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What is a good score in golf?

Golf is a type of game where you get the opportunity to develop yourself every single day. Even at the age of 60, you get the chance to learn something new.

In case you are thinking about starting golf, then the very probable question that you would ask is what should be the number of strokes that people will consider as a good score?

Well, if you are asking the same question, then we would like to mention to you that the average score in an 18 hole course that has a par score of 72 is 90.

to have some broader inspects about the scoring system, we highly recommend you to scan through the article until the last.

What is the scoring system in golf?

In general, you will see two different types of courses while playing golf. Either the course will be an 18 hole course, or it will be a 9 hole course. The scoring system is slightly different for both of the courses.

  • If you are playing in an 18 hole course, then the average par hole score will be 72. That means for each hole, it is expected that a professional golfer will require 4 strokes. The number of strokes that you will take to complete the 18 holes will be your total score. The lower the score, the better player you are.
  • If you are playing in a 9 hole course, then the average par hole score will be 27. That means to complete each hole, it is expected that a professional golfer will require three strokes. The number of strokes that you will require to complete the 9 holes will be your total score. Like the previous, the fewer strokes you can take, the better golfer you are going to be.

What is the average score

Now that we all know the scoring system, let's find out the average number of strokes that a player should take to complete the game.

  • If you are playing in an 18 hole course, then as an average player, you should take 90 strokes to complete the whole game. That means one stroke more than the par hole score, which is not bad at all for an average player.
  • If you are playing in a 9 hole course, then as an average player, you should take around 45 strokes to complete the whole game. That means two strokes more than the par hole score, which is also a good score for an average player.

What is a good score in golf?

Depending on the skill level of an individual player, the perimeter of the good score varied to a great extent. Follow the bullet points down below to get some insights about the perimeter of the good score.

What is a good golf score for beginners?

If one says golf is an easy game, one only needs to shot the ball to the hole. It means that the person does not know anything about golf. Golf is not as easy as other games. It is very difficult and getting good at golf needs a lot of time. The only thing that determines a good player is the score.

However, if you are a beginner, then you should only enjoy the game instead of thinking about the score. The beginners need to make themselves comfortable first. One can shot balls towards the green, try to hit some balls to the holes, try to hit balls higher and farther, and feel the golf. However, when the time comes for improvement, the beginner must track their scores of every round.

At the time of improvement, the most important question is “what is a good golf score for beginners”. Well, one will find that answer in this article.

What is a good golf score for beginners?

A good golf score defines the golfer’s ability.  A good golf score for a beginner golfer is near and less than 100 shots. Within a couple of weeks of practice, a beginner can hit this score.

However, from the research data of the National Golf Foundation, almost 45 percent of the golfers take more than 100 shots on average for 18 holes. That means the good score of a beginner golfer is between 100 and 108 shots.

So, a beginner who can hit 18 holes within 100 to 110 shots can be determined as an improving golfer. However, one should try to hit all the 18 holes within 90 shots as time passes. Then try to hit all the holes in 80 to 85 shots. But one should not rush for improvement.

What to consider for improving golf score?

As mentioned before, that one cannot improve their scoring within a day or within a week, or even within a month. However, with some considerations, one will be able to improve the game a bit earlier than others. Here are some tips that a beginner can follow for improvement.

Practice- The first and the most important thing one should consider is practice. If one wants to improve in golf and wants to achieve a good score then there is no alternative to practicing. Beginner golfer should practice regularly. Also, golf needs a lot of stamina and physical strength. So beginner golfers also need to increase their stamina and physical fitness by other physical activities like exercise, playing other games, etc. Because a golfer who is physically fit and has more stamina than other golfers has the upper hand in doing better. Also, continuous practicing will help a beginner to find out the lackings.

Expectation- The next thing is the expectation. It is human nature to expect more in everything. While playing with other golfers, beginner golfers try to compare them with others. And when the opponent scores higher the beginner seems to get depressed and frustrated. It is the reason why beginner golfers rush for scoring higher. Also, when beginner golfers see professionals scoring a lower score, they expect to score like them.

It is a very bad thing. A beginner should not expect to score like a professional or like an advanced player at all. A beginner who can score between 100 and 110 should be happy. And they should try to improve the score with proper training and knowledge. With proper practice and proper knowledge, one day a beginner would be able to play like a professional.

For your kind information, from 2000 to 2010 almost 2.7 million quit golf because of higher expectations and frustration. So be cautious and have faith in yourself.

Cost- One must know that golf is not an affordable game. Let’s take football as an example. For playing football, one just needs to purchase a ball, shoes, shorts, etc. These things do not cost a lot. But for playing golf one has to purchase a set of clubs, a golf bag, golf outfits, gears, etc. Of all the accessories, the most costly accessory is the clubs. A set of clubs can cost more than 300 dollars. So, one has to be prepared to spend money on better accessories and improvement. However, there are other costs as well like trainer cost, green cost, traveling cost, etc.

Get a trainer- If one wants to take golf seriously and professionally then it is a must to get a trainer. A trainer would be able to teach the swing techniques and other necessary things like how to take a perfect stance, how to hit the ball perfectly, and which club needs to be used for a particular situation. Also, a trainer will be able to show you some special tricks to get the hole with the defined pars. A trainer can show some winning strategies.

Patience- The last but not the least thing is patience. One must have patience. The beginners must not get disappointed if they are playing for more than 6 months and are not able to improve. It is a lengthy process. So one should enjoy the process and should learn from the mistake. Instead of getting disappointed, one should try to find out what is the reason behind their failure and how they should overcome it.

What is a good golf score for 9 holes?

If each of the holes is a par-4 hole, then the good golf score for 9 holes would be 50 or under 50. However, the average score of 9 holes is anywhere near 60.

Most professional golfers can score 45 to 50 for 9 holes. And if you are a beginner then you should try to get 60 first. Once you reach 60 the next target should be to get 50.

What is a good golf score for professionals?

For the professionals, the good golf score for 18 holes is between 90 and 100.

However, some say that the good golf score for a professional is 80 to 90. But it cannot be achieved by most golfers. It depends on the golfer's skills, strategy, technique, and strength. A golfer who wants to achieve an 80 to 90 score for 18 holes must be skilled.

What is a bad golf score?

A bad golf score means that the golfer is taking more than two bogeys to complete a hole. Basically, after a golf round if the golfer score is 120 or above then it is called a bad golf score. Golfers with a score of 120 mean that they are taking 30 percent of more pars than the defined pars to hit all the holes.

That is nothing to be ashamed of. One just needs to practice more and has to find out what is going wrong with their swing and why they are scoring over 120. One of the most common reasons behind this is some golfers only try to improve their long game and ignore the short one. Golfers must put the same effort and has to practice both long and short game similarly.

For beginners:

  • If you are a beginner and have never played before, then in an 18 hole golf course, anything near 115 should be a good score for you. Any score of more than 120 should not be something that you should proud of.
  • As a women beginner, anything around 130 should consider as a good score. But, one great prospect about every beginner is that they will get enough time to develop themselves through.
  • In a 9 hole course, for a beginner, a good score will be anything between 60 to 65.

Final Verdict

Lastly, it would be recommended that beginner golfers should not be obsessed with their scores. Instead of thinking, what is a good golf score for beginners, they should try to enjoy the game. Then one should try to improve the game. And at the time of improvement, beginner golfers should track their score. However, one should also have patience and should practice a lot.

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