8 Essential Rules Beginner Golfers Should Know

Golf is a great game for anyone to pick up – it’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and an excellent way to get some exercise in the great outdoors. It’s also a fairly easy game to learn. However, it’s not quite as simple is picking up a set of clubs and hitting the fairway

8 Golf Basics Rules Beginner Golfers

1. Check the Number of Clubs and Ball

You can only carry a maximum of fourteen clubs and a minimum of one. Not more than fourteen clubs are allowed, and if you violate this rule, it can result in a penalty. There’s also a limit on the number of balls you can use for a hole – you can only use one. You cannot change balls in the middle of a hole. However, you can use a different ball after you have finished one hole and are moving to the next. There are also exceptions. For example, if a ball is lost, you can of course use a new one.

2. Ninety Degrree Rule

This rule is a trade-off between the need for the golfer to reach the ball quickly and preserving the fairway. It allows a golf cart to be driven on the fairway to reach the ball, but only at ninety degrees. In other words, you must drive the cart on the sand path as long as possible to get to a point where you can turn ninety degrees and drive straight to the ball. In other words, you’re not allowed to drive the cart on the grass diagonally towards the ball. Therefore, this rule allows you to drive a golf cart on the turf and at the same time cause the least amount of damage to the fairways.

3. Follow the Tee Markers Correctly

Another important rule in golf is to always tee the ball behind the tee markers. In other words, the ball must be well behind the imaginary line joining the two tee markers. If it crosses the tee line for any reason, your ball will not be counted. However, if the ball moves and crosses the line because of wind, you can continue from where the ball is for a second shot.

4. Play the Ball from Where it Lies

You generally have to hit the ball wherever it is and in whatever condition. You cannot move the ball or even touch it. However, you can remove any impediments around the ball with your hands, as long as you make sure not to disturb the position of the ball. Additionally, you cannot hit a moving ball, only when it ball is at rest.

5. The Order of the Stroke

When there are multiple players, the player whose ball is farthest from the hole has the first stroke. Then the player with the next furthest ball takes their shot, and so on. There is no exception to this rule and it must be followed until you get to the putting green. At that point, the player with the closest ball goes first and you continue in that order.

6. Green Rules

When the ball touches the green, you can pick it up to clean it. However, you need to make sure that you place a marker in the exact position of the ball before you pick it up. You can clear any debris on the surface of the ball but are not allowed to repair any natural imperfections.

7. Learn the Penalties

It’s important to be aware of the common penalties in golf before you start playing. A one-stroke penalty and two-stroke penalty are two common penalty occurrences. A one-stroke penalty occurs when you lose the ball or move it unnecessarily. It means that one stroke will be added to your score. Similarly, a two-stroke penalty means that a couple of strokes get added. This is more serious and happens when you strike another player’s ball instead of yours. Additionally, when you ask for advice during a competition, this results in the same form of penalty.

8. Respect the Dress Code

Not all golf clubs have dress codes, but many of them do. And whenever there is a dress code, it’s important to respect it and stick to the rules. The dress code is important as it helps maintain discipline and standards.

Final words

These are some of the most fundamental golf rules any beginner player must know. Each of these rules has further nuances that you will gradually pick up as you start to play more. However, if you are interested in learning all golf rules, you can refer to the complete set of rules published by many golf associations. Also, make sure you stick to the local rules and etiquette set by the golf courses you play in. Following the rules is essential to becoming an excellent golf player, as discipline is just as important as dexterity!

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