How To Hit A Golf Driver

How To Hit A Golf Driver- Basics To Know

Golfing turns enjoyable if you know how to hit a golf driver. Most of the golfers want their golf balls to cross 150 or 200 yards with few shots. But in reality, this is tough. If you would like to know how to hit your driver 300 yards, be patient, and go through the rest. Simple physics is here. When you are using a backswing and little force on your club, you will get the right distance. But to get the perfect shot, you need to follow the other basic rules of golf.

Generally, the golf driver is the giant stick used in the game. So, the application process is a bit different than golf irons or putters. A brief explanation of everything will remove the clouds of confusion.

How To Hit A Golf Driver

How To Hit A Golf Driver

How to hit a golf ball with a driver

This is the first thing you need to know. The driver is an individual element to begin your golfing. So, you are to be careful while using the piece. When you are using a driver, your standing position should be wide. Make sure you have sufficient space between your feet. The additional space will help you to make room for the extra swing of the driver. Unless there are enough swing, you cannot hit the ball with the right pace.

Besides, experts also suggest using a tee while playing with a driver. If you use the tee, the ball will be off the ground. Since the driver has several points to hit the ball, you can hit with the sweet portion. Consequently, the ball will have a higher flight and can reach distances. The other striking rules are similar to a golf driver.   

How To Hit Your Driver 300 Yards

Most of the golfers want to cut their stroke numbers. So, they try to send the golf ball far away within the very first shot. But if you're going to throw your golf ball about 300 yards away, you need to follow particular styles and techniques. The basic rules of striking a golf ball will remain the same. But you need to add some extra elements. They are

  • Make sure your tee is high enough. There should be a gap of 2 inches (approximately) with the ground.
  • You get the right posture to strike. Adjust the golf ball position. Ensure the ball has an angel with the left foot while you have a solid aim.
  • Hold the driver strongly. Use the interlocking system for a better grip.
  • Take a deep breath and hit the ball with force. During the strike, let the swing come naturally.

How to hit a golf ball far with driver

A golf driver plays the lead role in sending the ball far. So, most of the expert golfers begin the match with a driver. However, a few of them can be successful to send the golf ball far. It happens as they lack knowledge about physics. Some of them try to apply physical force alone. But without the combination, this is nearly impossible to send the golf ball 30 meters away. Therefore, when you are trying to send the golf ball far with a driver, follow the tips below.

  • Amend your posture. Bend the knees and widen your feet. Using a tee helps to increase the golf ball flight. So, you must use the tee. When you are not with a tee, the driver may hit the ground, which may slow down its force and swing.
  • Make an aim. Set a distance. Of course, you may not send the golf ball 300 yards, but you can cover a moderate range at least. Without aiming, there are fewer possibilities of reaching a distance.
  • Bring a natural swing. You need to cross or reach 300 yards, but you cannot do it by force alone. The swing should combine with power. And move your body accordingly to align with the golf driver. It will bring the natural swing.

How to hit a golf ball higher with driver

Sometimes, there are obstacles on the golf ground. In those events, the golfers need to take the golf ball higher to cross the barriers. And it also helps to reduce the number of shots. So, when you are planning for a higher shot with the driver, you have to apply some techniques. Make sure you use the tee during the shot. Besides, your capacity also matters most here. A golf ball gets more flight when it comes with the contact of the driver’s center point. 

So, you have to hit the golf ball using the center point of the golf ball. The result is outstanding. If you can make the shot straight, the ball will fly a long path with a moderate height.

How to hit the golf ball lower with driver

Besides, the golfers also need some lower shots. In case of such shots, the force on strike would be less than the usual hits. When you are hitting the ball with low-force, it will not have a full flight. The other thing to focus is to check on the arch created during the shot.

The golfer should not make a full arch of the golf driver for a lower hit. When you are using a full curve shape (you are taking the driver to the lever of your left or right shoulder), it will get more force. You will have a full swing. So, this is unwise to get a complete curve. Instead, you can make a slight curve for the lower shot. And the result would be perfect.

How to hit a draw in golf with driver

A draw shot is a way to curve the ball to a certain extent to cross any obstacles. Taking the shot is not tricky at all; instead, a perfect standing position can make it natural. When you want to hit a draw with your driver, you need to use the driver rightly. Check the driver position. The driver face should be skyward. The slices mostly face downwards, and this is the key difference. Keep your arms wide.

Do not feel the pressure. Most of the beginner golfer lose their control over the shot. They want it quick and take the wrong position. It is wise not to hang back or rotate the body too early unless the driver swings down naturally. Take the shot and check the flight path. This would be a perfect draw to reach your destination. 

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