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who is the richest golfer in the world

There is no doubt about the fact that Tiger Woods is the richest golfer for now and for all time as well. And, there is also no doubt about the fact that he will dominion over this possession for another couple of years or maybe for all time. But, who are the other richest golfers, and how […]

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How old is tiger woods – Tiger woods bio

Who does not know the name of Tiger Woods? The answer is everyone does. He is regarded as a living legend in the game of golf. He has achieved most of the achievements that a golfer can dream about. From the very childhood to adulthood, he has shown some outstanding performance and is still showing skills and […]

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5 Tips for golfing during COVID-19 (Corona)

Well, if you are living in the present world, you probably know that it is totally forbidden to go outside to play any kind of sport. During this pandemic situation, things are getting harder and harder gradually. You need to measure a lot of things for going outside including your safety and the safety of other people […]

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How many public and private golf courses in the US?

How many golf courses in the US? Well, the answer is complicated. There are no specific estimations. The data from 2015 statistics show that there were over 15,500 golf courses across the USA.The data has been gathered from different government bureaus to gauge the overall economic aspects. So, if you want to know how many […]

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