How many golf clubs are in a set

How many golf clubs are in a set? Golf club set details

Golf clubs are those instruments that we use for stroking the golf ball. In a complete set of golf clubs bag, you are allowed to take a maximum number of 14 clubs. Taking more than fourteen clubs will be the reason for a one-stroke penalty.

According to the United States Golf Association (USGA)-when you are carrying your equipment you need to consider some rules and regulations. In rules 4 they have pointed out the equipment rules that you need to follow. The rules are as follows-

• Must use conforming clubs and balls,

 • Is limited to no more than 14 clubs and normally must not replace damaged or lost clubs, and

 • Is restricted in the use of other equipment that gives artificial help to his or her play.

Number of clubs in a complete set

There are fourteen clubs available in a complete set of clubs. Now if you are familiar with the game of golf for so long then probably you know the name of the clubs that you should take when you are set up your bag.

From wood, iron, and putter choose the appropriate clubs for you and start hitting the ball into the hole. In recent times golfer tends to carry some new invention of clubs like wedges, hybrid, chipper, etc.

A complete set of golf equipment starts with a driver and ends with a putter. Without putter and driver, you can’t start playing golf. Though, in recent times many of the professional golfers use wood clubs for hitting the first stroke. Because 3 wood can also be used for long and straight fairway shots.

Beside 3 wood, professional golfers also use 5 wood for hitting the first stroke. If you are a beginner and you are thinking about playing with wood instead of driver then you can go with 5,7,9 wood.

In a normal sense, a golfer starts packing his equipment with a driver, two or three fairy woods, some irons also known as wedges and obviously a putter. Without a putter, the set of golf clubs can’t be called a perfect set up.

Golf club in a standard set

Although the number of a complete golf clubs set and the number of a standard golf clubs set is the same, you also can make a pack of standard golf clubs with the total number of 12 clubs.

The packing process of your golf bag is more or less the same when you are packing your complete set or standard set.

You need to start with a driver and to complete the total packaging process you will need a putter. In the middle of the driver and putter, you have to carry your other number of clubs.

It’s completely  your decision whether you will take a driver or wood.

Before you start packing your own bag make sure you know the basic rules otherwise in the field you can face some troubles regarding the penalty issue. 

Golf club set details

There are three types of clubs available in the game of golf. These are the wood, iron, and putter.

Many subcategories of these three categories are also possible. As like hybrid, chipper, fairy wood and so on.

You need to know the basic things before you start packing your golf bag. If you choose something that does not fit with the environment, surroundings and the condition of the field then you need to face some sort of trouble in the game.

That is why taking the perfect preparation before the match is the most necessary step that you should take.

Take the driver first if you are comfortable hitting with the driver. If not then you can go with 3 or 5 wood. And if you are a beginner then you also can choose 7 or 9 wood.

After picking up the driver or wood, now it’s time to pick up the iron clubs.3,4,5,6,7,8,9 iron club is possible. Iron clubs are good when you need to hit the golf ball with some angle. You need to have some skills for playing with the iron clubs.

Choose the perfect iron clubs that you need in the time of playing.

Now it is about choosing the putter. Without a putter, your equipment is not complete at all. You can go with a putter and as well as you can take a chipper also.

You need not be an expert for choosing the perfect balance of your clubs. Just gain experience and gradually your packaging skill will be developed.

Be the best of yourself and start loving the game.

In conclusion, we can say that a complete set of golf clubs consists of 14 numbers of clubs and you can manage a standard golf club set with the number of 12 clubs also.

It’s now your turn to pick the perfect balance of your golf clubs.

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