As A Golfer Must Need To Know –TOP GOLF FOOD MENU CHART

PGA tour coverages do not reveal how tough the game is. Long range shots, high precision targeting, and long walks along the courses need a lot of strength. However, if you handicap yourself with heavy foods during the game, the outcome will not be enjoyable.
I have tailored a Menu Chart for golfers based on my personal experience, conversation with veteran Golfers, and off course nutritionists. This will provide a guideline for golf tournament food ideas. You can always modify based on your nutritional preferences. 

we hope you find the top golf  food menu and drinks as enjoyable as the games.

What should golfers eat for breakfast?- TOP GOLF FOOD MENU

Breakfast is the most crucial meal on your game day. You need to set the Menu in a way so that you neither full nor feel hungry. Get your breakfast at least 2-3 hours before the game starts. Studies show this is the optimum time lag for nutrients to absorb in your body.
I have talked with some of my veteran Golfer friends. They give me some quick but powerful breakfast menu for the game day. 

  • Light Cream Spread on Brown Bagel
  • Grilled Chicken/Fish Veggie Salad (Tiger Wood’s favorite!)
  • Nuts with steel-cut Oatmeal
  • Veggie Omelet with Fresh Fruits
  • Fruit-Yogurt medley
  • Fresh Pasta Sauce on brown Spaghetti
  • Hot Scrambled Eggs on Brown toast
  • Broccoli Cheddar soup with Grilled Chicken Sandwich

What do golfers eat before a round?

Golfers meals changes with the game. You need more fat and protein at the beginning while more carbs are required at the end. However, you need a combination of all before pushing the cart over the course.

High Protein Foods

We know from BIO 101 class that protein builds up the body. Thus, your body needs a pool of protein before the game. It will help quick recovery from any wear and tear during the high-tension sessions.
Fish, Eggs, and White Meats will be some great sources of protein. Additionally, these foods will digest fast without giving you any heaviness. 

Good Fats

Yes, fat can be good too. Butter, red meats, and any deep fried junks are the primary enemy of any golfers. These foods will not only slow you down during the game but also damages your vital organs.
Grab some Salmons (best if baked!), Avocado, or Nuts before the game. These are full of saturated fats and Omega-3. All of these good fats will keep your heart healthy to love both the game and your loved ones.

Complex Carbs 
Carbs generally come in two forms, Simple and Complex. Simple carbs are not suitable for golfers. However, you need complex carbs to keep you fit during your game.
Load your plate with vegetables, fruits, and beans. These will provide you low-glycemic carbs. Additionally, you will get bursts of minerals and vitamins from these. You can also get these carbs from granola bars like Clif Bars. 

Some Starch is also necessary 

Health conscious people do not prefer starch in food. Nevertheless, a small amount of starch is essential for long distance shots! You can get whole grain starch from rice, potatoes, Quinoa, or whole grain bread.
My preference is Quinoa. This colorful grains blend is full of flavor and freshness. If you can mix any high protein item with the Quinoa, nothing can stop you from a winning per. 

What should you eat while golfing? 

You need to keep your body well fed with appropriate foods. Pushing junk down your gullet will not keep you energized for the game. Therefore, you need something light in weight but heavy with nutrients.

Hard Boiled Eggs

It is my favorite since childhood. During long schooldays or sports, it always kept me ready-to-go. You can have the same reviving energy from it. Furthermore, boiled eggs are easy to prepare and carry anywhere.
Peel and sprinkle some salt-pepper on it. You can enjoy the great taste along with all the greatness of healthy fat and protein. 

Sticks of Cheese

Just like boiled eggs, cheeses are a great source of protein, fat, and calcium. These nutrients will help you to find, focus, and take a fabulous shot. These easy-to-carry milk solids are available anywhere.
Some of the varieties like Cheddar, Monterrey Jack stay fresh for a longer time. However, you can keep them fresh for a longer time in the insulated Cooler pouch in your Golf Bag.

Nut Mix

Nuts are great for Guts! Moreover, they come with a diverse range of nourishment. Cashew, Almond, Pecans, and Peanuts; all make a great combination of great taste and nutrition.
You will get quick energy during long sessions. Moreover, the right amount of fiber, fat, and minerals will keep you on edge for winning per.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

You will get all the goodness of nuts but in a convenient way. My favorite combination is Whole Wheat Bagel and Peanut Butter. However, my wife likes to pack Whole Wheat Bread instead. I am not sure is it for the nutritional value or convenient size!
If you can have a Banana with the sandwich, there will be no shortage of energy for the whole day. Minerals and Vitamins in Banana, as well as Protein and Fiber in the sandwich, will be a pool of power for you.

How much water should you drink during a round of golf?

Golf is a game of Mind and Body. Therefore, you need to keep both replenished and hydrated. I know what you are thinking, hydrating mind, really? Yes, hydrating your body will maintain optimum brain activities and muscle movements. Did you get your answer?
Staying dehydrated even merely 2-3% will cut down 10% of your performance. In a round, this means up to 8-shots. Do you really want to miscue this shot because of a bottle of water? I am sure you do not want to.
You need to take at least 16-oz water with a pre-game meal. Furthermore, take 8-oz of water around 20-30 minutes before the round. If you want to make winning a habit, you have to make a habit of sipping water during every tee.

Get Good Food for Great Game

A healthy Menu is essential for your game day. It will help you to arrange meals according to nutritional values and convenient. I know you need both physical agility and mental peace before the rounds. Thus, use this Menu to organize your meals to have a win the game.

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