Electric golf cart vs. Gas golf cart

Electric golf cart vs. Gasoline golf cart

Buying a new golf cart requires many considerations or judgments. While buying a new golf cart, the most common question that everyone asks is whether they should go with an electric cart or a Gasoline powered cart. The only probable way to decide better is to learn the pros and cons of both these two types. Scan through the whole article for getting a better overview of why you should choose what?

Electric golf cart

Electric golf cart

As the name suggests, an Electric golf cart uses electricity to run. But, that does not mean you need to connect the cart all the time with an electric power cable. Rather the cart will have rechargeable batteries (36 volts or 48 volts most of the time)  that will provide the fuel to run the cart.

Pros of an electric golf cart

An electric golf cart has both pros and cons in its repertoire. Let's start with some of the pros of every electric golf cart.

  • Eco-friendly: the greatest benefit of having an electric golf cart is that this type of carts is totally eco-friendly and they keep you safe from any kind of health hazards.
  • Rechargeable:  unlike a gas-powered cart, with an electric cart you just don’t need to stop here and there to refuel the cart. Charge it overnight and you are completely ready to go…
  • Low maintenance cost: another great benefit of having an electric cart is that the maintenance cost is very little. It is being estimated that you need to replace the batteries once every three or four years which is nearly even to the cost of fuel of every gas-powered cart.
  • Upgrade: in recent days every electric cart is becoming more upgradable. Unlike the old fashioned carts that used to have 36 volts of battery support, most of the modern carts come with a 48 volts battery support that enables them to run to a greater distance.
  • Additional features: many carts of modern days are filled with so many additional features like park assist, cameras, intelligent display, etc. that it can surpass a gasoline-powered cart to a great extent.

Cons of an electric cart

Although electric carts are filled with so many beneficial features, they are not free from some demerits as well. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of this type of cart so that you can decide better.

  • Suitable for a short distance movement.
  • You won't get battery charging options everywhere like a gas-powered cart. thus it is mandatory to keep it fully charged all the time.
  • Replacing the batteries can be costly, but you can remain calm because you don’t have to think about replacing them frequently.

Gasoline-powered golf cart

Gasoline-powered golf cart

This type of golf cart uses gas as their fuel to run. Many of the people believe that gas-powered carts are more flexible and trustworthy than an electric one. But, do you think that the argument is valid? Let's find out the answer by discussing some of the pros and cons of every gas-powered cart.

Pros of a Gas-powered cart

These are the major benefits that you will observe if you own a gas-powered cart.

  • Gas-station is everywhere: As every gas-powered cart runs with the help of Gasoline, you will be never out of options to refuel it.
  • Suitable for maximum distance: Many golf cart enthusiasts nowadays love to hang around with their golf cart. If you are like them and love to go here and there with your cart, then a gas-powered cart should be a great option for you.
  • Power-efficient: Another great benefit of this type of cart is that they are power-efficient for long time use.
  • Long term service: Here is another benefit that may lead you to think about buying a gasoline-powered cart. This type of cart tends to be durable and long-lasting because you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery once every three or four years like an electric cart.

Cons of a gas-powered cart

  • This type of cart can create serious health hazards to your body and nature at the same time.
  • The maintenance cost of this type of cart is high. As a result, if any faults are being seen, you need to spend a good amount to correct it.

Electric golf cart vs Gasoline-powered golf cart

Throughout this whole article, we have discussed everything possible that you need to know about both two types of the cart. Now, in this particular section, let's make a summary before moving to the section where we will be discussing the factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding for which type you will go for.

Electric golf cart

Gasoline-powered golf cart


Can create serious health issues.

Suitable for short-distance movement.

Suitable for long-distance movement

Lower maintenance cost

Higher maintenance cost


Not upgradable


More power efficient.


Now that you know everything about the electric and gas-powered cart, now is the time to make the appropriate decision whether you will go for an electric one or it would be a gas-powered. The thing that matters at the end of the day is that the decision is completely yours. Most of the people believe that gas-powered carts are more beneficial because they are more power-efficient and refuel able. But, if you give a look at the modern day’s electric cart, then you will find that they are filled with such features that they can easily surpass a gas-powered cart in every aspect. But, we will highly recommend you to give a look at the quality first and then to decide the cart that would be better for your needs.

Final words

Nowadays golf carts are a great medium of enthusiasm for many of the golfers. But, when it is about choosing better, the most common question that we all need to hear is whether we should go for an electric cart or is it should be a gas-powered. Both types have advantages and disadvantages of their own. That is why, finally, it is up to you whether you will prefer an electric or gasoline-powered cart.

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