How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh? Golf Ball Facts You Should Know

how much does a golf ball weigh ? To be straight, a golf ball weighs around 45.93 grams (0.1012 pounds). Interesting, isn’t it? Well, there are many other facts associated with golf ball weight.

The remaining part will describe the facts gradually. And you will get some in-depth knowledge about a golf ball.

The average weight of a golf ball

When you are playing golf, you need to know the golf ball material and other features. Do you know when the size of the golf ball is smaller than the different types of balls used in outdoor and indoor sports? The ball size is small considering the diameter of a golf hole. The hole cup is smaller in size and shape. Accordingly, the golf balls are smaller and come with less weight.

Following the standard rules of golf, a golf ball should not cross the weight of 45.93 grams. If it crosses this weight, the golf ball would be declared as illegal. If the golf ball is over this particular prescribed weight, it will lose its velocity.

Besides, reaching the distance would be tough for the ball. It will not have the right type of flight. So, even if the golfer makes a strong hit to the ball, it will not fly high for the overweight. Moreover, the spin rate will be lower while the launching angel may also experience a change too.

Considering the ground, the average weight of a golf ball is set by this weight limit.

Types of golf balls

Golf balls are available in different shapes, but the weight is almost similar. Most of the golfers lack this in-depth knowledge about the golf ball types. So, the comparative explanation here will help to know some interesting facts.

Based on compression

The golfers will get golf balls on considering the ball compression. When you hit a golf ball, there are some compressions to create the flight path. Accordingly, the golf balls are manufactured. The range of compression lies between 40 to 100. The types are

Low compression: such low compression balls are softer and come with the coverage of a long distance.

High compression: the high compression balls can create faster swing speed. They are easily controllable but harder to feel. Moreover, they can cover a moderate distance in the very first shot.

Based on Construction

Considering the construction of a golf ball, they come with three different types. They are;

One-piece golf ball:  this is a solid ball. There are no rubber or plastic attached with the ball in its inside or outer side. They are always available and have a less flight distance.

Two-piece golf ball:  such golf balls have two separate parts. One is the outer part, and the other is the inner portion. A solid core covers the inner part. They are reliable and can fly a moderate distance.

Hybrid golf balls:   the hybrid golf balls are available in several formats. They can be of three, four, or even five pieces. All the layers help to make the ball fly to the desired height. Besides, the golfers can make the ball to have in or outer swing as well.

Based on dimples

On the ground of dimples, there are two types of golf balls. They are

With dimples : such balls have dimples across the body. The dimples help to get a better flight. Following the basic rule of aerodynamics, the dimples help to prevent the drag of air. When a golfer takes the shot, the ball can fly freely and can be free of the air dragging. As a result, the golfers can have a higher flight and cover a long distance.

Without dimples: many of the golf balls come without dimples. But in a practical sense, such balls are not suitable for professional competitions. If you want to begin golfing, the balls are a perfect match for you. But when you are in a professional environment, they would of less use.

Golf balls for female golfers

Human psychology is different for males and females. So, when women are on the golf ground, they need something special and modified. Accordingly, the golf ball manufacturers have brought some specific golf balls for them. The most critical issue is the look of the golf balls and swing speed. Naturally, the swing speed of females is not like men. So, they need something which will provide a better swing and flight even with a light stroke.

Control is the other issue that they ponder. So, the golf balls for females are easily controllable. The ball flight is smooth, and the feel is better too. Moreover, the balls come with dimples to make golfing easier for them. The female golf ball construction is available in all the formats.

Golf ball for children

Naturally, the children are not professionals, and they have a lower speed of hitting a golf ball. So, the golf balls for children come with slower swing speed. The manufacturers recommend the low compression golf balls for the children. Of course, they can use the professional golf balls, but the experience would not be up to the mark. The lower spin balls are also preferred for them as they need to learn to hit the ball first.

The multi-layer balls are the best one for the children as they produce lower speed and swing. Besides, they are durable too. You know, children love to experiment with everything and providing them the best golf ball is not the right idea.

Golf ball for senior golfers

People who play golf at their 60s or 70s need different types of golf balls. Remember, the seniors lack the energy to send to the golf ball to 60 to 70 yard by a single shot. So, they need balls that come with low speed and swing. Hence, many of the manufacturers have their production of golf balls with low compression. When the compression is lower, the ball will fly a long distance.

Golf balls for practice

Usually, the golf balls for regular practice come with a bright color. As you are in an indoor environment, the color will help you focus on the shots. They are lightweight and also spin like the real golf balls. So, if you practice with them, you will get a better experience. And can use the experience to win your next round. The practice ball manufacturers also make the balls with durability so that the users can practice for a longer period.

So, these are the usual types of golf balls. You can have one which suits you the most. Wishing you luck for your next round.


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