How to Build a Synthetic Putting Green

A proverb that the more one practice the better they get is too true for golf too. If one wants to be a pro golfer they need to practice as much as they can. However, practicing golf in a golf course or a club can be an expensive attempt. Because one has to pay rent for every hour.

One can make an environment at their home to practice the game staying at home. However, how to build a synthetic putting green becomes a headache for them. Because the work is huge and needs some skills and planning. Let’s know the details below.

Is it expensive to practice golf with Synthetic Putting Green at home?

If one is going to practice golf at home they will need to buy some kinds of stuff to create the environment, such as Synthetic Putting Green. At first, the expense may seem too much but in the long run or if one sees the overall view it is less expensive than practicing golf at clubs and courses.

At home, one can practice as much as they want which is not possible in other options. So, one can say no it’s not expensive to practice golf at home.

Is it worth making Synthetic Putting Green?

If one has space in the front or back of their house or anywhere near their house and the person is a golfer, there is nothing more suitable than making or building a synthetic putting green on it. Planting some flowers around the green will also enhance the overall look of the house. For more creativity, one can make a garden around it and make a sitting arrangement for the family.

By this, they can practice and improve their game. Also, the place will be a beautiful option for the family to spend time together. So, it’s not something which will waste money, it’s completely worth every price and affords.

How to Build a Synthetic Putting Green

It will be fun and worth it to build a synthetic putting green at home. If they have available space they should go for it. It will allow the golfer to practice their skills and techniques whenever they want and how much they want. At first, the work may seem pretty hard and impossible but it’s not. With proper planning, it will be easy. Let’s know the equipment one will need for the project.

  • Artificial turf
  • Landscaping rakes
  • Utility knife
  • Brick edgings
  • Decompose granite
  • Outdoor putting green
  • Broom

After gathering all the equipment’s now it’s time to plan the work. One must not step into the work before planning it. A proper step-by-step plan will make the work easier and perfect. The planning should be like this,

Map out the Area

The first thing on the row is deciding the place where they want to build the synthetic putting green. Map the area first. The wide and length of the area. It will help measure the synthetic turf for the area. Otherwise one may end up buying larger or smaller turf. Both situations are not expectable.

Select the design of the area. In which shape one wants to create the project. It can be straight, round, or in any shape they want. While selecting the area, one has to make sure that the place has a good drainage facility. Since its outdoor rain and snow will affect the place. If there is no drainage the green will get damaged within some time.

Bring the Artificial Grass

Now it’s time to bring the artificial grass to the area. According to the measurement and shape from the first step, one can buy artificial grass from the market. One thing people have to remember is that the artificial grass comes in rolls that are 7 ½ or 15 feet. To avoid cutting and wasting the grass one can select the area according to this measurement.

Clean the Area

In this part, one has to put their legs into the real work. Because it’s time to clean the existing grass and other things from the area. One cannot just put artificial grass on the natural grass. Because it will create an uneven and unstable interface. Also, the natural grass will grow, which means a more unstable and uneven situation.

For more cleaning, one should dig 1 or 2 inches of soil from the upper section of the area. They have to do the work evenly. The whole area needs to be on an equal surface. Any uneven surface is not recommended. This will also prevent the growth of organic grass.

Put Weed Barrier and Border

Since the lower portion is natural soil, the weed and grass will grow. Eventually, the result will be the same. To avoid such circumstances one has put weed barrier before placing the turf of the putting green. For this one can use a weed barrier or weed cloths on top of the soil.

To keep the deck of the yard by the artificial turf one have to put a border around the area. It will save the natural yard. So, one has to make sure that they are using waterproof borders like plastic to prevent the sagging of the turf.

Install the Base

After all the initial, now it’s time to install the base material. One has to make a proper foundation for the artificial turf. For this one can use decomposed granite which is solid and stable. One can also use shard sand as the base material which is good quality and low-cost way. This base material will help keep the artificial grass dry and natural grass from ruining the area.

After putting the base material into the area, now they have to level the area. The equal surface is important inputting. No uneven surface is recommended.

Install the Synthetic Turf

Finally, it’s time to do the best and last part of the project. After doing all the previous steps properly one can now place the artificial turf over the selected area. Use a utility knife to cut out the extra part of the turf. For shiny and long-lasting tur, one can put putting green infill like silica. It will help perform well also.

As a final part brush the whole area with a broom to remove the dirt and dust from the area. Now it’s ready for action.


Hopefully, this article gave all the answers to the query of how to build a synthetic putting green. One can do it as a DIY project at home. Doing this with the family will be fun. After completing the project it will create a perfect place for the golfer to burnish their skills. Also, a place for the family to spend some quality time tighter gossiping, watching others games, having tee, and all.

Moreover, one must follow the guidelines step by step. A simple mistake can be costly in the process.

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