How much are golf balls-know Most expensive golf balls

Can you even think about playing golf without having a collection of golf balls?

Nope, it’s quite impossible playing golf without a golf ball.

A golf ball is available with a variety of prices. You can buy a dozen of basic golf balls with a minimum amount of Ten dollars.

But quality golf balls will require some more money.

The price range for buying a dozen of golf balls can be from ten-fifty  dollars.

The science behind the making of a golf ball is pure physics. All those dimples on the surface of a golf ball made it the fastest swinging ball in the air than any other balls.

Most expensive golf balls

If you know the basic things about a golf ball, then it is quite natural to have a question in your mind about the prize of a golf ball. You may think how expensive it can be to buy a dozen of golf balls.

Although the basic price for buying a dozen average golf ball is around ten dollars, but the most expensive golf ball can cost around teventy dollars.

Interested in the most expensive golf balls that are available in the market?

We have listed down the top 5 expensive golf balls that are available in the present golf accessories shop.

1. Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls

2. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

3. Callaway 2020 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

3. Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

4. Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

5. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Balls

Types of golf balls

There are many arguments available about the types of golf balls. People very often tend to say that there are as many golf balls as the number of individual balls.
Every new golf ball is different than the previous one. That is why the types of golf balls are also manifold.

But for making you understand about all types of golf balls,
We have categorized all types of golf balls into four categories.
We believe that all types of golf balls fit into these four categories.
The four types of golf balls are-

1.Two-piece distance
2.Two-piece low compression
3.Two-piece performance
4.Multilayer construction

Titleist golf ball cost

Titleist is one of the renowned brands for making golf accessories.
From cheap to expensive, all types of golf balls are available in the collection of Titleist.

Golf balls, in general, comes with a dozen in a pack. For buying a dozen you have to pay a maximum amount of around seventy dollars.
Titleist makes a variety of golf balls. The types of a golf ball that are available with the brand name Titleist are as follows-

1. Titleist Pro V1
2. Titleist Pro-V1x
3. Titleist AVX
4. Titleist Pro V1 with an enhanced alignment
5. Titleist Pro V1x with an enhanced alignment
6. Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash

Titleist is a trusted service provider in the field of golf so that you can easily rely on the company.
Titleist golf balls are available from thirty dollars to around fifty dollars.

Callaway golf ball cost

Callaway is another giant company who are mostly devoted to making golf instruments and accessories.
You can buy a dozen Callaway golf balls with a minimum amount of forteen dollars to a maximum amount of forty-eight dollars.
Down below are some of the best Callaway golf balls that you can try-

1. Chrome soft golf balls
2. Chrome soft triple track golf ball
3. Chrome soft yellow triple track golf ball
4. Chrome soft Travis red
5. Chrome soft x
6. ERC softball
7. Callaway supersoft golf ball
8. Callaway super-hot series golf ball
9. Warbard
10. Eagle

If you love Callaway products, then go for them without any fear.

Nike golf ball cost

Nike has been giving service in any sporting events for a long time. You can trust them because they are the most reliable and trustworthy to their consumers.

The minimum price for having a dozen Nike balls is around 15 dollars and can reach a maximum amount of fifty dollars.

Some of the best Nike golf balls are given down below that you can try for collecting-

1• Nike crush extreme
2• Nike PD9L
3• Nike one RZN
4• Nike one series
5• Nike hyper flight
6• Nike ignite
7• Nike super far
8• Nike mojo
9• Nike crush
10• Nike juice
11• Nike mojo disco

Kirkland golf ball cost

Kirkland is famous for supplying cheap golf ball with extreme quality.

You can buy two dozen of Kirkland golf ball with a minimum amount of nineteen dollars. For a dozen expensive golf ball Kirkland can ask around fifty dollars. 

some of the Kirkland golf balls are-

  • Kirkland signature
  • Kirkland signature 3
  • Kirkland signature 4

All of the Kirkland golf ball comes with a variety of pieces. Either they are 12 pieces’ ball or 24 pieces’ ball.

Though they are a little cheap than other balls the quality will be well ensured.

Bridgestone golf ball cost

Okay, you can call Bridgestone as the richest golf ball supplying company.Their golf ball is famous for supplying the most expensive golf balls.

You can buy a dozen of Bridgestone golf balls from fifteen- fifty dollars.

Some of the most popular Bridgestone golf balls are-

1. E6

2. E6 soft

3. Lady precept

4. Tour B330 RX 2016

5. E6 speed

6. B330 RXS

7. Tour B RX

8. Tour B XS

9. Tour B RXS

10. Army Bundle

Taylormade golf ball cost

Familiar with golf but you have never heard about TaylorMade,it is quite impossible. Taylormade is the most famous brand for making golf instruments and accessories.
You can buy TaylorMade golf balls from thirteen dollars to fifty  dollars.
Some of the famous TaylorMade golf ballas are-

1• Tour preferred

2• Project (a)

3• Project (s)

4• TP5X

5• TP5

6• RBZ Soft

7• RocketBallz

8• Distance Plus

9• Noodle neon

10• Kalea

Softball vs. hardball

Now, softball and hardball can also be categorized as the types of golf balls.
Whenever we are hitting any golf balls with any of the clubs we either feel a soft feeling or a hard feeling.
Depending on this characteristic golf ball can be categorized as soft or hard.

On hardball, there will have a rubber core for what the ball feels like hard in a time of striking.
On the other hand, on softball, there will be no rubber core for what the ball feels soft.

As softballs are little light, they tend to go a less distance.
Hard balls at another point are more durable and when you strike a hardball it tends to go further.
It is now your fancy to choose if you will go for a softball or a hardball.


Golf balls are the typical things that you will need for playing golf. There are many types and brands available for golf balls.Titleist, Callaway Nike, Kirkland, Srixon, Bridgestone,TaylorMade are some of the famous brands for making golf accessories and instruments.

Before you buy a new golf ball check the velocity of the ball in the air and the construction material of the ball. Checking consciously will help you to find the best potential energy of the ball.

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