Is Golf in the Olympics?

Is Golf in the Olympics?

At previous times, golf was not found available in the Olympic game. The official program of the Summer Olympic Games from 1900 and 1904 has launched the golf game into the sector.

Is Golf in the Olympics?

At previous times, golf was not found available in the Olympic game. The official program of the Summer Olympic Games from 1900 and 1904 has launched the golf game into the sector.

After that time, the golf game didn't get seen for a long time. In 2009 October, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to reestablish the game in Copenhagen for the 2016 Summer Olympic session.

Golf Game Debut in Olympics

Most common indoor and outdoor sports and games come into the Olympics every season. Just like the same, golf games has also entered the Olympic sector a long time ago. Beginning of the year 1900, the International Olympic Committee placed a proposal for adding golf into the Olympic seasons. As the Olympics get held every year, all the professional golfers of both men and women will participate in the game from their own country. Professional Golfers Association (PGA) has approved the proposal and added golf games as one of the Olympic Games. From 1900 to 1904, golf game was abuzz in the Olympic sessions.

But unfortunately, the game got discontinued because of no serious response or even no demands back to the previous times. In the 19th century, the golf game was not very well known and popular in the world as football and other games had taken the place. After discontinuing, the golf game was never seen for a long period in the Olympic Games. But in the year 2009, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)session from Copenhagen decided to re-launch the game for the upcoming Olympic sessions from 2016

Qualifying Procedure

Both the man and women golfers have the accessibility to the Olympic Games from the golf sector. Qualifying the players was based on the Official World Golf Ranking of men and Women's Golf Ranking. Maximum 4 golfers from each country had the direct qualifying ability in the Olympics from both men and women. A total of 15 golfers from each man and woman team get qualified for the game. Second ranked players from each country get qualified by comparing between two for the game.

Total Events

There were a total of 4 events of Olympic Games with golf till now. These sessions were held at different times. They are:

  • Olympic Session of 1900
  • Olympic Session of 1904
  • Olympic Session of 2016 and
  • Olympic Session of 2020

First, two of the sessions were accomplished at the previous time of discontinuing where the last two of them get held after the re launching of the golf game. All these 4 sessions of the Olympic Game got played by both the man and women teams.

In 1908, an Olympic session from London Games was supposed to hold a men’s individual game as the session has been set after 4 years. But during some conflicts among the fellow golfers, the game got boycotted from the total event.

The Olympic Game authority decided to honor George Lyon (gold medalist from 1904 session) with the default gold medal. But he refused the offering instead of accepting.

 A total of 4 of the Olympic Sessions for the golf game had been placed in 4 different areas and countries. The place along with the courses and years has been given below:



Hosted City


Compiègne golf club



Glen Echo Country Club, Normandy

Saint Louis, Missouri


Olympic Golf Course,Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janerio, Brazil


Kasumigaseki Country Club, Kawagoe

Tokyo, Japan

These sessions have been performed till now.

1900 summer Olympic Golf session

Men’s Individuals

From the debut of the golf game in the Olympic session back to 1900, there was a total of 12 competitors from 4 nations. Charles Sands from the United States had won the game while Walter Rutherford from Great Britain had taken second place in rank. Coming on the third position, David Robertson had listed his name.

Women’s Individuals

At the same time as the Men's, the Women's golf game also took place. There were only two countries with 10 golfers. The United States and France. Just after the day of Men's individuals, the game for Women got performed on the 3rd of October in Compiègne Club of Northern France. Margaret Abbott from the United States held the first position as the gold medalist. In second and third place, both of the golfers held the medal from the United States. They are respectively Pauline Whittier and Abbie Pratt. The rest of the other players from France held the ranking.

Time Schedule

Both of the Men’s and Women’s golf game final in the Olympics took place between one day.

For men's the game held on 2nd October, Tuesday, 1900

For women's the game held on 3rd October, Wednesday, 1900

1904 Summer Olympic Golf Session

The second event of Golf in Olympic got placed in Glen Echo Country Club of Normandy, Missouri. A total of 75 golfers from 2 different nations participated in the game. Canadian golfer named George Lyon has won the game with the gold medal while Chandler Egan from the United States took the second position. Two of the golfers from the United States got placed as the bronze holder in 3rd and 4th position. They are Burt McKinnie and Francis Newton.

