How much is a golf cart tire

How much is a golf cart tire cost in 2023?

To buy a complete set of 4 pieces of golf cart tire, the price range would be from 200 dollars to as much as 500 dollars. The average costing for a quality tire should be around 70 dollars. If you are thinking about buying a tire without the rim, then it would cost around 30 to 50 dollars, whereas the rim itself will cost around 25 to 35 dollars.

Buying a golf cart tire and rim requires too many considerations. If you are looking for one or a complete set of the tire to buy, then following this article should help you greatly because we are here to discuss some of the most important things about a golf cart tire that you should know if you own a cart. Besides, some of the best tire recommendations in the latter part of this article might also help to decide better.

So, without making any further delays, let's get started with the types of tire first.

golf cart tire

Types of a tire

There are three different kinds of tire that you would find for a golf cart.

1. Turf or street tire

The first type of tire that you would notice falls in the category of turf or street tire. This kind of tire is suitable for the grassy area, especially in the golf curse, and smooth streets.

2. Knobby or off-road tire

These are the most heavyweight tire that you would notice. They are not for the street or the golf course but for a heavy ride in the woods, mud, or sand. When you need a tough and bumpy ride, these are the tires that you should be picking up.

3. All-terrain

These are the most convenient kind of tires that can be used both in the street and tough areas. They are available with a moderate amount of traction, as a result; they can be quite beneficial in almost all kinds of terrain.

How to mount a golf cart tire?

Well, most of the tire tends to come with the rim mounted on it.

Whether your golf cart tire has the wheel mounted on it or not, if you are thinking about replacing the tire of your golf cart, then following the procedures down below should help you greatly. Before we start, there is some equipment that you need to have for completing the task properly. These are-

  1. Extension ratchet/tire iron
  2. Installation kits that are provided with the tire.
  3. Tire inflator

If you have all the necessary equipment, then let's start replacing the tire.

  • The very first thing that we need to do is removing the old tire from the wheel. To do so, we need to remove the lug nuts from the tire using the extension ratchet. In case you want to install a tire that is already mounted with the wheel, then you do not need to remove the tire from the wheel, instead, removing the tire along with the wheel should be enough.
  • The next step is replacing the new golf cart tire. Make sure that the tread is facing the perfect direction. If you are installing the tire on an old wheel, it becomes mandatory to clean the old wheel properly so that your tire and wheel do not face any malfunction. Place the tire in the proper place and screw up all the things using the tire iron.
  • The final step is to inflate the tire. By maintaining the tire pressure, inflate the tire properly. If you are installing a tire that is previously inflated, then you can skip this step.

Tire cost

To make the task easier for you, we have brought, in this section, the three best golf cart tires that are going to make your experience smooth and great.

The first recommendation from our site is 10" VAMPIRE Machined/Black GOLF CART WHEELS AND tire. This one comes with a complete set of 4 wheels. The dimension of this item is 205/50-10, and this one is a low profile tire that can make your experience in the golf course great. With the purchase of this item, you are going to get 10"x7" Vampire Machined & Black Aluminum Wheels, (4) Chrome Center Caps, and (16) Chrome Lug Nuts. With 4 bolts construction, this one is supposed to fit any hub in the market. No lifting kit is necessary to install this item.

The second recommended item from our site comes with a dimension of 18x8.5-8, and this one is a turf tire. That means this one is perfectly suitable for golf courses. This one is going to fit most of the EZ-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts. The wheel comes mounted on the tire. You just need to unbox the package and bolt all the screws on to take a ride. With a 4x4 bolt pattern, this one should fit most of the hub of the tire that you would find making it completely universal.

The last and final recommendation from our site comes with the tire only. Like the previous one, the wheel of the tire also comes mounted with this one. You just need to screw on all the bolts to make it ready. The dimension of this item is 18x8.5-8, and this one is a DOT approved tire. No inflation is required because this one comes with a complete aired up feature. This one also comes with a 4x4 bolt pattern making it compatible with most of the EZ-GO, CLUB CAR, AND YAMAHA golf carts.

Final words

A golf cart tire like the most essential parts of a golf cart makes sure that you get a smooth experience while riding on the vehicle. Nowadays many people prefer going out with their golf cart not only in the golf courses but also for a ride around the street and so on. For all of them going off and on the course, make sure that you are having a great tire to explore the best out of the bests.

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