.

And remember, while you are cleaning your golf cart you need to make sure that you arrange all the parts that will be needed for cleaning the golf carts.

Not having all the parts may delay your cleaning process.

Helping you to find out the appropriate ways is our motto and if it helps you somehow, our intention will be accomplished.

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