Ideas of the Golf Christmas Gifts-2020

No other occasion is as pleasant as Christmas is. It brings joy, fun, and happiness in life. The concepts of unique golf gifts are innovative. You can select excellent golf Christmas gifts for dad to see him happy. The plans for golf Christmas gift ideas for dad can be creative as well. Besides, when you present golf-themed gifts to people, the moments will turn more enjoyable. But often getting the right golf gifts for him becomes tough. Unless you are picky, you may fail to get good golf Christmas gifts.

Few excellent Christmas gift ideas are here. They will help you get the suitable one for your needs.


1. Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch

garmin approach s60

garmin approach s60

Undoubtedly, GPS supports to track your rounds during a golf tournament. A golfer needs some necessary information to master the game, and this Garmin approach s60 device is boon for them. This could be one of the beautiful Christmas gift ideas for golf. The touchscreen of the watch helps the golfers to check the facts instantly. Besides, the display is larger, readable in any situations. Moreover, the golf gps watch is compatible with several other devices.

key Features

1. Sunlight readable

2. Color touchscreen

3. Over 40,000 preloaded courses

4. Gets location instantly

5. Longer battery life (10 hours for golf mode and around ten days in watch mode)

2. Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

If you are looking for a budget-friendly golf gifts for him, Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle is for you. This is a complete package of the moderate golfing instruments. Engineered for practicing both indoor and outdoor environment, the package will meet your basic golfing needs. This is a best gifts for golf lovers those who want to learn swing at home. Almost all the products are made with the finest materials for durability. They look stunning too. It contains all the materials like golf hitting net, mat, carry bag, among others.

Key Features

1. High-performance netting for practice

2. Inside outside swing

3. Several sizes available

4. 2-minute setup process

5. Lightweight golfing materials,Made with heavy-duty materials.

3. Case Golfer's Tool Pocket Knife Gift Set

Case Golfer Pocket Knife

Case Golfer Pocket Knife

At times, the golfers need a pocket knife. Many of the golfers use this multi-purpose knife to place a mark on the green where the ball stops. If you are seeking some golf-themed gifts, this can be the perfect one. Alongside the golf ground, the users can apply the knife in their daily life too. The knife can play the role of repair tool as well. The sharp steel blade comes with high durability.

Key Features

1. Magnetic ball marker with the knife

2. Corrosion-resistant blade

3. Trapper ranges between 2.38 to 3.5 inches

4. TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putters

taylormade spider putter

taylormade spider putter

Without a putter, a golfing tournament is nearly impossible. This TaylorMade putter is one of the surprising golf Christmas gift ideas for dad. The putter is a bit variant than the usual putters. This particular product comes with an alignment line, which makes the final stroke easier. Besides, the putter is face balanced. So, there would be no issues about balancing when you are on the ground. You can take different strokes at a time. The most critical point is that the golfers will feel comfortable with it due to the aluminum insert.

Key Features

1. Lightweight steel framing (1.25 pounds)

2. Forward roll and distance control

3. Movable head weight feature

4. Increases topspin and easy forward roll

5. Applicable of various surfaces

5. Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos Golf 360

Arccos Golf 360

Arccos has made Christmas gift ideas for golf simple. The golfers realize how essential it is to measure the exact distance. Besides, they need to set their clubs based on the distances. A tiny mistake may help them lose the game. The scene can be the opposite too. The exact distance measurement would raise their chances of victory. So, they can use the performance tracking system to analyze each of their shots. Based on the performance, they can have the guideline for the next shot to reach the hole. The hands-free feature has made it more preferable to every golfer, particularly the professionals.

Key Features

1. Smaller in size and shape, Over 100 million shots

2. 360 sensor feature for better accuracy

3. The permanent battery lasts around five years

4. Full automatic, no manual operation

5. Comes with a two-year warranty

6. Compatible with iOS and Android

6. Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900 Driver

Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900

Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900

Sometimes, you need to go left. Right. Some lefties also play golf. Without a driver, this is impossible to complete the round. So, Mizuno golf driver JPX-900 is an excellent thing for them. This is one of the best golf gifts for dad that attract attention from every quarter. If you want to adjust your club during the shots, this is the perfect thing. The driver can take the ball far away. Usually, it drives the golf ball around 10 to 12 yards more than the usual drivers. If you can set the right angle, the shot would be the solid one.

key Features

1. Shaft made with graphite

2. 450cc head engineered

3. Stability ensured

4. Quick switch hosel

5. Product Dimension is 48 x 5 x 5 inches

6. Weighs 1 pound and Comes with adjustable loft

7. Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove

bionic stable grip golf glove

bionic stable grip golf glove

Golfing without a glove – an unimaginable view. This is not feasible to hold the golf club for a long time without a perfect golf gloves. So, the Bionic Gloves could be great golf gifts for him. This particular glove comes with several cool features. Firstly, they are durable than ordinary gloves. As those are made with genuine leather, the palm gets some additional supports. Besides, they anatomically fit in hand. Thereby, this would not be a problem if you hold a golf club in hand for a long moment. Further, the glove can prevent fatigue as well for the golfers during their rounds.

