How long does a golf cart battery last

How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last?

A golf cart is the most essential component on the golf course. Usually, every golfer has their own golf cart. There are so many golf carts in the market. So many popular brands produce a lot of high quality golf carts such as EZ GO, Yamaha, Club Car, etc golf carts. Though golf carts usually need to drive on the golf courses sometimes golf carts can be drive also in any public roads also. So it should be kept fit for driving on the busy traffic roads. There is an important factor to fit a golf cart. The battery is a very important part of any golf cart. A battery can keep fitting a golf cart for a longer time. Without an effective battery, the golf cart cannot work properly.

People need high power battery which can give power to the cart engine to run efficiently. For this, they should choose a golf cart with a powerful, high quality battery. They also should know about how long does golf cart battery lasts.

In this article, we will describe a lot about the golf cart battery. Reading this article people can understand everything about a golf cart battery and about its power to survive long last.

How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last?

Usually, high quality golf cart battery can last from few months to almost seven years long. It mainly depends on its proper maintenance and the care it gets. So it is quite difficult to tell the fixed life span of a golf cart battery. Considering some major factors people can get a better life span to form a golf cart battery. In the below, we discuss all these factors.

  • Proper Charging the Battery: Proper charging is the key factor for long lasting golf cart battery. People should take care of the battery with proper charging. Sometimes people do not charge their battery properly when it is needed badly. This will affect their battery most. They should make sure that their battery is fully charged before running on the course and also ensure that when the battery charge is empty, it should be full charged for the next day.

Sometimes they can keep the golf cart in the garage for one week or more days without using this. Remember one thing that battery gradually lose their charges while keeping it without using for more a several weeks. So it can be frozen the battery. So a frozen battery should be replaced. So to keep their battery normal and active they should charge it’s time to time when needed.

  • Maintaining Fluid Level with Proper Water: People should check the battery fluid level before running a golf cart. If the fluid level drops below the plate or high above its plate, so it can be damaged the battery. Then the battery needs water. Considering something while giving water into the battery. Basically, they should add distilled water into the battery when needed. They should never use any tap or spring to add water because mineral water contains huge minerals that will affect the battery. It may ruin battery capacity.
  • Charging with a Right Charger: There is a specific battery charger that is fixed by the manufacturer. So people should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer as to what type of charger should best for their golf cart battery. Most of the time manufacturers suggest using a 3-phase charger for surviving the longer period of battery life. It increases the battery efficiency for long lasting. So it is best to connect charging a golf cart battery with its specific charger.
  • Use a Trickle Charger while Keeping It in Garage for a Longer Period: People usually play golf mostly in the summer season. So other times of the year the golf cart cannot be used properly. That means its battery also cannot be used for a long time. Then battery charges gradually decrease. Leaving the golf cart battery unused for a longer time significantly ruins the battery life span. 

But don’t worry about it. There is an easy way to solve this problem. People can use a trickle charger for maintaining the battery power while it is keeping unused in the garage.

  • Save the Battery from the Corrosion: Every golf cart battery is so durable. But for using metal connections they can be damaged. A metal connection can corrode anytime so that it can affect the battery life span. It reduces the capacity of the battery. So people should always try to keep their golf battery in a dry place and under controlled temperature. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Bags.
How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last

How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last

How many batteries in a 48V Golf Cart?

A 48 volt golf cart batteries there can be used six 8 volt batteries or sometimes four 12 volt batteries. But it is the best way to use four 12 volt batteries instead of using six 8 volts batteries in a golf cart. Some manufacturers try to fit the battery tray under the seat. So it will be easy to fit only four 12 volts of batteries in the battery tray. But people should concern about its quality also. Without high quality batteries, they cannot get better service. They must take care of these batteries properly. They should charge fully these after each uses. Most of the time the battery life span depends on its maintain guides. So they can use 48 volt golf battery with four 12 volts batteries in total.

Final Words

People can use any kind of golf cart with high quality battery. But they cannot get good results from the battery if they do not take proper maintenances of these batteries of the golf cart. The battery is the most essential part of a golf cart. So they should concern about its life span. They should maintenances it regularly. In this article, we describe some necessary factors which should be done by everyone. If they can consider these factors they can keep their golf cart battery active for a long period. They should follow these factors for the betterment of their golf cart battery.

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