When was golf invented

When was golf invented(Golf history) Golf in America and u.s open

The invention period of golf is not well known. But it is estimated that golf gained its peak popularity during the 1500s or 1600s.

The first rules and regulations of golf were not the same as now we play golf.

At the very beginning, people used to play golf with a stick and a round rock ball.

The objective was to put the rock ball into a predetermined hole.

When golf started its journey, it was famous among all types of people. Golf was not a game popular among only with the aristocratic people rather people all over the country loved the game. From the kings to the peasants, it was played by everyone.

Where it was first played?

Scotland is regarded as the birthplace of modern-day golf.

By the 1500s, it is estimated that a game more similar to modern golf was played on the coastal region of Scotland.

From then it started evolving, and with many of the corrections of rules, we have found modern-day golf.

Nevertheless, the journey was not smooth. Though many of the kings loved the game but some kings thought that it was just a total waste of important time. Instead of playing golf, they thought that the young generation should use their concern to develop the welfare of the nation.

However, the game survived, and with proper maintaining, the game got its proper shape.

Who invented golf?

Okay, who actually invented golf is never known.

But it is being said that Hugh Kennedy, Robert Stewart and John Smale introduced the early version of golf in the Scottish island in 1421. And from then it started evolving.

In 1447 the first rules for playing golf were published and it was published by the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, which is popularly known as the Edinburgh Golfers.

The whole article consists of 13 rules that the players needed to obliged.

From the early period to the modern-day golf there was some ups and downs.

Like in 1457, golf was banned by James ll because he thought it was a waste of time playing golf.

In 1470James lll again started the playing of golf.

But somehow the game managed to survive and the modern-day golf is formed.

Golf in America

The beginning of the eighteenth century is marked as the beginning of golf in America.

There are sudden incidents and occurrences that can be marked for the beginning of golf in America.

The first reason that can be marked as the beginning of golf in America is the Scottish immigrants in America. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, a large number of immigrants from Scotland started to come to America.

With them, they brought the equipment of golf and started playing golf in America.

From then the native American also started loving the game and it gained its popularity in America.

Another conception of golfing in America is- in 1657 a couple of drunk Scottish immigrants started breaking the glasses of windows with their golf balls. They have been arrested for that reason and from then Americans got a little knowledge of golf.

History of U.S open

The U.S open or united states open championship is one of the most prestigious golfing events in recent days.

The first U.S open championship took place on October 4,1895.

The prize money of that championship was around 150 dollars, which was a huge amount at that time.

This particular match was played on a nine-hole course and it was a 36-hole championship.

From there U.S open has passed a long way and now it is regarded as one of the most vigorous and prestigious events in golfing history.

U.S open is totally monitored by the United States Golfing Association or USGA.

Now the rules and regulations of the U.S open have shifted to a lot of verities.

Where the first version of the U.S open was played on a 9-hole course and it was a 36-hole championship. But now the U.S open championship is played in an 18-hole course and it is now a 72-hole championship.

The prize money also evolved a lot. The prize money for this championship is approximately 12.5 million.

Final words

Golf is not a game popular only in America but it is a type of game that is popular throughout the whole world.

From toddler to adult, from men to women it is popular to the all. Even the queen of Scotland was chided for playing golf. The history of golf is a fascinating one. By crossing many of the interesting paths, modern-day golf now has evolved a lot and people all over the world are striving for playing golf.

From Scotland to America, from America to the rest of the world, it has evolved and gained its peak popularity.

Different organizations and individual players are investing a lot in taking the game of golf to another level.

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