Which is better graphite or steel shaft golf shaft

The shaft of any club is the power-house that produces the energy required to get the exact distance you are looking for.

 The shaft of any golf club is the long cylinder-like tube, usually made of steel or graphite, that connects with the club's head.

I believe we all know that a golf club's shaft is either steel made or graphite made. Depending on the necessity of a player, both these two types of the shaft can provide various utility.

If you are interested in learning the basics of any club's shaft to find out which one will work better for you, this should be the right place to find out.

Without wasting any more words here, let's find out why the shaft is more important than anything.

graphite vs. steel shaft golf shaft

Golf club shaft explained/ how vital the shaft in terms of performance is?

    • The shaft of any club connects your hand and the head of the club, transferring your hand's energy to the head. As a result, you become able to get the ball to a longer distance.
    • The shaft's weight controls the total weight of the club, allowing you to get the exact energy and distance you are looking for. That is why it becomes crucial to find a golf club shaft with a proportionate weight ratio.
    • The flex and bend profile of the shaft, on the other hand, can help you to provide the perfect you will need, which is more than necessary in any given situation. Besides, any shaft's flex can lead you to get the exact clubhead speed, allowing you to get the distance and consistency everywhere.
  1. After reading all the three points discussed above, no confusion should beget regarding the shaft's necessity, ensuring performance. They said that the shaft is the engine of any club, very well said.
  2. Now that we know the necessity of any golf club's shaft, let us find out which type of shaft should be the choice for whom.

Steel shaft or graphite shaft?

Steel shaft

Here are the characteristics that a steel shaft would provide.

  • This kind of shaft tends to be steel made and thus much heavier than anything.
  • It is not always mandatory to have stainless steel; sometimes it is possible to notice a conglomerated or alloyed material.
  • On average, a steel shaft will have a weight between 100-120g.
  • The production of torque is lower in a steel shaft.

Graphite shaft

These are the palpable features you would notice in a graphite shaft.

  • A graphite shaft will have less weight than a steel shaft.
  • This kind of shaft tends to be expensive than a steel shaft because of its lightweight design and convenient feature.
  • The vibration production of this kind of shaft will be much less than its counterpart steel shaft.
  • A demerit of this kind of shaft is that it will have more flex. Besides, this shaft will be less durable and flexible than a steel shaft.

Which one should be better for me?

As we know the pros and cons of both these two types of shaft, the next step, which is choosing the shaft, should be yours. Here are some of the facts, keeping in mind while choosing, might help decide better.

  • If you are facing problems getting the perfect swing and launch angle, choosing a graphite shaft should be the ideal choice. As this kind of shaft will be less heavy, you will find comfort in making the swing. On the other hand, all the steel shaft is much heavier, making the task challenging to ensure a proper swing, causing the ball to travel less.
  • If you are looking for an item that will help to get proper feedback and feel, then it's the steel shaft that will serve the best. You may get a little vibration with the hit, but sacrificing a little for the cost of feeling and feedback should not make you disappoint.

Steel or graphite shaft for the high handicappers or beginners?

This is one of the most asked questions that you would notice, especially among the amateurs and high-handicappers. Well, in case you are here to find out which one should be better for a high-handicapped player, here is the fact-

  • Most of the handicappers face trouble making the perfect swing. If, as a handicapper, you start with a steel-shaft, the heavyweight of the shaft may degenerate the swing condition, letting the ball travel less. On the other hand, a graphite shaft will have much less weight than a steel shaft, allowing you to make a better swing. However, you will have to sacrifice the distance a little. But, it is always worth sacrificing for a better swing, especially as a high-handicapped player.

Do pros use steel or graphite shaft?

This is another question running all over the internet regarding the type of shaft that a professional player would use. Here is the fact-

  • A professional player loves playing with feedback and feel. Besides, it is the distance that they prefer other than anything. As a single-digit handicapper, they know how they should maneuver the club. That is why, despite the weight and vibration of the club, almost every professional love playing with steel made shaft. Besides, steel shaft tends to be durable and long-lasting as well.

What is my opinion or strategy?

If you are here to find out the type of shaft that will suit you the best, you probably are a beginner or a high-handicapped player.

  • If so, my suggestion would be to start with graphite made shaft. This will provide you extreme leverage to understand the game better.
  • When gradually, you will develop your skill, you will get vast chances to test steel shafts. But for now, be better with swing, launch, and distance. When the time is appropriate, you will get to know what would work for you.

Final words

The shaft of any golf club is the club's engine that produces the energy needed to get the extreme performance. If the engine is not proportionate, the performance indeed will degenerate. That is why it is always ideal to choose according to your golfing skill level and excellence.

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