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How much are golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries are the heart of your cart. Without having them you cannot think about your cart to run properly. If you are planning to buy a new set of golf cart battery then the price range would be from eight hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. Even 2000 dollar golf cart […]

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how much does a golf cart cost and weigh

Now a day golf carts are being used for multiple purposes both within and outside the golf course. For example, a golf cart can be used in industrial warehouses in farming and landscaping for security patrolling for plowing snow at airports and other types of personal and professional work.So manufacturers usually produce golf carts with […]

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Bag Boy Triswivel 2 Push Cart Reviews

With their uncompromising dedication to style and innovation, Bag Boy have always been a big player in the golf cart accessories game. Be it bags, carts or any other golf cart supplementary items-their mark of steadfast quality is evident in all of their products. And the product in question today, Bag Boy Triswivel 2, is […]

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