what is a mulligan in golf

What is a mulligan in golf know mulligan in golf terms

A mulligan in golf is hitting a second shot. Of course, mulligan is not legal in professional golfing.

But in a friendly environment, you can always choose to take a mulligan.

If somehow you are not satisfied with your first shot or if you face some difficulty in time of making your first shot, you may go for taking your second chance.

This is what mulligan is in golf.

But in professional golf, you will not get the chance to re-correct yourself for the second time.

You have to make a perfect shot at the first attempt.

Other than that you have to suffer for your miss-shot.

How does it originate?

The most famous history of a mulligan is attached to a Canadian golfer whose name was David Mulligan.

One day when he was playing golf with his friends, after making the first stroke, he was not satisfied with his attempt.

So, he decided to take another stroke. He termed the stroke as a correction shot.

From then, his friends started to call the second shot as a mulligan shot.

He then came to the USA and again wanted a second shot in time of playing.

Another conception is that he was tired and dizzy because he was fallen asleep. That is why he could not concentrate better on his first shot. Thus he was offered a second shot.

From then the termed started to gain its popularity among the American also.

And now we know what is a mulligan in golf better than him I guess!

How to take a mulligan?

Mulligan is not a professional term that you can use everywhere.

In professional golf there is no such term as mulligan. You can never have a mulligan in case you make any mistake during your first stroke.

You have to be accurate and perfect in time of making your first stroke.

But if you are playing in a friendly environment or with your friends then you may take mulligan as an opportunity.

Or you could buy mulligan for improving your score in a friendly tournament.

Mulligan is being greatly used in charity. When someone is offering charity or raising money for fund he may offer mulligan to buy.

You may be offered mulligan for 10 dollars each and if you want to take three mulligans for improving your score you have to give 30 dollars.

That is how you will be able to improve your score and as well as do some charity.

Is it professional?

Nope, it is not professional at all. You will never be able to take a mulligan in professional golfing.

The term is not professional at all.in a professional level or in any tournament, you will be able to take only one shot, and you have to give your best shot at the first attempt.

If you make any mistake at the first attempt you have to compensate for your mistakes.

Mulligan is only favorable in a friendly environment or for collecting funds.

For improving your quality of the shot, for having fun with your friends or for practising you may take mulligan as your second chance.

Uses in different sports and conditions

The term mulligan has been used not only in golf but in many other games and circumstances.

Mulligan is a famous term in different card games. In card mulligan has been used for adjusting your cards from one hand to another.

Mulligan is a popular term in politics also. If a failing candidate takes over the precision, then it is known as a mulligan in politics.

We see the use of mulligan in finance also. In finance the term suggests that the lenders will be able to increase their loan in case the agreement is broken for the second time.

See, mulligan is a universal term and you can use it everywhere you want.


Vocabulary or word has a strong meaning. Mulligan is a type of strong vocabulary.it is being used for a long time in different sports and circumstances.

Although it sounds like making a crime but it is always pardonable.

Mulligan is popular among beginners or players who are trying to improve their stroke.

As practice makes a man perfect, then obviously taking a second chance should not be a crime at all.

Another great use of mulligan is fundraising and charity.

If you can contribute to society and religion, then why should you not take the chance?

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