Nikon COOLSHOT 40i

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder-Nikon’s ID Technology

Nikon presents the world’s best quality made rangefinder for users. If you become a golfer, highly recommend using Nikon golf rangefinder. Among their top rangefinder – Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Laser Rangefinder is best. It’s very lightweight - easy to carry in a pocket. It recommends golfer because it offers priority target mode where you focus group of objects. Power button comes to 8 seconds continuous measurement on the object. This is hugely beneficial when ranging a flagstick through branches. More than you can zoom in and out your shots and objects. See ahead, behind distance to the flagstick. 6x monocular include in Nikon COOLSHOT laser rangefinder – which offer you crystal clear view at any weather. For your golf career orientation, we present manufacturer to review and features for your quick service. Let’s take a tour

About Nikon

Nikon is a world leader in optics and is revolutionizing laser rangefinder technology. This technology is used in the COOLSHOT 40i to provide the user with clear and accurate distance readings every time on the golf course.

Nikon coolshot 40i Product Description

•Brand Name: Nikon

•Rangefinder Name: Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Laser Rangefinder

•Item model number: 16202

•Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.4 x 1.8 inches ; 5.6 ounces

•Shipping Weight: 13.6 ounces

•Batteries 1 C batteries required. (included)

•Warranty: 2 Years

•Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

Price Range: 280 to 320

nikon coolshot 40i

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Reviews

  • ID Technology displays slope-adjusted distance, as well as to-the-target distance, enabling you to select the proper club for uphill or downhill shots.
  • HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurement response, in approx. 0.5 second, regardless of distance to the target.
  • Incredible ranging capability (8-650 yards), reported in ½ yard increments, with an accuracy
  • No one laser product, power output not exceeding .0975 militates
  • See what lies ahead, behind, above or below with fantastic sharpness and clarity
  • The integral 6-power monocular is featuring legendary Nikon optics.
  • Push and release the POWER button for 8-second continuous measurement scanning, allowing quick measurements to multiple targets.
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • imported

Smart Feature of COOLSHOT 40i

COOLSHOT 40i Features 8-650 Yard Ranging Capability
Nikon's ID Technology
Weight: 5.6 ounces

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i vs.Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder 

COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder reviews:

The COOLSHOT 40i golf laser rangefinder is the most powerful golf laser rangefinder in the Nikon Golf product line. With several modes to choose from, a golfer will never feel lost during a round. With the COOLSHOT 40i, finding a measurement through trees has never been more comfortable with Distant Target Priority mode. With one hit of the mode button, this can switched to First Target Priority mode, which picks up the closest object in a group of targets. What sets this rangefinder apart is the golf mode. In golf mode, the COOLSHOT 40i will use the ID (incline/decline) technology to give slope-adjusted yardage. This measurement is beneficial in club selection on a course with elevation changes.

The Ultimate Golf Tool

With multiple modes to choose from, including slope adjusted distances, the COOLSHOT 40i is the most versatile rangefinder in the Nikon Golf line. Whether it is an uphill shot over water or a dogleg with a creek running through the middle, the COOLSHOT 40i is the ideal tool for anyone trying to improve his or her game. It is also indispensable for dialing-in club distances at the driving range.

Stress-Free Club Selection for Shots with Elevation Change Eliminate Second Guessing.

The golf COOLSHOT 40i has golf mode, it helps inselecting a club and figuring out yardage on a Shot with elevation change has never been more manageable. The ID (incline/decline) technology will you to straight measurement and a slope-adjusted measurement to eliminate all guess-work.

Easy to use

The rangefinder is so simple to handle, it can go from package to course ready in a matter of minutes. With one click of a button, the HYPER READ technology kicks in and allows for fast, easy distance assessment to bunkers, fairways, trees, ponds, and the flagstick.

Distant Target Priority Mode

COOLSHOOT brings revolutionary technology, it will give you the distance reading of the furthest targeted object amongst a group of objects. It'shugely beneficial when ranging a flagstick through branches.

First Target Priority Mode

This is extremely beneficial when ranging a flagstick in front of a group of trees.

8-Second Continuous Measurement

Push the Power button,and the rangefinder will continuously reach for eight seconds. This is great when trying to find measurements of multiple or very small or thin objects, allowing you to know the distances to hazards, pins, mounds, and trees in a push of the button.

ID (incline/decline) Technology

ID Technology, the COOLSHOT 40i displays slope-adjusted distance as well as to-the-target distance. Enabling you to select the proper club for uphill or downhill shots.

Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Key Features

HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurement response, in approx. 0.5 second, regardless of distance to the target. Increment Reading: 0.5 yards, Eye Relief: 18.3 mm.

COOLSHOT 40 builds in powerful USGA compliant. By HYPER READ technology, it comes in hand by its lightweight and user can operatequickly and get accurate measurements regardless of the distance to the object. Also, since this gives measurements in half-yard increments, being dialed-in to the pin has never been easier.


Nikon used best materials and technology in the COOLSHOT 40 which allow you to continued use during inclement weather. Having a wide temperature tolerance and being rainproof, there is no need to put this rangefinder away when the weather turns poor.

Versatile Tool

The COOLSHOT 40 rangefinder can range any object within sight. It includes hills, doglegs, trees, bunkers, lakes, golf carts, and eventually the flagstick. No need for satellites or reflectors to find a distance to any desired object.

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  • HYPER READ technology gives quick and accurate readings every time, whether 8 yards or 650 yards.
  • Weatherproof and temperature tolerant from 14ºF to 122 F
  • Two-year Warranty
  • If any Nikon rangefinder is found to have defects in artistry or materials, Nikon will, at its option, repair or replace it at no charge for two years from the date of purchase.
  • The slope feature which is not tourneyed legal but for the typical golfer its perfect. Very small in size and very accurate and easy to use.


Be aware before the set time limit for return and check the item carefully when you receive the rangefinder package.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Where is this manufactured?

Answer: Made in China, the manufacturer is however from Japan

Question: Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: Nikon golf offerstwo years warranty in this model.

Question: Does it lock on pin more than 200 yards?

Answer: Yes, it locks onto targets beyond 200yds with a steady hand!

Question: Does the slope mode disabled during the tournament?

Answer: No, it’s always turn on.

In verdict to say, Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Laser Rangefinder is a fantastic tool for all golfer. I recommend you to buy COOLSHOT 40i. The rangefinder work as its described feature. Besides you get a warranty. Nikon offerstwo years warranty. More than you get distance reading feature. Order now if you wanted to be a successful golfer in tournament legal.

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