What is a hybrid golf club

What is a hybrid golf club? How to hit a hybrid golf club? and distance chart

If you are living in the modern world, then you must know that hybrid is a combination of different materials.

In golf, clubs are made with two types of materials in general.

In hybrid golf clubs, instead of using one particular material, they use both the two materials.

Hybrid clubs are in general, the combination of steel and wood.

Hybrid clubs are nowadays getting its peak popularity.

golf hybrid

Because of its high forgiveness and maximum distance capability players nowadays tend to prefer hybrid golf clubs than iron golf clubs.

As hybrid golf clubs are made with different particles so they are expected to increase productivity.

You maybe are thinking that by following trends, people are choosing hybrid clubs rather than iron clubs.

But, I can assure you that it is not the trend for what people are choosing hybrid club rather it is the quality that they are ensuring.

If you are doubtful about replacing your old iron club with a new hybrid club, then you may follow the whole article.

I hope that we will be able to give you a clear conception of what you should change your old iron club.

Popular hybrid Clubs

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Hybrid golf clubs distance chart

Hybrid golf clubs tend to produce more distance and speed than iron clubs. That is why for the last four or five years’ hybrid clubs are being popular among the golfers.

Here is the distance chart of hybrid that may give you some information if you are looking for a clear conception.



Distance-men(slow-med-fast) yards

Distance-women(slow-med-fast) yards





































How to choose a hybrid golf club?

As the popularity of the hybrid golf clubs is increasing day by day people are now choosing hybrid golf clubs very often.

For ensuring quality, they are asking for questions like how they should pick up the right hybrid club for them.

for the present situation, hybrid clubs are being replaced with the long irons. Even they are being replaced with the fairy wood also.

Before choosing the hybrid club for you, you need to find out which of the clubs you are trying to replace with the hybrid.

After you find out, now it is time for finding the match of your hybrids with your irons or fairy wood.

After completing the task now you have to look for the variation angle or loft angle of your hybrid. The lower the loft the more distance the hybrid club is tend to produce.

At last, you should look for the number of your hybrid. The higher the number of the hybrid the lower it is supposed to reach distance.

It means hybrid 1 tends to reach more distance than hybrid 2.

After looking at all these features now you may go for searching the construction material of the hybrid so that you can have a smooth feeling while playing with your hybrid driver.

Benefits of Hybrid Golf Clubs

If you are familiar with golf for so long, then you may know that iron clubs are famous for ensuring maximum forgiveness and wood clubs are famous for increasing the capability of reaching maximum distance.

Now, in hybrid clubs it is a mixture of both iron and wood.so, they tend to produce more balance of your forgiveness and distance quality.

That is why modern players are finding it easier to play with a hybrid club than a particular iron club.

Another benefit of having a hybrid club is that the clubface of any individual iron tends to be smaller. Especially, the 1-4 iron clubs are difficult to hit because of their smaller clubface.

On the other hand, a fairy wood club tends to have a long shaft and it requires a player to have enough room for selecting their shot.

The hybrid club seems to solve all these problems.

With a proper balanced clubface and forgiveness, hybrid golf clubs are trusted to produce more quality.

That is why players of recent times tend to use hybrid clubs instead of using 1-4 iron or only fairy wood.

Hybrid clubs make it easier for the player to choose a balanced shot.

Besides hitting a hybrid club is more like hitting an iron club. Even sometimes it is easier to hit with a hybrid club.

In case you have never played with a hybrid club you may find it tough. But believe me, it's easy to hit with a hybrid club. You may read the following article for having an idea about the hitting procedure-

How to hit a hybrid golf club?

In case you are not familiar with hitting hybrid golf clubs but are willing to play with hybrids then worrying about the correct method of hitting the golf ball is quite normal.

But you just need not worry about hitting the golf ball with a hybrid.

Actually, there are no hard and fast rules about making your shot with the hybrid clubs. Players very often say that hitting with a hybrid club is more like hitting with your iron club.

It’s about finding your own method or techniques of hitting.

Before you try my methods I would like to suggest that you give it a try like you hit with your iron or fairy wood club.

If you find it comfortable then I would say that you maintain your own style and keep practicing.

There is a chance that gradually with practice you will be able to hit more comfortably with your instinctive style.

But if you would like to know some additional steps that can be helpful then we can say that there are two ways that you may follow for hitting with your hybrid golf club.

For the first step, place the golf ball in front of your sternum. Now place the middle of your body just behind the golf ball. Make sure that the middle of the body is slightly behind the golf ball, not that much, just a little. You need not move too far to the left and too far to the right.

Now, hit with your hybrid club. For the first time if you do not feel comfortable try for another couple of times.

If you think it’s going to work. Then keep trying.

In case you have a lofted hybrid. Then you may follow the second step.

This time, place your sternum more over the top of the golf ball.

Now, make your swing and hit the golf ball.

For the very first time, you may not feel comfortable.

But gradually it should improve.

Truths to be spoken, there are no rules for hitting with your hybrid clubs. Some prefer hitting like an iron club and some prefer hitting like a fairy wood.

It’s just up to you to find out which types suit you the perfect.

hybrid vs. iron club

Club name



Club name

















Can you guess why it is gaining more popularity than an iron club?

Because they tend to produce more speed and forgiveness than an average iron club.

If you are also finding it easier to play with a hybrid club, then why procrastinating?

Go to have a new one for you too.

Which iron club to replace with which hybrid?

You maybe are thinking about replacing your iron club with a hybrid club. But it's common that you don’t know with which hybrid club you should replace your iron club.

For your concern, we have made a chart that can be useful when you are thinking about replacing your iron club with an equivalent hybrid club.

And remember hitting a hybrid club is more like hitting with your iron club.

But if you are hesitating or finding it troublesome, you may follow our suggestion discussed above in this article.

The chart for replacing your iron clubs with hybrids is follows-


Replace with


2 iron

Replace with

3 hybrid

3 iron

Replace with

3 hybrid

4 iron

Replace with

4 hybrid

5 iron

Replace with

5 hybrid

6 iron

Replace with

5 hybrid

Maintain the balance for having a perfect enjoyment with your hybrid club.


Hybrid clubs are a great invention of modern days in golf.

As in all other sectors, hybrid products are making it easier for all of us to lead a comfortable life,

In golfing also, they are making our task easier and skillful.

With an equivalent number of theiron, you can take more distance with your hybrid club.

It is being estimated that with a hybrid club you can reach a distance 4 to 10 yards longer than an iron club.

Beside, it is tiresome to hit with an iron club for its smaller clubface.

So instead of an iron club if you have an equivalent hybrid club you will be able to reach more distance, more forgiveness, and will be able to increase your swing speed.

Now it is totally your choice whether you will go for an iron club or an equivalent hybrid club.

Hybrid golf clubs distance chart

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