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Difference Between Men’s And Women Golf Clubs

Someone was asking- what exactly makes a men’s golf club a man’s golf club and what exactly makes a women’s golf club a woman’s golf club? Are there really any differences between a men’s golf club and a women’s golf club, or is it completely okay playing with a women’s golf club as men? Yes, there are […]

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How to clean a golf ball-Proper way to know

Do you know that a large number of golf balls are found every year in the California coast? What do you think? Are they usable? Yes! They are. But you need to go under some processing for re-using all these golf balls. In this article, we will be showing you the best ways that you can use for […]

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Spiked or spike less golf shoes – which is the batter

Which one is better? Spike or spikeless? Which one should you choose? Well, spike shoes are shoes with spikes featured on their sole typically made off plastic. On the other hand, spikeless shoes will have flat outsole instead of spikes. In the place of spike there may have dimples on the sole in a spikeless shoe. Though spiked […]

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What golf ball should I use? Golf ball beginner guides

Having trouble choosing your golf ball? Quite natural! It’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are lots of best prices for your golf ball is available in the market. But, does every one of them is suitable for you? We will be discussing the methods that you need to follow for choosing your perfect golf ball. When it […]

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