Key Features

 1.Antomical relief pad system

2. Maximum breathability

3. free roatated finger design

4. Bionic's patented pad technology

8. Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer

samsonite golf trunk organizer

samsonite golf trunk organizer

Keeping the golfing element organized is always challenging. And troubles occur during the rounds. The golfers do not get the right thing at the right time. So, the Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Organizer owns the potential to be the next golf gifts for dad. All the personal and golfing items shall remain organized and available at a single place. Besides, mobility is the other feature that adds value to this trunk. Several compartments will allow users to place their stuff easily. The storage options are truly appraisable. There are several levels where a golfer can set the necessary elements.

Key Features

1. Made with polyester

2. Oversized zippers for pulling

3. Bag dimension is: 24 x 16 x 10 inches

4. It weighs 3.81 pounds only

5. Movable dividers inside with ergonomic design

6. Two-end carry handles

9. Proactive Sports Sports Zoo Golf Club Headcover

Zoo Golf club Headcover

Zoo Golf club Headcover

You know what, all the golfers are highly cautious about the golf club protection. So, they use different types of headcovers to protect the clubs. This particular Proactive product is one of the leading ones that will provide complete protection. Your golf club will remain safe inside the cover. Thereby, getting one of those could be excellent gift ideas for golf lovers. Besides, the product comes with several other smart features. 

Key Features

1. Fits 460 cc drivers

2. Moderate size and shape

3. Plush material and design

10. Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole!

Chippo golf meets

Chippo golf meets

Cannot manage time to visit the golf ground but want to taste it? Well, Chippo Golf Meets Cornhole is the perfect game for you. This also a great idea for golf-themed gifts for everyone. The gaming process is simple too. The players need to use both the target boards to make a score. The gaming materials come with excellent features that anyone can practice. Besides, you can use the boards for other purposes when they are not in use for the game. Transportation is more comfortable as well while the balls are similar, like golf practice balls.

Key Features

1. Made with reinforced plastic

2. Strong artificial turf and netting

3. Steel leg folds easily

4. Entire dimension is 40.5 x 24.2 x 3 inches

11. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Distance is one of the most significant barriers for golfing. As a golfer, knowing the range is a must to reach the hole. Considering the ground, the Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder can be excellent gift ideas for golf. With this device, the golfer can measure the distance accurately. Besides, it comes with update rangefinder technology, which makes the process simpler.

The addition of front and back distance has added new value with the rangefinder. The smooth operation of the device will bring confidence inside the golfers. This is the first laser rangefinder that has been integrated with GPS. The combination makes the process stunning.  

Key Features

1. First-ever integrated Laser/GPS display

2. PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

3. Range to a flag: 400 yards

4. Exterior GPS readout includes front/center/back distances

12. PING Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag 2018

ping hoofer lite stand bag

ping hoofer lite stand bag

Carrying golf items are sturdy when there is no golf bag. So, having a PING Women’s Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag appears great golf gift for women. The bag comes with several features which are attractive and makes it a must. The bag is usable in every season while carrying is comfortable with it. The shoulder straps are adjustable. Hence, there would be no pressure on the shoulder bones. The deployable rain hood is a plus for the users. When you are on the run, you will feel comfortable too for the hip pad. The manufacturer has taken care of the fact also.

Key Features

1. Lightweight

2. SensorCool technology removes the moisture

3. 24-inch leg span

13. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Another impressive golf gifts for him could be the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip. The grip has been designed for the adjustable driver, hybrid clubs or for a fairway wood. The non-slip pattern is the other amazing feature that makes it lucrative. The golfers will have a very comfortable feel due to the surface texture.

Key Features

1. Standard size weighs 50 grams

2. Several colors available

3. Firm rubber grip

14. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+

Clicgear Model 3.5+

Many of the golfers feel the need for a push cart to carry their belongings on the golf ground. So, the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart is a beautiful idea for gift ideas for golfer. With the compact cart comes with a special mechanism for opening and folding. Transportation and storage of the cart are simpler too. Besides, the extra room like the net and built-in holders makes it fun to use the cart.

Key Features

1. The dimension is 13” x 15” x 24

2. Aluminum tubing with lightweight (18 pounds)

3.  Airless tires ensure durability, PARKING HAND BRAKE

15. Under Armour Men's

Under Armour Men's

Under Armour Men's

Select Under Armour Men’s for an enjoyable golfing experience. This lovely attire comes with several size and styles. Besides, the application of zipping is the other significant issue to consider it on the buying list. The US storm rated piece of garment provides a comfortable feel to the users. It absorbs sweat and so pleasant for golf gifts for dad during a cold day. You can use it during summer too but have to fold the sleeves then to prevent heat.

