Garmin Approach G30

Garmin Approach G30 GPS in the market

It is essential to have the course on your palm if you want to win your game. The Garmin Approach G30 literally put the course on your palm. This compact and sleek handheld device comes with all the features of a winning handheld GPS.

You can see your entire course on the 2.3-inches color display. No matter where you go, you will have around 41,000-course information with you. If you ever feel confused about the target, get one of these devices. You will have the entire boost behind your every shot with the Touch and Targeting features.
Your game will always shine no matter it is shiny or gloomy. The sunlight-readable display shows you all the features in the course even in the bright sunny day. No hazards or doglegs can hide from this highly sensitive handheld GPS. 

What is so special about Garmin Approach G30?

When you have Garmin Approach G30, you can sense the victory. The Garmin golf GPS is compact and colorful. You can mount it anywhere. Moreover, the handheld GPS is preloaded with 41,000 courses around the world. 

This handheld Garmin GPS is sleek. It is so compact that you can slip it anywhere. Belt, golf cart, or golf bag. The device is fit everywhere. The best thing about this device is you can use it with only one hand.

The device comes with a 2.3-inches display. This color touchscreen shows both Course and Green view. Moreover, you can touch and toggle between them. If the day is super shiny, you can still read the data on the sunlight-readable display.

The full-color course map has touch-targeting feature. You can place the pin anywhere with the Green view mode.

If you pair your device with TruSwing, it will keep you far ahead from your competitors. Not only you can analyze your swing, but you can also improve those. The analyzer uses swing speed and club path angels to measure your performances.

It has scorecard mode to keep track of your games. It can store up to 4-players. So you can call it a family GPS! All the family members can share results and performances through Garmin Connect.

You will have access even in the middle of the course. Therefore, you can get alerts for all your emails, calls, and texts. No worries, if the game got longer. The battery can power up to 15 hours.

It easily slips into and out of your pocket or mounts nearly anywhere. It is preloaded with more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

What Are The Differences Between Garmin Approach G30 vs. G8?

These handheld Garmin GPS are different from each other in almost every aspect. They are different in size, feature, and price.
Garmin Approach G8 is smaller in dimension than the G30. However, the screen is bigger in G8 (3-inches) than Garmin Approach G30 GPS (2.3-inches).

The G30 is around $100 cheaper than G8. Nevertheless, G8 comes with Slope Adjustment Distance and Club Advice.

Additionally, G8 also has PinPointer Blindshot assistance. It is like a compass that gives you directional help when you cannot see the green. Garmin G30 does not have any of these.

Your Garmin Approach G8 has Wi-Fi connectivity to update course information. However, G8 does not have it.

The G8 Garmin GPS is lightweight that G30. However, this small, thin device comes with higher resolution than Garmin Approach G30.

Are you having difficulties to see the screen? You can switch to the big numbers mode. It is available in both the models. 

Some FAQ 

How can you reset your Garmin Approach G30? 

You can reset your G30 device in two ways. The first way is the soft reset. You can do it when your device is not working correctly. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Wait until the device turns off and then on. Now release the power button.
If your device is still not working correctly, go for the master reset. Turn on the device and wait until the texts appear on the screen bottom. Press and hold the upper left corner. Release the display after it says, “Do you really want to erase all user data?” Select Yes.
Your device should be all ready for your next game.

How can you update Garmin Approach G30?

Updating your Garmin G30 is similar like upgrading your smartphone. However, the only difference is you have to connect your Garmin G30 with a PC. Moreover, you have to have Garmin Connect in that PC.
Connect the device with your PC and open the Garmin Connect. This program will connect your handheld Garmin GPS with the database. After you insert your Garmin account credentials, the update will start automatically. 
The updates will ensure new course features. Moreover, you will never miss any new details about the courses. The updates apps will give you more precise measurements.

Can you use Garmin Golf with your Garmin Approach G30?

Garmin Golf is your gateway to ultimate golfing experience. It gives you a tournament feel with course view. Additionally, it provides you stroke gain analysis and stat tracking. You can synchronize multiple Garmin devices through this app.
If you have some golf-loving friends, the app will help you to create a group. You all can share your results, statistics, and so on. Garmin Golf will be your key to improve your skills. You can review and improve your performance with the app. This Free app is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

No matter how tough the game is, you will always have a winning Approach

When you have Garmin Approach G30 gps, you are closer to your best per. A golfer will always stay ahead with all the game-changing features. Detailed course view, precision metrics, compact design, all lead you towards winning shot.

Therefore, do not go for any other handheld devices. The Garmin Approach G30 is your secret medallion for ultimate golfing success in a very affordable price tag. Enjoy your golfing times with your friends and family. 

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