How to clean golf grips

How to clean golf grips – secrets golfers must know

Knowing how to clean golf grips is an asset. If you know how to clean golf club grips, you can have the taste of feeling like using a new grip. Cleaning the golf pride grips is more comfortable, and there are several ways to do that. Generally, the golf club grips attract dirt, chemicals, and other elements. All the elements make the grip look dirty and uncomfortable for the rounds. So, the golfers also get professional golf club cleaning service as well. However, if you know to clean it at home, it will save your time, money, and efforts.

So, the primary cleaning golf clubs with wd40 alongside some other techniques are explained here. They will help you get a clean golf club grip.

How to clean rubber golf club grip

You know, most of the golf clubs come with a rubber grip. Usually, people love to use the rubber grip as those are handy and last longer. But when they are attached with grim and other elements, the longevity reduces. Therefore, the best way is to keep them clean. The better idea is to wipe them with a towel after every shot on the ground. But most of the golfers do not focus on the issue as they remain busy with the hitting.

What you will need

To clean a rubber golf club grip, you will need fewer elements. Even a golf club cleaning service also takes less time to do the cleaning. First of all, you will need the following items:

  1. 1
    Liquid soap
  2. 2
    A bowl
  3. 3
    Two clean towels

Cleaning process – the cleaning process is simple too. You have to pour the melted soap on the bowl. Stir the soap unless there are bubbles. Once the bubbles are there, you need to start the cleaning.

Soak a towel on the soap, and now use it to wipe the golf grip. Can you see any changes? Well, the towel will get all the dirt and other unwanted elements. The color of the grip will get a change too. It now will look like a new one.

Now, use the other dry towel to wipe the grip again. It will end the cleaning process. Isn’t it too simple?

How to clean white golf grips

Many of the golfers are on the question of how they can keep their white golf grips white like new. Well, this is big trouble for them. Generally, white golf grips look much better than other colors. But you know what – they get dirty quickly. If you compare a white golf grip with a black one, you can find that the white ones get dirty easily. Even, after the very first use, you will find some marks of your fingers or gloves on the grip.

So, the golfers want to get rid of it because when a golf grip becomes dirty, it turns slick. Taking a right and the measured shot is not possible. An uncomfortable feeling is everywhere. So, this is a must to clean them before the next shot or round.

To clean the white golf grips, you will need several things together. If you want to clean at home, you will need the following items:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Cleaning liquid
  3. 3
    Fresh towel

The process is easier. At first, you have to use alcohol to get rid of the untoward marks on the body of the white grip. In this phase, you have to soak the towel on the alcohol. Then wipe the grip body with the towel. You will see that the towel is changing its color. It is removing the spots and marks from the white grip.

In the second step, you need to use the liquid. Use the soap to clean the white grip. Use the towel to rub the body of the grip. Now, all the unwanted elements will vanish. This is a great process too.

Professional wipes

Besides, you can also use the professional wipes for cleaning of your white golf grips. They provide a better cleaning service. And with spending less time, you can have the most elegant looking white golf grip.

The cleaning process is simpler. You have to take a piece of wipe from the box and now use the wipe. Rub the wipe on the body of the grip. All the chemicals, dirt, dust, and other elements will be removed instantly.

You can get different types of professionals wipes within a reasonable price range. They come with necessary cleaning properties and chemicals that remove the oil, dirt, and other elements from the grip. And in the end, you get an excellent white golf grip.

How to clean golf pride grips

The pride grips are different. They are widely used for their specific features. The hybrid grips provide more power and stability to the golfers. So, many of them are now using the grips for their tournaments and regular practices. However, the cleaning process of golf pride grips is easy and comfortable like the other grips. You either can hire a golf club cleaning service or can do it by yourself. When you are hiring a service, you need not know about the cleaning process. But if you want to clean it at home, you can follow the method below.

Things you need,

  1. 1
    An old toothbrush
  2. 2
    Lukewarm water
  3. 3
    Liquid soap
  4. 4
    A fresh and dry towel

Now, mix the liquid soap with the warm water. Make sure the water is not too much warm as it may damage the rubbery portion. Try to create some bubbles on the water. It proves that the soap has mixed with the water properly.

Since this is a type of hybrid, you need to provide an extra effort. Use the brush to rub on the body of the grip. The rubbing will remove the unwanted elements. Rub for around two to three minutes. Now wipe the grip with the dry towel. The cleaning is complete!   

Now, you know how to clean golf grips. You have to spend a couple of minutes to clean your rubber golf club grip or white golf grips or the golf pride grips. Try to make it a routine, and it will help to increase the durability of the grips.

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