How much are golf cart batteries

How much are golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries are the heart of your cart. Without having them you cannot think about your cart to run properly. If you are planning to buy a new set of golf cart battery then the price range would be from eight hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. Even 2000 dollar golf cart batteries are also possible for new age lithium-ion cart batteries.

With the variation of your price, the quality of your battery will increase. There are many brands or companies available from where you can choose your perfect cart batteries.

Choosing the perfect battery for your cart and maintaining it properly throughout the year is the most important thing that you should care about.

Types andcost of golf cart battery

There are four types of batteries available for your golf cart. Most of the batteries that available are deep cycles. Flooded lead-acid batteries were popular but lithium-ion batteries are getting trendy recently. The types of batteries that are available for your cart are as follows-

  1. 1
    Flooded Lead Acid Battery
  2. 2
    AGM Lead Acid Battery
  3. 3
    Gel Lead Acid Battery
  4. 4
    Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Battery

All of the batteries are mostly deep cycle. One important feature of golf cart batteries is that they will last longer if you can maintain them properly. So that the cost of a battery and the cost of gasoline made carts fuel are more or less the same.

What types of battery you should buy

Three categories of batteries are possible for your golf cart. They are 6 volts, 8 volts, and 12 volts. Now, for choosing the perfect battery for your cart you need to find out which one fits your cart properly.

For understanding the type of battery that your cart support lift up the front seat of your golf cart and identify the place of the battery. In every battery, you will find some acid hole. Each of the holes carries a volt range of two.

"Suppose in your cart battery there are three acid holes. That means you have a 3x2=6 volt battery. And if the numbers of the batteries are six then approximately you have 6x6=36 volt batteries.

If the acid hole number is four that means you have a 4x2=8 volt battery. And if the numbers of the batteries are six then approximately you have 8x6=48 volt batteries.

Another variation possible, when you have 6 six acid holes in your battery. That means each of your batteries is of twelve volts. If you have six of them then you have a collection of 12x6=72 volt batteries."

Find out how many acid holes are there in your cart and which volt of batteries supports your cart the best.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

Golf cart batteries are durable, heavy and long-lasting. If you would like to get the perfect use of a golf cart battery then maintaining the battery is the most important step that you should care about.

With proper maintenance, a golf cart battery can last for six years.

Imagine you have a golf cart and for the fuel you use gasoline. Six years of gasoline’s cost and one batteries cost is more or less the same.

It is now your decision to choose what suits you and your cart.

Maintaining your battery

Maintaining a golf cart battery is not easy. You need to be cautious about maintaining the perfect health of your battery. Water your battery properly. Check your battery if it is perfect or not in every one or two months.

Another proverb that you can follow is- the fresher the better. A golf cart battery gives its best service when the battery is new or the age is young. So when you are planning to buy a new battery always look at the manufactured date.

The more recent battery you can buy the better service you will get.

If you don’t know how to find out the manufactured date then look on the battery and you find out a data like C20 or kind of same.

Now for golf cart batteries each of the months is marked with A, B, C, D …. And so on.

Like C20 means the manufactured date of the battery is March 2020. that means C is for March, D is for April and A is for January and so on.

Choose the perfect battery and have a good ride with your golf cart.

From which company you should buy

Trojan is a good company or brand so far which is most recognized for supplying golf cart batteries. But it’s totally up to you from where you will buy your expected battery. Do your research, learn more about golf cart battery and then choose the perfect battery for your golf cart.

Other than Trojan UPG, LIFELINE MARINE, UNIVERSAL POWER GROUP, DEKA/MK, VMAXTANKS, AMSTRON are some of the companies that you can try for choosing your golf cart batteries.

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