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What size trailer for golf cart – All about golf cart trailer

Are you here for having information about the golf cart trailer? Or maybe you are here for knowing why you should use a golf cart trailer. Or maybe you don’t know anything about golf cart trailer but now have to know about this because you have heard from one of your friends that golf cart trailer can be really helpful.

Now, what is a golf cart trailer?

Well, a golf cart trailer is a necessary item for transporting your golf cart from one place to another or for keeping it in your garage.

The lower center of gravity helps to keep the height down, that’s why a golf cart trailer is very much popular among those who own a golf cart.

If you own a cart and are thinking about having a new golf cart trailer, then this article is obviously for you.

In this article, you will find every single detail that you need to know about the golf cart trailer including the size chart and the types of golf cart trailers.

Besides, we have included a frequently asked question section for you that may solve some of your queries.

So, without making any further delay, let's get started.

What is a golf cart trailer?

As we have mentioned earlier, a golf cart trailer is a tool you need to have if you are thinking about transporting your golf cart from one place to another.

It gives you leverage to place your golf cart inside the trailer and to transport it to further distance.

A hinging ramp system provided with the golf cart trailer helps to lift up or lift down the golf cart in the transport position.

You can tie up the hinge with any pick-up vehicle and can transport the cart easily from one distance to another.

Golf cart trailers are greatly used for transporting the cart or for placing the cart inside the garage.

Whatever reason it be, having a golf cart trailer can give you an excessive amount of leverage.

Types of golf cart trailer

Well, there is no classified types of golf cart trailer. If it is very much necessary for you to know the types of golf cart then we can classify golf cart trailers as two types.Smaller ones and the larger one.

The smallest golf cart trailer that you can find in the market place is around 4feet wide x 6feet long.

You can customize your golf cart trailer size according to the size of your golf cart by contacting the trailer manufacturer.

So, there is no hard and fast rule about the size of the largest trailer.

What size of the trailer should I choose?

Choosing a golf cart trailer can be tricky. If somehow you miscalculate choosing the right fit trailer for your cart it may lead to an accident.

The first thing you need to maintain is the balance between your cart size and the golf cart trailer size.

The disproportionate size of these two can create some serious trouble placing the cart inside the trailer.

If you pick a smaller trailer than your cart, you need to suffer placing the cart inside the trailer.

On the other hand, if you buy a trailer that is pretty much larger than the size of your cart, the cart may move and create a serious accident.

The minimum-sized trailer you can choose for your cart is 5 feet wide x 8 feet long.

But this one may give you some trouble placing the cart inside the trailer.

The standard size of a trailer that should match most of the available carts in the market is 5 feet x 10 feet.

But if you own a smaller cart then 5 feet x 8 feet should meet your query.

Customizing golf cart trailer

Many of the companies now offer to customize your golf cart trailer according to the size of your cart.

So if you are very much dubious about the size of your cart trailer then maybe it’s time for you to customize a new trailer.

Just contact the company for letting them know that you are interested in building a new trailer according to the size of your cart.

You should be able to find the contact address on the company's website.

It is better to customize a new one than suffering after buying a ready-made one.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How to secure a golf cart on a trailer?

After loading the golf cart on to the front of the trailer set the parking brake for further security.
Tie-down straps and use latch pin for closing the ramp.

2. How to tie down a golf cart on a trailer?

Every individual trailer will have certain tie-down points, use high-quality ratchet straps that can carry the essential weight. Place all the strap in the right tie-down points, and make sure they are firmly attached.

3. How to strap a golf cart to a trailer?

Using a quality strap is always necessary otherwise it can lead to an accident. After closing the ramp of the trailer place all the ratchet strap to its certain position.

4. How much does a golf cart trailer?

A golf car trailer can be bought from a minimum amount of 300 dollars to 700 dollars.

Final words

A golf cart trailer is a great way to transport your cart to a long distance.

But remember,if you fail to make the right lie-down process and all the straps to tie down in correct order, there can be a serious accident while transporting the cart.

That is why only choosing the right fit cart trailer will not solve all the problems instead you need to have a proper sense of what are you doing and how you should be doing the task.

We have tried to cover up all the basic things you need to know while you are thinking about buying a new golf cart trailer to transport your cart.

We hope all this information will help you to choose wisely.

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