Schedule of the Time

The game had been played for a total of 5 days. Each of the days has been placed accurately. Here is the schedule of the 1904 Golf Olympic game.



19th September Monday,1904


20th September Tuesday,1904

Round of 32

21st September Wednesday, 1904

Round of 16

22nd September Thursday,1904


23rd September



24th September

Saturday, 1904


Is Golf in the Olympics

Is Golf in the Olympics

2016 Summer Olympic Golf session

Men’s Individuals

After a very long gap of almost 112 years, the game got placed again in the Olympics back in 2016. Olympic Golf course from Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the golf course where the total session took place. For competing, there was a total of 60 golfers from 34 nations winning the title. At the end of the session, Justin Rose from Great Britain achieved the gold medal, Swedish player HenrikStenson came second and Matt Kuchar from the United States achieved the third position with bronze.


A total of 4 days got used for completing the whole session. The schedule is,



11th August 2016, Thursday

First Round

12th August 2016, Friday

Second Round

13th August 2016, Saturday

Third Round

14th August 2016,


Final Round

Women’s Individuals

After several days of Men's game, Women's individual took place in the same area. For the gold, Inbee Park from South Korea had held the place by defeating Lydia Ko from New Zealand with the silver medal herself. ShanshanFeng from China had placed in third with the bronze.


As both of the men and women individual have taken place in the same venue, there was a little bit difference in the schedule only. And here it is.



17th August 2016 Wednesday

First Round

18th August 2016 Thursday

Second Round

19th August 2016 Friday

Third Round

20th August 2016 Saturday

Final Round

So these are the Olympic Sessions of golf game according to their times with winners. The 2020 Olympic Golf Game has not been placed yet as there is a pandemic situation during COVID-19. But soon, the listing along with the Men's and Women's individual winners will be revealed after the end of the pandemic.

Golf Ranking

As the golfers from Olympic getting updated day by day depending on the performance. Here is a ranking that has been listed on 1st March 2021 by IGF (International Golf Federation)

For men:

Rank        Country        Name

1                USA   Justin Thomas

2                ESP    Jon Rahm

3                USA   XanderSchauffele

4                USA   Bryson DeChambeau

5                USA   Collin Morikawa

6                GBR   Tyrrell Hatton

7                NOR  ViktorHovland

8                JPN    Hideki Matsuyama

9                IRL     Rory McIlroy

10              GBR   Matt Fitzpatrick

And for Women:

RankCountry Name

1       KOR  Jin Young Ko

2       KOR  In Bee Park

3             KOR Sei Young Kim

4             USA Nelly Korda

5             CANBrooke M. Henderson

6       USA  Danielle Kang

7       KOR  Hyo-Joo Kim

8       NZL   Lydia Ko

9             USA Lexi Thompson

10     AUS  Minjee Lee

As all the names are listed according to the rank, they can be changed in the future depending on the game and the golfer's performance.

Golf Game Contribution and role in Olympic Games

Judging the contribution of the Golf Game in the Olympics means measuring the whole term related to golf. Re debut of the golf game in the Olympics back in 2016 revealed the necessity and demand of the game among both male and female golfers. In some of the countries and areas, golf games got taken majorly. The golf game is having a great contribution and playing a vital role in the Olympic Games. And the main reason behind this term is, people from all over the world getting an idea and knowledge about the game. Thus the demand for the game along with the rules and regulations getting increased from the Olympics.

There was a time when the golf game completely got detached from the Olympics even lost the existence. But after a long period, the game gets launched again in the Olympics by the authority knowing of the value. Few of the advisors create an issue for discontinuing the game from the Olympic sector. But still, the game is getting held into the Olympics and will stay the same in the future.

Passionate golfers will willingly go to the Olympic level with their performance and skill to achieve the title for the country and mark them in history.

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