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How to measure putter length? Putter length chart- What length of putter do I need

A putter is an excellent tool for putting the golf ball into the hole. But most of the golfers underestimate about the perfect proportion of putter. They give their concentration on the other club rather than the putter.
Measuring the putter is important cause it gives you a balanced shot-making opportunity while you are trying to put the golf ball into the hole.

But measuring the putter is not the easiest task that you think will do in a second. You need to pick up the right equipment and you need to have proper knowledge about how you should appropriately measure the putter.

Putter length chart

golf putter

golf putter

With the perfect proportion of your height, you can choose the perfect putter that will suit the best. If you don't know which putter, you should choose with the proportion of your height, then you can see the chart that can help you out with choosing your putter.

Down below is the chart that you can follow-

Standard putter length chart



6 feet or taller


5 feet 10 to 5 feet 11


5 feet 9 to 5 feet 10


5 feet 5 to 5 feet 8


5 feet 3 to 5 feet 4


5 feet 1 to 5 feet 2


4 feet 11 to 5 feet


4 feet 10 and shorter


Belly putter length



6 feet 2 or taller

54 to 47 inches

5 feet 9 to 6 feet 1

41 to 44 inches

5 feet 8 or shorter

38.5 to 40 inches

Long putter chart



6 feet 2 or taller


6 feet to 6 feet 1


6 feet to 5 feet 11


5 feet 10 to 5 feet 11


5 feet 9 to 5 feet 11


5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9


5 feet 7 to 5 feet 8


5 feet 6 and shorter


After you complete measuring the putter length of yours see which length will suit you properly and pick that one for having a perfect experience of putting the golf ball into the hole.

measure putter length

For measuring your putter in the correct way you a first you need to collect all the necessary equipment that you will need for measuring the putter.

Now as I have told about equipment, you maybe are thinking about a tape measure scale right?

Or maybe some sort of yardstick?

Nope, these are not the necessary equipment for correctly measuring your putter.

Most of the players make the wrong thing about picking up the right equipment for measuring their putter.

You maybe have a lot of collection of putters but you don't know how to measure them and as a result, when you are out for playing and putting the ball into the golf hole you make a mistake.

If you want to measure your putter in the appropriate way you need to collect an edge which is 48 inches long. The edge can be of any kind of materials but make sure if the edge is 48 inches long or not.

That is all you need for correctly measuring your putter.

Now, let's move to the second step which is measuring the putter.

For accurately measuring the putter you need to make sure if the center of the putter is flat on the ground. The other parts of the putter can stay a little up but you need to make sure that the center of the putter stays flat on the ground.

Then place the bottom of your 48 inches’ edge in the center of your putter. You need to try to keep the measuring stick as close as possible to the shaft.

Now it is done. The number now that you will get at the top of the putter grip is the actual measurement of your putter.

What length of putter do I need?

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Well as we have mentioned earlier the length of the putter that you should pick for having a perfect experience of putting.

The first most important thing you need to do is measuring your putter length and then compare the length of your putter with the height of yours.

If the length of the putter match with the height of yours given in the chart, then you can start putting with this putter.

Otherwise, you have to think about buying another one.

Final words

It can ruin your total gameplay if you miss it putting the golf ball into the hole.

For making a perfect putting you need to have a perfect putter of yourself.

As for picking up the perfect putter, you need to know how to measure the putter correctly and then you have to make sure if the length of the putter match with your height.

If the length of the putter does not match with your height, you will feel a troublesome experience while putting the golf ball.

Know the basic things appropriately for measuring your golfing putter and then choose which length of the putter is for your work.

Making any wrong move can be handy.

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