How To Improve Your Golf Game Shortcuts-The Easy Way

Golf is a sport that can be easy and bewildering at the same time. It won’t take you a lifetime to get a grasp of the basics but perfecting your skills is a long term commitment. That said, you don’t necessarily have to blister your hands in the course to level up your game.

Addressing some basic areas and applying some nifty techniques could work wonders in speeding up your improvement. Today, we will show you how to improve your golf game by following some golf mindset tips.

8 ways to help easily improve your golf game


Correcting your stance is the first and foremost thing to do when you are attempting to get better at golf. The one familiar trait you’d see among pro golfers is their positioning accuracy. Your grip, stance, and positioning will be the determining force of your golfing performance. Avoid having a firm grip on your club. Relax your grip and relieve arm tension. Easing up would make golf much easier for you. Also, keep your back upright to accommodate proper body rotation.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart to get a strong stance while you swing the club. Move your shoulder and hips to the opposite direction of the ball, when you are initiating the swing. Once you are swinging back to hit it, move your shoulder and hips towards the ball and keep your head unmoved.


Striking it to the furthest corner of the park always seems tempting, but the truth is you can resolve your shortcoming by taking it off a notch. Focusing on more centered hits would improve your control and by default, the readings on your scorecard.

Keeping the ball on a disciplined path would boost your chances of scoring greens and fairways manifold rather than hitting it as far as you can. Try to figure out how the relationship between the impact angle and the swing trajectory. Once you master that, you could take your shots with much more accuracy.


Perfect Wedges can be used to a great extent to get some greens on your scorecard.  Wedges are open faced in design and heavier than regular clubs. So, most golf training guides recommend using them for attempting short distance chips and lobs.

The length of your swing would dictate the distance covered by your shot. Practice wedge shots with varying swings to understand how hard you’d need to hit the ball to cover a specific distance. Start with slower sings and gradually turn up the tempo. This is essential to polishing your distance and directional senses as a golfer.


Most golfers concentrate on getting their lines sharp without working on correcting their pace. Getting your pace on the money should be a larger priority since it influences your line; not the other way around. In fact, it will not be an overstatement to claim that pacing is the only thing you need to worry about if you want to perfect your line.

Proper pacing would make you strive on greens, even in competitive and high pressure scenarios. It will help you make more putts and revamp your low score shooting abilities.


If you want to learn how to improve your swing (youtube), you must learn the ins and outs of your physical ability first. Don’t try to imitate PGA Tour players; remember they are seasoned professionals and they have been at it for a while.

The most fruitful strategy would be to identify your drawbacks and try to work your way around them. Don’t overstress your body. Accepting your flaws and working accordingly would give you an edge over your competition. This will improve your game overnight and make golf more enjoyable to you.


How difficult could it be to grip a club? Not much but then again, it is the one thing that most recreational golfers get wrong! Holding your grip the right way is key to taking a proper swing with your golf club. Most first timers hold the club in their palms which prevents them from generating a proper, impactful swing.

You need to grip the club on your fingers to make your swings better. You can check whether your grip is right or not by applying the hinge mechanism. If you hold it the way it is supposed to, then you’ll be able to hinge the club on your hand.


A trivial fact that helped me improve my golf is adjusting the position of my top thumb. Many golfers have the thumb on their top hand extended over the club. This might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it is! The main obstruction this creates is it makes the swing too long, so the club head drops off when the club gets on top.

This will severely mess up your impact angle and your shot would end up nowhere near the target. If you keep your thumb short, it will keep the club head upright at the maximum swinging position.


Hybrids and irons have the same amount of yardages in them, but most recreational golfers find it easier to play with hybrids. The height casual golfers can reach with their wedges are often seemed to be attained by pro golfers with their regular irons.

Hitting so high with regular irons requires superior swing speed and skills; most pastime players don’t have that. Hybrids incorporate a nifty clubhead design that shifts the center of gravity towards the back end of the clubhead. Thanks to this distinctive feature, you can get the ball airborne much easier with a hybrid club.

No matter which age group you belong to, you can spend some quality time outdoors golfing. And when you start to hit those perfect drives and put away those putters, you’ll fall in love with the game even more. Hopefully, the tidbits we discussed in this article would give you a better idea on how to improve your golf game. By working on these basic steps, you’ll make yourself a better golfer in no time.

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