How to Clean Golf Clubs

How to Clean Golf Clubs- Perfect Way To Clean Golf Clubs

You are here as you would like to know how to clean your golf clubs. Playing golf is always fun, indeed. Golf is an expensive form of sport and golf clubs are the most precious elements to the golfers. But most of the golfers are unaware about cleaning their golf clubs. After the rounds, they might go for some beers and place the clubs on the car to clean later. Within this time, the clubs get more attached with the dirt, mud and other untoward elements. So, they become sturdy with the soil and needs proper cleaning.

If you want to know the best way to clean golf clubs at home, this article is for you. The details are explained here for your convenience.

Clean your golf clubs

Cleaning a golf club is a simple process. Anyone can do it with investing less time and efforts. Many of the golfers are aware of it, but they express reluctance and plan for later. The steps of cleaning your golf club can be explained in simple three steps. The steps are easy to follow.

step 1

  • Get some warm water. The best way is to soak the golf club on the water. Keep the clubface there for 10 – 15 minutes. It will smoothen the dirt and other substances attached to the club. Now change the water and get some fresh water. Add some commercial detergent or liquid soap with the water.

step 2

  • Stir the soapy water to generate bubbles. When there are bubbles on the water, soak the club there. Now, use a brush to remove the external particles attached to the golf club. Rub the face of the club with the brush smoothly. Once you are done, soak the club on the water again. Make sure there are no specs of dust on the club. The cleaning is almost complete.

step 3

  • You are almost there. Now, use some fresh water to clean the soapy portion from the club. Wipe the club with a soft towel. Ensure there are no spay marks or other spots available on the club. When the club feels dry, the cleaning is complete.

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How to clean golf club shafts?

As a golfer, you must have ideas about the golf shaft. The shaft is the long tube on the golf club. It helps to connect the club with the golfer. Without the shaft, this is not possible to hit a golf ball. When you are on the golf ground, the shaft plays an important role. You cannot swing the club if there is no shaft. Besides, the shaft also experiences stress like the iron or club. So, it also needs cleaning. Do not worry. The cleaning process of a golf club shaft is simple too.

You have to detach the shaft from the club. Now, you have the shaft with you. Check the shaft properly. The best idea is to clean the entire shaft. It helps to remove the oily sections, chemicals, sweat, and other specs of dust.

Use some fresh and warm water. Make bubble using the liquid soap that you used earlier. Experts use rough towels to wipe the shaft in the beginning. Soak the towel on the soapy water. Now the rub the shaft body. You will see the dirt is gone. And now, wash the shaft with some clean water and wipe with a dry piece of fabric. The cleaning is complete.

How to clean golf clubs after driving range?

Do you know when the golf club is affected most? Well, it happens right after a competition. The golf club visits the driving range, hits the ball, touches the ground. They come in touch of mud from the bunker and also experience other elements too. Maybe they are used to reach the 18th hole too. So, they need proper treatment. And you should know how to clean golf clubs after driving range. The process is flexible. You will need the following equipment.

  1. 1
    A brush
  2. 2
    Clean water
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Dry towel

The process

The cleaning process is more flexible. You can start it right from the golf ground. Use the brush to wipe out the mud, dust, grass, and other elements. There should be a glazy shade on the golf club. When you reach home, apply some water to the club. And then use the soap. Many of the pro golfers prefer to use liquid soap on the club for quick cleaning. You can also follow that.

Now, place the club under a tap for a couple of minutes. The water will wash away all the dust, mud, and remaining grass particles. Wipe the club with a fresh cloth or towel. The cleaning is complete!

How to clean up old golf clubs?

Often, senior golfers preserve their former golf clubs as memorabilia. But with time, the golf clubs turn rusty or get damaged in different ways. Being the priciest instruments in golfing, they need the right care. So, you need to be careful in this case.

Experts suggest to check some online videos to know how to clean vintage golf clubs. At times, the clubs also need significant repairs or refurbishing too. Rusting is a vital issue here. So, you can follow the process below to know how to clean antique golf clubs.


  • Use sandpaper to remove the rust from the golf club. Apply the paper on every side of the club so that there are no rusts. Do not forget to apply the paper on the edges of the clubs. And rub the center point, as well. Now check if there is a shiny look on the club.
  • Now, remove the clubhead from the shaft. Soak the clubhead to warm water that would be mixed with liquid soap. Keep the head for around 10 to 15 minutes. Use a brush to remove the rust and other particles from the clubhead. Brush harder to remove them. Now, wipe the club and apply a degreaser. You can also keep the club in warm soapy water to get some better effects.

You are well aware now about how to clean your golf clubs. Knowing how to clean golf club shafts will save your time, money. At the same time, if you know how to clean golf clubs after driving range, you will get an improved experience. The golf club will last longer too, with a better performance each time. But the most important thing is to make a routine. So, make the routine today.

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