Gas versus Electric Golf Cart

One of the most debated facts in golf is gas versus electric golf cart. Every golfer that felt a need of buying a golf cart always falls into this. It becomes hard to decide for them. However, proper knowledge about the two carts will help. Because, both the car has pros and cons in their position.

Simply, the buyer has to decide which advantage of which cart is a must for them. Also, which cons will not affect their overall desire from the cart?In this way, it will be an easy call for them. Let’s know more about it from below.

What is Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a special type of cart that helps the golfer carry their belongings as well as them all around. A golf course is a huge area and one has to play on the whole. Going from one place to another to have a shot on feet is the dumbest thing. Because it will take energy as well as time. The golfers will feel sick if they do so. Here the cart is the thing that will save the golfer from that misery.

Moreover, a golf cart is so much more than just carrying things. Golfers can put their golf bags into the cart. Also, the cart has features to hold drinks, mobiles. Some of the carts even allow music and charging mobile.

Gas versus Electric Golf Cart

The most common golf cart in the market is gas golf cart and electric golf cart. All of the expert and renowned manufacturers, for example, Yamaha, EZGO manufactured the highest quality electric golf cart and gas golf cart. Both of the types are in the market sharing almost the same position.

Some of the people prefer electric golf carts while some prefer gas.  It always depends on the choice of the buyer. However, some amateurs get confused between the two types. The main reason is not knowing the proper mechanism of these two carts. Let’s know their mechanism and the difference. 

As for the gas golf carts, sometimes people prefer them because they want high range coverage, fast speed, and heavy load capability. They want something that can run at speed with a heavy load. Also which can go faster on uneven roads which is not possible for the electric golf carts. However, gas golf carts are not suitable for those who don’t like noise and odder. Also, gas golf carts are not good for the environment.

Regarding the electric golf cart, it is friendly to the environment. Also producing almost no noise and odder this electric golf cart is the best choice for people who want a low-range golf cart. Most electric golf carts cost less than others but it depends on the customer. As well as the maintenance cost of the electric golf cart is little. 

However, electric golf carts are not a good choice for those who often go for a long ride. Because it's hard to recharge the golf cart middle of the road if it gets out of power. This golf cart runs on a battery and is not able to carry a heavy load. As well as these golf carts are not suitable for the hilly area.

Below this article will discuss demonstrating the facts of the carts.


Normally, both gas golf carts and electric golf carts share an almost similar price range. The only difference made was when customers customized the golf cart with the latest expensive technology. For example, using a lithium-ion battery can increase the price. The price difference can be over 500$. As we said if the customer customized the golf cart the price can go high or low. The price will vary according to the customer's wish. Overall both golf carts can cost over 2000$.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost is the cost of changing parts or repairing the cart, etc. during the lifetime of the cart, parts that need to replace are tier, driver belts, spark plugs, filters, and sometimes batteries is the maintenance.

For the gas cart, one needs to refill the cylinder from time to time this will cost much than the electric cart. In the case of changing motors, the gas cart costs more than the electric cart as the electric cart has fewer moving parts in its engine. On the contrary electric golf carts, batteries don’t require changing after 3 or 4 years that cost less and increase the lifetime of the cart, unlike gas golf carts. 

Strength and durability

These two features depend on the model and brand. Normally, people consider a gas golf cart as the powerful one as it can carry a heavy load at the same time can run at speed. But if one chooses an electric golf cart having more than a 36V battery then the statement will not be appropriate. The electric golf cart having a more powerful battery is strong compared to the gas golf cart as well as durable.

In case of the durability of the body part one can customize it, they even can use a less expensive frame that will not be very durable and one can use an expensive frame that will be durable. The durability of the body parts doesn’t get much affected by the type of the cart.

Impacts on Environment

The gas golf cart is extremely harmful to the environment. They produce carbon monoxide that pollutes the air. These golf carts burnt oil also pollute the environment. The electric golf cart is safe in this regard.

Gas Golf Cart

Electric Golf Cart

It has a faster speed.

It can carry a heavy load.

The maintenance cost is much more.

Suitable for the extremely uneven and hilly area.

Can cover a long distance.


Not environmentally friendly.

Speed is faster but not more than the gas golf cart.

It can carry a limited load.

Maintenance cost is lower.

Not suitable for the hilly area.

It cannot cover a long distance.

It’s not noisy.

Environmental friendly.


Deciding between gas versus Electric Golf Cart will not be a problem after having the required knowledge. Hopefully, after reading the whole article, one has already gotten the basic and important idea of the cart. Both the gas and electric golf cart has their advantages and disadvantage.

The gas golf cart is perfect for speed and heavy load. On the contrary, the electric golf cart is best for low profile noise, style, and many more. Now, one has to decide which features they want as their golf cart.

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