Key Features

1. Made with 100% polyester

2. Water-resistant       

3. Fits perfectly

4. Several sizes available

16. Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones 

Powerbeats3 Wireless

Surrounded by technology, life is complicated without a wireless earphone. The necessity appears more on a golf round. So, the complete set of Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones can be a great solution. They work fine and provide a sense of comfort. You can use them for several purposes. Making phone calls has never been made easier before. They come with optimum battery support, and the charge lasts longer than average. Connectivity is simpler too with this device. They are sweat-resistant also. Therefore, you need no worries while using them even if you sweat on the golf ground. 

Key Features

1.  Wireless connection for smooth connectivity

2. Comes with class 1 Bluetooth technology

3.  Around 12 hours of battery life

4. Fast charging to meet emergencies

17. YETI Panga Airtight, Waterproof and Submersible Bags

YETI Panga Airtight

YETI Panga Airtight

Seeking something different golf gifts for him? Well, this YETI Panga Airtight bag will not disappoint you. This is a duffle bag for several purposes. If you want to carry some of your essentials for a golf tour, this could be a great assistant. The fabric of the bag is tough and durable. Carrying the bag is simpler too. No matter if you are on wild or on the golf ground, the bag will provide support all the time.

Key Features

1. Bag dimension is 23.5 x 14 x 10 inches

2. The bag weighs only 5.18 pounds

3. 100 dry duffle bag

4. Hydrolok zipper makes it water resistance

5. High-density nylon materials 

6. U-dock terminal for comfort

18. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament  

hallmark keepsake ornaments

hallmark keepsake ornaments

Often people are on a tight budget on Christmas gift ideas for golf. This Golf Ho-Ho-Hole in One is one of the precious elements for them. This is a plastic-made ornament comes with some powerful features. First of all, the durability will amaze you while the wrapping looks lovely too. The attractive color has made it more desirable for everyone. Hallmark products are always usable due to their extensive manufacturing methods.

Key Features  

1. Smaller in size

2. Made with quality plastic

3. Measures 1.45" W x 2.71" H x 1.1875" D

4. Less weight (1.28 ounce altogether)

19. ALOVECO LED String Lights



Can you imagine an over 14 feet LED light set is switched on during the eve of Christmas? The scenario would be great if you can imagine. This Aloveco LED string lights are affordable and durable. It can replace any good golf gifts instantly. The lights can be a beautiful decorative piece for your bedroom or living room. It runs with a battery so that you can cut worries of power consumption. Moreover, there are several modes which will suit various situations.

Key Features

1. Waterproof 40 LED lights

2. Eight lighting modes

3. Built-in timers

4. No safety issues associated with the lights

5. 14.8 feet string

20. POLIGO 7 pcs Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Tool Set

POLIGO golf bbq

At times, golfers need relief. A barbeque party can be the source of relief for them on open ground. And if the barbeque set is symbolic to golf materials – the enjoyment doubles. This Poligo 7pcs Golf-Club style BBQ grill tool set is fantastic golf themed gifts. The set comes with golf-club looking spatula. Besides, the forks look great too, while the golf storage bag holds all the elements. They are strong and durable to meet all the grilling. Handling all the tools are easier also.

Key Features 

1.Seven pieces make the set

2. Portable storage

3. Heat resistant rubber handles

4.Stainless steel

5.Lightweight carry bag 

21. Merry Christmas Lights - Holiday Season Gift Men's T-Shirt

Christmas mens T-Shirt

Christmas mens T-Shirt

Alongside the other materials, the Merry Christmas Lights - Holiday Season Gift Men's T-Shirt is excellent golf-themed gifts. The T-shirt comes with some unique features to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. The attire is comfortable and affordable too. The most impressive issue is that the T-shirt will not shrink. Besides, the fabric is softer with short sleeves for extra comfort.

Key Features

1. Made with cotton fabric

2. Machine washable

22. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

callaway epic flash driver

callaway epic flash driver

Need to have more ball speed to reach distances? Why not try Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver? This callaway driver is designed to send the golf ball far from the average distance. If you can make an excellent swing, the driver will throw the ball to a moderate distance. Finally, you can reach the hole with fewer efforts. The use of artificial intelligence makes the striking process easier.

Key Features

1. First AI in the golf equipment industry

2. Advanced perimeter weighting for better hit

3. Ball flight control technology

4. T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown Material provides Higher MOI

5. Adjustable perimeter,More ball speed with flash face

6. Straight flight

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