How to Hold Golf Club

How to Hold Golf Club | Correct Way to Golf Grip

Improving the shots quality golfer should know how to hold golf club appropriately. Without knowing the perfect steps they cannot play well on the green though they play with high quality golf club.

A big factor that comes always to mind that if the golfer cannot hold the club properly, they cannot play accurate shots with their valuable clubs. Most of the golfers can say that is a very easy way to hold a golf club. But, they can be wrong sometimes. It is not such an easy way to hold the club from hitting the ball with it properly.

Maximum time, the golf grip is more responsible to hold the golf club perfectly. Having different shapes of the golf grip, there are some techniques to hold the club as like holding as the professional golfers. In the below, we will take a short tour about some steps for holding the club properly.

What is Golf Grip?

Golf grip comes with some essential parts of any golf club. The golf club is covered with rubberized materials or grips. It is easy to hold the club having these rubber grips. This is very important to know about the proper golf grip. Otherwise, no one can play well. A grip of a golf club can provide the consistent power of shots with high accuracy and more swing speed. The ball swing depends on mainly how the way you grip the ram golf club. So this is very much necessary and mandatory to know all major steps of gripping the golf club perfectly.

How to Grip a Golf Club?

In this section, we describe about all the necessary steps for beginners who do not know the proper way to grip any golf club. Hope these all steps will be very helpful to beginner golfers.

  • Step: 1

The golfer can use their right hand to grip the shaft properly on the top of the club's grip. It is the most important because if you do not hold the very first step of the grip, it will not be satisfied at the last process. So try to follow the perfect rules to hold the grip from the beginning. Holding the grip of the club with the right hands, they should ensure also that the wood golf club stay remains in front of them at a 45-degree angle.

After that, they should turn their left hands over the right hands very tightly with their fingers. They should not use their palm so much to hold the grip. They must use all fingers to hold the grip of the club rather than the palm.

  • Step: 2

Now, they can curl their hands so that they can feel their fingers under the side are attached properly with the grip. Their fingers should contact directly with the grip.

  • Step: 3

In this step, they can roll their left pointer finger to hold the grip more accurately. They can force their palm to hold it tightly but not so much because of controlling it. Their left thumb should be placed on the right side of the club. It helps to move their hands with the clubs properly so that they can take the perfect shots with more swing. So, they should concern about it thus their left thumbs should be on the right side.

  • Step: 4

Holding the grip successfully, this step is most responsible for the golfers. They should follow this sincerely. In this step, they should place their right thumb over the left palms directly with forcefully. They should curl their right pointer finger on the grip so that the whole grip will be sat on their palm. But, keep in mind one important thing that the grip must keep in their finger, not their palm. It will help to move the club perfectly.

  • Step: 5

Now, they can hold the grip properly if they followed the above steps. Sometimes, the right handed golfers are flexible to play long shots so that they must need the proper holding way to the grip. Overall, these steps are absolutely fine to know more.

How to Hold Golf Club

How to Hold Golf Club

Types of Golf Grips

Sometimes, the way of holding the grip properly can vary depending on the grips types. So, people should also know the types of grips which are vastly used on the golf club. It will help to decide how to hold the grip of the club properly.

There are mainly three types of golf grips such as overlapping, interlocking, and 10 finger grip.

  • Overlapping Grip: This is the most common grip that is used by most of the golfers to hold the golf club. In this gripping way, there your most little finger of the right hand is sitting on between the index finger and middle finger of their left hand. So, this way you just overlapped your hands with a tight gripping. It is used vastly by most of the golfers. It can be their favorite one who does not like interlocking or other grips.
  • Interlocking Grip: This is another way to grip the golf club perfectly without any problems. This is also an easy way to grip. For this interlocking system, the golfer should put their little finger of the right hand into the index finger of their left hand. It is just interlocked their two fingers and stay remains the all fingers on the grip completely. Golfers who have small or medium size hands, should use this way to grip. This is perfect for them to hold the golf club properly by gripping the club. The world famous golfer Tiger Woods also uses this interlocking grip system to hold the club perfectly. This is a very easy and most effective method that is taught by every single golf coach.
  • 10 Finger Golf Grip: This is mainly for the beginner or junior golfer way to grip the club. They can use their all fingers for this system. They should put their five fingers on the left hand and then place the other five fingers of their right hands below the left hand. So, it is a very easy and comfortable way to learn the proper gripping way for junior golfers. Using the 10 fingers of their two hands is a great way to create the separation between their hands. Junior golfers can try to learn other two methods also after completing this 10 finger golf grip.

Why is the proper Golf Grip so Important?

Most of the golfer cannot play well though they are experienced enough to play golf. There is a major reason that they cannot know the proper golf grip of the club. This affects their playing shots so that they cannot develop their skills more. Holding and gripping the proper way, they can able to play the more accurate shots with top speed and high accuracy. So, it is most important to know the proper golf grip for playing better. This grip is very crucial to their golf game if the grip does not place well, it will affect their game a lot.

Final Thoughts

Finally, people can play well by following some major steps about how to hold a golf club perfectly. From the beginning, every golfer should learn the proper way to golf grip. It will be helpful to play accurate shots using the golf club. It is most important to know the exact way to grip golf. Professional players already know this way so that beginners can take help from these famous players. In the above, we also discussed a lot about types of grips and also show some major steps to learn to hold the golf club.

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