what golf ball should i use

What golf ball should I use? Golf ball beginner guides

Having trouble choosing your golf ball? Quite natural!

It’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are lots of best prices for your golf ball is available in the market.

But, does every one of them is suitable for you?

We will be discussing the methods that you need to follow for choosing your perfect golf ball.

When it is about choosing your golf ball, the two most important key that you need to keep in your mind is the feel and spin.

Now feel means how it sound with the contact of the club and how consistent the ball is.

The spin of the ball will determine how much distance the ball will pass when you make your stroke.

we will discuss everything that will ensure both the spin and feel for you to choose the perfect golf ball.

Methods to choose

1. Pick as many balls possible

the first thing that you need to do for choosing an appropriate golf ball is picking up many of them.

Pick 4-5 different types of ball and have a few of those all individual types.

2. Starts with putting

The next thing that you need to do is testing all the balls by making some puts.

Gather all the balls in the green side area and try putting with every one of them.

While you are aiming for putting, make sure to notice the ball that you feel comfortable with.

Ask yourself if the ball has enough spin and enough consistency.

If they are too much or too little in quantity get rid of them.

3. Do some chipping practice

now it’s time to do some chipping practice with all the golf balls.

Try to feel the ball. ask yourself if the ball sounds good or if the ball is consistent or not.

Make sure to notice the distance capacity of the ball.

If the ball is too speedy avoid it. If the ball does not have enough speed, get rid of it also.

4. Pitching practice

After you have completed your chipping practice, now, it is the time for doing pitching practice.

For pitching do some short and long-range stroke.

For short-range pick distance like 20,30 or 40 yards and for long-range stroke pick a distance like 60,70 or 80 yards.

How are you feeling?

Is the ball make a great sound with contact?

Is the ball consistent?

Is the ball can pass the distance that you are expecting?

If all of the answers are yes, then this is your ideal ball so far.

If the answer is no for even one question.

Avoid the ball.

5. Iron test

If your golf ball manages to pass all the previous tests, now it’s time to try them with your iron club.

Testing them with 7-iron should be an ideal choice.

Try to make a smooth stroke with your iron club and try to feel the stroke.

Look at the distance you manage to pass with every stroke.

Like before if you feel that the feeling and distance capability is great, it’s time to take them to the next steps.

6. Driver test

This is the last step that you need to make for picking up you’re appropriate golf ball.

If your golf ball has passed all the previous steps, then it should be a great ball.

But still, we will not say that you should go picking the ball.

Try the ball with your driver.

If you feel great about the ball with your driver too then there should not be any hesitation at all.

This is the right fit ball that you are looking for.

Should you look at the brands?

Not at all. This is the silliest question that every beginner asks before choosing their golf ball.

There are a lot many golf ball brands available in the market who produces quality ball.

But that does not mean that they will fit your needs.

You have to pick up your own golf ball that suits your needs.

Other than that, there is a chance that you will not feel comfortable with your golf ball in the main course of the game.

Final words

having a great golf ball in time of playing golf can give you a further advantage in the main course.

That is why choosing the right fit golf ball is important.

In this article, we have tried to show you the steps that you need to follow for choosing the right fit golf ball for you.

For your convenience, make sure you give a look at them-

  1. Try with every kind of stroke
  2. Try every clubs
  3. Look for consistency
  4. Look for perfect sound
  5. Look for great contact
  6. Make sure the ball has great distance capability
  7. Make sure the spin production is stable
  8. Don’t go for choosing brands instead of choosing quality.

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