how to fix a slice in golf

How to fix a slice in golf – easiest way explained

Golfers often in trouble with the slices during the shots. So, if you know how to fix a slice in golf, it would be an added advantage.

Taking the right shots would not be a problem at all. The remaining part will describe fix a slice in golf with a driver. The process is simple, and anyone can get some good results. Before you know how to fix a slice in golf in your golf swing, get some groundwork.

What is a golf slice?

Basically, a slice takes place due to the club face open to the path you aim at. A slice is a mishit. For this hit, the golf ball flight path is changed. The golf ball flies from left to right (for right-handed golfers), or from right to left (for left-handed golfers). Of course, the hit might come with an intention. But the majority of the golfers admit it as a mishit.

How to fix a slice in golf?

Fixing a golf slice is simple. The golfers (the slicers) need to focus on specific aspects. Many of the golfers are unaware of why the slices take place. They may blame their standing position.

Some believe that the uphill or the downhill locations cause the slice. The view varies. Interestingly, most of the golfers do not care about their grip and the golf club face. Controlling the grip and the golf club face can fix your slices in a week.

The fix

If you want to know how to fix a slice in golf with a driver, the rest of the words are for you.

Standing position

There is less to do with the standing position of the golfers. To correct the slices, you need not follow any specific posture. Stand following your regular posture. The posture that you use to make usual shots with your club. It will do the rest. Make sure your weight is lifted from left to right foot, or from right to left. It depends if you are left-handed or right-handed. Whatever it is, take your position.


- As it is noted earlier, the grip is the most crucial issue. If you have a weaker grip, you need to check it. Without a firm grip, you cannot expect the desired flight of your golf ball. Further, with a weak grip, the ball swing is not up to the mark. Thereby, ensure you have a secure grip following the standard method.

A ‘V’ position

Also, you need to check that your left-hand knuckles creating a V position towards your right shoulder. If the position is not like a V, you cannot expect that the shot would be straight. Try to see if the knuckles are completely visible when you grip the golf club. If not visible, rotate your grip to clockwise to bring it in a neutral position.


In this stage, you have to make an aim. Aim straight. Most of the golfers aim either left or right. They believe that the golf ball spin or swing will fix the path. If the golf ball path is not right, they blame their path. They do not believe that the path alteration took place for the wrong aim. So, you need to aim straight. It will help your brain to take the right shot without causing a slice.

Check points

Now, you need to imagine two checkpoints. The checkpoints would be on the flight path of your golf ball. Your ball should cross through the middle of the checkpoint. And you should hit the golf balls aiming towards the checkpoints. Your golf club face should be aiming strictly to the checkpoints to ensure the shot.

Shut the club face

The slices take place due to the openness of the golf club face. But you need to close the club face. To do that, check the club face direction. If it remains open or aims towards the sky, tilt the face a bit to the ground. It will shut the club face. To prevent slices in golf, you need to shut the club face which causes the slices. Closing the club face down will solve the problem.

Take the shot

This is the final stage. You have to take the shot. Following the previous instructions, you must hit the golf ball. Initially, you might not see any difference. But after a couple of shots, the change would be visible to you.

So, what we get so far? Firstly, we need to have a normal standing position. Next, after the position, we have to fix the grip. A stronger grip of both the hands is necessary here. Then, we are to check the V position of our knuckles. Aiming and imagining checkpoints appear on the next stage. Shutting the club face and taking the shot will result in curbing the slices.

How to fix a left handed slice in golf?

Left-handed people also make slices in golf. So, if you want to know how to fix a left handed slice in golf, you must do the same. In that case, your standing position would be the same. But you need to hold the golf club with your right and left hand. In fact, you have to follow the opposite way of holding the golf club of a left-handed golfer.

The other process will remain similar. And you are to follow the same strategy to shut the club face. Remember, it is often tough to shut the club face when you swing the club. So, if you are a left-handed golfer, you need to practice more. 

Preventing the slices in golf is not a big deal now. You are now aware of how to fix a slice in golf in your golf swing. Accordingly, if you are patient, hardworking and perseverant, you can fix the slices. Hence, you need to keep practicing. Unless you exercise for at least a week, you cannot expect to get perfection. It sounds easy but closing the club face is tough indeed. As a golfer, you need to train your subconscious mind to keep the club face down.
Fingers crossed! 

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